[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] A few days ago, I posted a picture on the Internet about the main driver's seat control area of Renault's mid-size car, the Latitude flagship, for friends to guess the car. Among the more than 20 people who left messages, only two of my colleagues answered correctly, and the other friends didn't even touch their answers. After announcing the answer, several friends said that they were “lied”. They said that the car was too small to be guessed. The Renault Fenglang we tested this time has the same popularity as Renault Latitude. What is the personality of this niche car in use? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let me speak slowly.

For the older models, the starting price of the 2013 Fenglang has been greatly reduced, and its guidance price of 139,800 to 180,800 seems reasonable for a purely imported model. At the very least, this price makes it possible for it to compete with the joint venture brand compact car in the market. There are currently 5 models of Fenglang currently on sale, all of which are powered by a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and a CVT gearbox. What we tested is the fashionable version with a guide price of 171,800, which is the second-top model of the whole series. The lowest market transaction price in some areas is around 160,000 (naked car).

●The appearance is individual and fashionable, but unfortunately it has not been in line with international standards yet

Fenglang does not have a long history. Like Nissan Sylphy and other models, it comes from Renault/Nissan's C platform. It is also sold abroad in versions with 1.6L gasoline engines and 1.5L diesel engines. This car was first launched in 2009 and was remodeled in 2012. The front face has been changed a lot to improve the texture. The domestic 2013 Fenglang has not yet introduced foreign front-face design schemes. It has only made a few changes on the basis of the old model, and still retains the honest and friendly image. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

A female friend who doesn't know much about cars said that this car looks very high-end. Maybe only those who don't wear tinted glasses can really “put things on the ground” in appearance, and we will inevitably make some emotional mistakes, and we will never get tired of the brands/models we like. It doesn't matter, the appearance of this thing, radish and cabbage have their own love. One thing is certain, that is, the exterior design of Fenglang is very individual and fashionable compared to most family cars on the market. If you want to know the details of the appearance of the 2013 Fenglang, you can go to the previous test drive article.

●The key has a chat

Many people will be surprised when they first see Fenglang's key, because it is really different. The card-like shape allows it to be stuffed into a wallet, and the standard keyless entry and keyless start functions of the entire system mean that it can lie in your wallet “forever” as long as you want.

The car search function of this car is also very practical. Using the button on the card key, you can turn on the headlights when the car is turned off, which is convenient for you in the sea, especially in the dark night or on the ground. Look for your car in the library. When you find the car, press the button again to turn off the headlight. If you don’t press it again, it will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of lighting, which is very user-friendly.

It should be noted that the design of the keyless entry function is a bit weird: only when you use the lock button on the door to lock the door, can you use the keyless entry function-insert your hand into the left/right front door handle of the door to make the door automatic Unlock (you can also unlock by pressing the unlock button on the key at this time). If you use the door lock button on the key to lock the door, then you have to use the key to open it. I really didn't think of the purpose of this design. What are your opinions?

By the way, if you get out of the car and turn off the car and leave the car with the key without actively locking the door, it will automatically lock immediately, which is very decisive and gives people a very safe feeling. These aspects reflect the French's delicate car-making philosophy.

Interior design is relatively simple, highlighting practicality in configuration

Fenglang's interior design does not have many highlights, the lines are dominated by rounded curves, and the straight corners are rarely seen. The overall style is simple and friendly. In terms of color matching, our car uses an all-black interior, including the seats, which are all black. In addition, the center console and door panels are black with rice, and the beige seat color scheme makes the latter more warm. .

Many control buttons are integrated on the steering wheel, including adjustment buttons for cruise control and electronic speed limit functions. These two configurations are standard for the whole series, and they are quite generous, especially the speed limit function, which is very easy to use in cities. However, their switches are designed on the handlebars. If you want to turn them on when driving, don't look down. It's safer to touch them with your hands.

The brand new dashboard is very beautiful, and the numbers are large, clear and easy to read. The trip computer can also display more information, and the item “used fuel” is rarely seen in other cars. If you want to clear these information to 0, you can press and hold the control button on the top of the wiper lever. All information except the subtotal mileage will be cleared to 0. It is more reasonable if you can leave the option to clear it separately.

The display above the center console still cannot be displayed in Chinese. It is important to know that many older household consumers may not understand English, and they may give up buying Fenglang because of this. The Bluetooth communication module includes phone hands-free and audio transmission functions, and it is standard for all systems, which is very commendable. Today's mobile phones are basically equipped with Bluetooth, which is a very practical configuration. Fenglang has given us a lot of surprises in terms of configuration, and many of its individual designs are also very interesting. In addition to the on-board computer and multimedia system that cannot display Chinese, I think consumers are quite satisfied with it.

Riding experience: The head space is too small and the driving posture is uncomfortable

In the previous test drive meeting, the 178cm height experiencer found that the head space was not enough when experiencing the Fenglang space. This time I changed to the 182cm experiencer, this drawback has been highlighted. The worse news is that Fenglang's front seat backrest is very strange. Although the steering wheel supports 4-way adjustment, it is still difficult for me to find a suitable sitting posture. This may be because after entering China, Renault did not make corresponding adjustments to the seat according to the figure of the Chinese people. In short, such a problem should not occur.

