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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Excuse me, what does picnic camping mean to you? Instant noodles tent ham sausage? Or eat bread with self-heating rice, get up early in the morning with low back pain? For many friends who are just beginning to try picnic camping or are about to try picnic camping, it seems that when they talk about the topic of eating, drinking and sleeping in the wild, everyone becomes extremely nervous, inconvenient to eat, use the toilet, and sleep. I have to worry about all kinds of small problems, as if I am going to participate in the “hardship experience camp”…

If you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. This is true in any field. For picnic and camping, I think I have some right to speak and endure hardship? cant! This time I drove the SUV to take you to experience a mild luxury, “Your breakfast is ready for you! Could you please move it from the roof to this place”.

Editor's summary: Enjoy the blessings of nature

This issue of “Eat, Drink, Have Fun in the Mountains and Wilds” is here. I believe everyone has a deeper understanding of some of the supplies and knowledge involved in the self-driving journey. For those who are new to self-driving, there are a few points that must be paid attention to: 1 , Prepare in advance, 2. Drive carefully, 3. Protect the environment! These points must be kept in mind. In the next issue, our journey will continue. In the process of self-driving crossing, how should we adopt the correct rescue posture and methods? If the bicycle is trapped and trapped, how should we save ourselves? We will announce in the next issue!