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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] With the launch of T-ROC Tange (referred to as Tange in the text), FAW-Volkswagen has finally officially taken a solid step towards the SUV market. As I said before, this car is easy to sell in the Chinese market, because nowadays the compact SUV market has very few German brands to choose from, so the FAW-Volkswagen T-ROC Tange happens to make up for this market vacancy. . Before you buy, I suggest you read this article carefully in order to choose a new car that is more suitable for you.

T-ROC Tange official guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
200TSI manual fashion type 13.98
230TSI automatic fashion type 15.38
230TSI automatic enterprising type 15.98
280TSI automatic enterprising type 16.58
280TSI automatic comfort type 17.58
280TSI automatic luxury type 19.08
280TSI automatic comfortable four-wheel drive 19.48
280TSI automatic luxury four-wheel drive 20.98

Simple product review:

Tange offers 9 body colors ( Polar White, Manganese Black, Ash Silver, Hard Lime, Tahitian Silver, Mayan Red, Kakujin, Flame Orange and Storm Blue ), and 3 roof colors ( pure black, sky) Gray, polar white ), 3 wheel styles , 3 colorful interior strips ( flaming orange, Maya red, Kakujin ) for consumers to choose. The personalized options provided are very rich, which is in line with the positioning of vehicles that are more inclined to the young market. PS: There is currently no body color card, we will add it to the article when the color card is available.

Tange provides EA211 1.4TSI high and low power version and 1.2TSI engine for selection, among which 1.4TSI high power version (280TSI) 150 horsepower/5000-6000rpm, peak torque 250 N·m/1750-3500rpm; low power version (230TSI) 131 Horsepower/5000-6000rpm, peak torque 225 N·m/1500-3500rpm. In terms of transmission, the four-wheel drive high-power version matches the DQ381 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which can withstand a maximum torque of 420 N·m, while the rest of the models still match the DQ200 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox and MQ200 5-speed Manual gearbox.

Which one is worth buying?

T-ROC T-ROC is mainly divided into four configuration levels: fashion, enterprising, comfort and luxury. However, according to different models, not only the power system is slightly different, but there are certain differences in the drive form and configuration, so consumers need Choose according to your needs.

200TSI manual two-wheel drive fashion recommendation index: ★★
Price: 139,800 yuan

As an entry-level model, the 200TSI manual two-wheel drive fashion model is equipped with a 1.2TSI engine, matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and the suspension adopts a front MacPherson independent suspension and a rear torsion beam non-independent suspension. This is also in all models. The only non-independent rear suspension version. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with halogen headlights, point-type LED daytime running lights, 16-inch VENTURI style wheels matching 215/60 R16 tires, four-way adjustable steering wheel, fabric seats, 8-way manual seat adjustment for the main driver, and rear Dual USB ports, tire pressure monitoring, AutoHold automatic parking, electric exterior mirror adjustment, rearview mirror heating, car Bluetooth, rear reversing radar and a series of basic safety configurations.

Combining its price of 139,800 yuan, the new car configuration is not rich, but compared with its own 1.2TSI Golf, except for the manual transmission, the other configuration differences are not too big, and the price is lower, which is a new choice. If you have a relatively limited budget and can accept manual transmission and non-independent rear suspension models, I think the entry version is still a choice.

230TSI DSG two-wheel drive fashion recommendation index:
Price: 153,800 yuan

The biggest difference between this 230TSI DSG two-wheel drive fashion model and the entry-level version is the three major parts-the engine, the gearbox and the rear suspension. Equipped with a 1.4TSI low-power engine, matched with a 7-speed dry DSG dual-clutch gearbox, and the rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension. Compared with the entry-level model, the price is 14,000 yuan. From the perspective of the changes in the power system and suspension, the value is basically the same. For consumers with limited budgets and demand for automatic models, it is OK. Consider, but in comparison, I would recommend a more expensive and aggressive type, for the reason we will analyze later.

230TSI DSG two-drive aggressive recommendation index:
Price: 159,800 yuan

What are the differences between the aggressive and fashionable configurations that are also equipped with a 1.4TSI low-power engine? The new car includes LED headlights, circular LED daytime running lights, chrome-plated trim strips, 17-inch APRIL style wheels matching 215/55 R17 tires, leather multi-function steering wheel, fabric seats with Alcantara material side wings, and rear seats. The central armrest cup holder, the front side air curtain and the front and rear head airbags are configured. The price difference between the two cars is only 6,000 yuan, which is still very good in terms of cost performance, which is much higher than that of the fashionable model. But the increase in this series of configurations, I think, in addition to the more practical configurations of LED headlights and multi-function steering wheels, and the increase in safety configurations, the other important degrees are of average, so if you have a relatively tight budget, you can consider buying this model.