Storage space: the glove box is very practical, and the rear storage space is relatively small

In terms of storage space, the front row performs well, while the back row is very mediocre. In addition to the front passenger's mobile phone may need to be tucked in the cup holder, most of their personal belongings are placed, especially the very deep glove box, which is very practical; the rear passengers are not so lucky and take a long time. Putting down the armrest is a reasonable usage.

Single power combination

Compared with many compact cars on the market, Fenglang's power combination is relatively simple: the engine has only one displacement, and there is no manual transmission model. In fact, French people like manual transmission very much. Don’t they think that Chinese people don’t like manual transmission so much?

●The driving feeling is very comfortable and solid, and the power is enough

Fenglang's driving style is biased towards Japanese cars, which makes it easy to drive. At low speeds, the steering wheel is very light and it is very convenient to reverse the car and move the car. The force of the accelerator pedal is relatively moderate, and the power response is fast. Jumped. This style is perfect for a family car, and it's comfortable to drive and sit on.

In daily driving, the CVT gearbox will put fuel economy in the absolute top priority. If the throttle is shallow, the engine speed will be controlled at 1500-2000rpm. The low-torque of the engine itself is normal, so it always gives people the feeling of weak power. Fortunately, the brake pedal is very good, the force is uniform and linear, and it is easy to master.

If you are not satisfied with the engine's low-torque performance, you can try to step on the accelerator deeply to increase the speed. There will be a small burst of power from the engine around 3500rpm, and there is no problem with overtaking in the city. It's not too addictive, so I switched to manual mode and maintained a high speed at all times. With a little noisy noise, Fenglang became a bit “nervous”. If you quickly retract and release the throttle, the car will suddenly jump and the power will be sufficient. Of course, don't think about fuel consumption and comfort at this time.

The suspension performs well, it is comfortable when driving through hurdles and bad roads, and the high-speed stability is also excellent. On a closed road, we tried to drive the car to nearly 180km/h, and the vehicle drove very smoothly, basically the same as when it was 120km/h. By the way, as the speed increases, Fenglang's steering strength will become heavier, making the handling at high speeds more stable.

Although Fenglang doesn't have much driving fun, it is not difficult to control, and the handling is not bad. Renault's chassis tuning skills are indeed excellent. The exterior design of this car is more individual, but it doesn't have any individuality when driving. Imagine that a car manufacturer that is dominating the F1 arena, a car brand with a history of 113 years, but for reasons such as market compromise and cost control, has launched a product that abandons personality in the family car market. How can it not make people? Sigh. I don't know how the proud and romantic Frenchman felt when facing the four diamonds (Renault's logo) on the front of the car.

Fuel consumption test

On the day of the fuel consumption test, the temperature was 35°C and experienced a variety of complex road conditions, including high speeds of about 100km/h, unobstructed loops and congested urban roads. The whole journey was 119.8km. The trip computer showed an average speed of 30.5km/h. Fuel was used. 12.1L. In the end, we actually refueled 12.73L, and the average fuel consumption was 10.63L/100km. This result is not ideal for a compact car. As for the reason for the high fuel consumption, it has something to do with the relatively old technology of the engine.

Performance test

0-100km/h acceleration

Fenglang's acceleration ability is not bad in actual driving, but it changes when it comes to the acceleration test. The engine is allowed to start at 2200 rpm, and the entire acceleration process is very flat except for a sudden jump forward when the brake pedal is released when starting. The final acceleration score of 12.6 seconds was far behind the official 10.4 seconds. However, the degree of linearity of the entire acceleration process is beyond doubt, and the acceleration ability attenuation is not serious after the vehicle speed increases. The rear acceleration ability of this car is not bad.

100-0km/h brake

The braking performance is not bad. The 42.75-meter performance is relatively close to the excellent standard recognized by the car home. Fenglang's suspension is not capable of restraining the body's forward tilt in extreme situations. It is more obvious to “nod” when braking at full force, resulting in slight fluctuations in deceleration. In addition, the braking force is average, and the average G value is less than -1g, which is also one of the reasons why the braking performance has not entered the ranks of excellent.


The CVT gearbox can control the speed very low when cruising. Therefore, the noise performance of 60km/h and 80km/h is relatively good. The main noise at 120km/h comes from wind noise. Overall, Fenglang's noise control is good.

Renault should pay more attention to the Chinese market

If you don’t entangle with acceleration data, and you value more stylish exterior interior design and practical configuration, then Fenglang can be a personalized choice; on the contrary, if you value data very much, then the competition is extremely fierce and compact. In the model car market, you have more choices.

Fenglang 2013 Model 2.0L Fashion Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

17.18 million

The problem that Renault faces in the domestic market is not just on the measured data of a car. The low brand recognition has made consumers' recognition of Renault models discounted from the first impression. Obviously, only relying on the good reputation of a Koleo car, Renault is not enough to establish a good enough brand image in the country. In fact, this has a close relationship with the manufacturers' emphasis on the domestic market. I learned from a dealer that they don’t sell Renault Megane and Laguna models. As a result, there are only a few cars that Renault can actually buy in the domestic market. Up. This is a vicious circle: low visibility and poor sales of cars, so dealers choose cars to introduce them, and brand awareness is even lower. It may not be easy to solve this problem. Renault needs to pay more attention to the Chinese market from top to bottom, further study the Chinese market, bring more excellent products into the country, and increase publicity so that consumers can understand the brand and understand it. Products and see the advantages of Renault cars.