280TSI DSG two-drive aggressive recommendation index:
Price: 165,800 yuan

It is still the same as the 230TSI DSG two-wheel drive aggressive configuration, but the power system is replaced with a 1.4TSI high-power engine, which makes the power performance even better. Compared with the 230TSI DSG two-wheel drive aggressive type, the price is 6,000 yuan. I personally think that the money is only in exchange for the power difference of 19 horsepower and 25 N·m of torque. It is not necessary. It is better to buy the 230TSI DSG two-wheel drive at a lower price. Enterprising.

280TSI DSG two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive comfort recommendation index: /
Price: 175,800 yuan / 194,800 yuan

The next recommended comfort model will appear in a four-wheel drive version. This is also the first time that FAW-Volkswagen has equipped the fifth-generation Haldex full-time four-wheel drive system on a domestic Volkswagen model. The two-wheel drive version and the four-wheel drive version are priced at 175,800 yuan and 194,800 yuan respectively. First of all, let's look at the difference between the two-wheel-drive version and the aggressive type.

The new car adds a panoramic sunroof, fender T-ROC logo, 17-inch REBELL style wheels (18-inch optional), black trim strips, leather seats, 8-way manual adjustment seat for the co-pilot, and interior atmosphere lights , Reversing image system, pre-collision safety system, one-button start, electric tailgate, 6.5-inch multimedia display, mobile phone mapping (CarPlay, Mirror Link, CarLife) multiple configurations, it can be said that the comfort configuration is very complete. Combining the two-wheel drive version with a price difference of 10,000 yuan between the comfort type and the aggressive type, isn't it worth it?

As for the four-wheel drive version, which is more expensive 19,000 yuan, except for the T-ROC logo on the fender changed to the 4MOTION logo, and is equipped with a four-wheel drive system (with a driving mode selector knob), the rest of the configuration is also the same. As I mentioned in the previous test article (click to view the test article), the four-wheel drive system is not so necessary for this compact SUV that is more inclined to the home SUV positioning. Because it is equipped with a four-wheel drive system, it is bound to have Power loss and weight increase of the body, affecting fuel consumption, so if there is no strong demand, I would recommend the front-wheel drive version. Of course, this fifth-generation Haldex full-time four-wheel drive system is really good on T-ROC Tange. If you have a need for a four-wheel drive version, you can also consider it.

280TSI DSG two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive luxury type recommendation index: /
Price: 190,800 yuan / 209,800 yuan

As the top version of the whole series, the luxury model adds automatic headlights, exterior rearview mirror floor lights, and 18-inch FERROL style wheels matching 215/50 R18 tires (optional flame orange and storm blue wheels) compared to the comfortable model. Circle paint color), full LCD instrument, Alcantara material seat, 10-way power adjustment seat for main and co-pilot, rear interior atmosphere light, front parking radar, parking emergency brake function, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, Fatigue monitoring function, rear-view mirror automatically down, automatic dual-zone air-conditioning with air purification system, automatic wiper, 8-inch multimedia display (optional with MIB Navi navigation system) these configurations, the front-wheel drive corresponds to the four-wheel drive version The comfort type increased by 15,000 yuan.

In my opinion, the more technological and practical configuration of this increase in price difference is mainly full LCD instrument, electric adjustable seat, front radar, automatic air conditioning and multimedia system. As a top model, it still has its advantages. For purchase significance, give four-star recommendation. As for the four-wheel drive version, it is still the same as the comfortable four-wheel drive version, not my first recommendation.

About optional equipment:

T-ROC Exploring Song Optional Package List
Configuration/model Fashion type Aggressive
Charming Luxury
Large panoramic sunroof
Two-tone roof
18-inch FERROL wheels

18 inch FERROL

Flame Orange/Storm Blue Wheels

Flame Orange/Kakujin

Decorative strip

Maya Red Decorative Strip

Seasonal optional package 1

(Seat heating, windshield washer fluid nozzle heating)

Seasonal optional package 2

(Seat heating, windshield washer fluid nozzle heating, steering wheel heating)

Driving assistance package 1

(ACC adaptive cruise, pre-collision protection, paddle shift, motor-type pre-tightened seat belt)

Driving assistance package 2

(Automatic parking, blind spot monitoring)

Seat colored side wings

(Flame Orange/Kakujin/Mayan Red)

Electric tailgate
8-inch MIB Navi navigation
Beats Audio speaker

At present, regarding the optional package, the official has not yet given the price of the corresponding optional package. Please consult your local dealer for specific details.

Full text summary:

After analyzing the full text, I wonder if my recommendation point of view has good suggestions for your car purchase. In general, the price of Volkswagen’s T-ROC Tuge is still within the acceptable range. It is not too expensive compared to the Golf on the same platform. In terms of products, it is more likely to be liked by consumers as an SUV model, and the overall design is also relatively good. personality. In comparison, the two-wheel drive comfort model is my most highly recommended model. With richer configurations and reasonable pricing, it can basically meet your daily needs.

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