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[YesAuto Model PK] In July this year, the new generation of BMW 3 Series was launched in China. In addition to the domestically-made extended version, there is also an imported standard wheelbase version on the market. In the case of similar prices, it provides consumers with more choices. However, in my long impression, the imported version of the same model should have a much better workmanship than the domestic version, and the price of the imported BMW 3 Series on the market is lower than that of the domestic model, so it seems that the imported version More cost-effective. But my colleague Jin Xin doesn't think so. He believes that BMW's domestic manufacturing standards are completely comparable to those of pure imported models. I believe that this topic must also be entangled by many car buyers. So today we will personally go to the 4S store to conduct a more detailed comparison to see who has the correct view.

The models we are comparing today are the BMW 320i Fashion Model and the BMW 320Li Fashion Model. The BMW 320 is recognized as a model with a relatively good cost performance, and the fashion model is believed to be the main model. Since the attention and cost performance are both high, then we I also want to check out these two models to see if their performance is the same.

● Appearance comparison: the 110mm added by 320Li is all used in the rear space

The body size of the two models differs only in length, while the height and width are exactly the same. The 110mm difference in length between the two models is just the distance increased by the wheelbase. Through the actual measurement of the door length, it is also proved that this part of the space is all used in the rear row.

In addition to the length of the body, the appearance of the decoration is also different. The 320Li uses more chrome-plated decoration kits. This combination is believed to be designed for the preferences of domestic consumers. In fact, how the decoration kit does not reflect the equipment craftsmanship, so we start a more comprehensive comparison.

● Body assembly process comparison: imported BMW 320i has larger gaps, but better uniformity performance

We first compared the equipment technology of the two cars. In this link, we measured the gap between the engine cover and the trunk cover. The performance of the gap can best reflect the level of equipment technology. We measure the two ends and three positions in the middle of the same gap, and the average value is used as the final result.

Through the measurement of the gap between the engine cover and the trunk cover, the difference between the two cars is not large. The gap between the left and right sides of the domestic version is smaller. This is worth encouraging. However, the insufficient performance is in the assembly process, 320Li The combination between the engine cover and the front surround is not flat enough, and the front and rear uniformity of the trunk cover is not as fine as that of the imported model.

● Paint thickness: the overall performance of the domestic 320Li is more kind

In the assembly process, the imported 320i performed better. However, in the paint thickness test, the domestic BMW 320Li showed more kindness. The front fenders and rear doors of the 320i are slightly less than 120μm thick, while the 320Li's performance is more reassuring, only the average paint thickness of the roof is slightly less than 120μm.

●Glass brand: according to different origins, there are differences

In addition to the manufacturing process, let’s take a look at the window suppliers of these two models. In terms of window suppliers, the 320i front windshield and sunroof glass use British PILKINGTON products, and the rear windshield uses SISECAM from Turkey. The brand's products and side windows use our own brand Fuyao Glass products. This performance also proves that Fuyao Glass's development and strength in the same industry have been recognized.

The window glass of the BMW 320Li adopts the Fuyao brand except for the triangular windows of the rear door. For glass brands, it is believed that more is the supplier selected by the manufacturer. This is also related to the location of the factory. I believe that there will not be too much difference in the actual cost performance.

● Tires and wheels: the styles of the wheels are different, but the specifications of the tires and the size of the wheels are exactly the same

The tires and wheels are also a focus of our attention. The tire specifications of the two cars are exactly the same, both are 225/55 R16, but the 16-inch wheels look a bit unattractive. The styles of the two cars are also different. There are more styles for the two cars. Still personal preference. The tire brands of the two cars are different. The 320i uses Bridgestone Tairan, and the 320Li uses Pirelli P7 tires. The characteristics of these two tires are biased towards comfort, so there should be no use. Too big a difference.

● Comparison of parts and accessories: due to the difference in the place of production, the parts suppliers are different

Although the supply of accessories has a lot to do with the location of the manufacturer, we still want to know more about these two models. We can see through the logo on the accessories that the 320i lights are from Austria, and the throttle sensor is from Austria. Germany. The parts of 320Li come from China. Of course, I don't think there will be any difference in the quality of the parts supplied. After all, they have to be approved by the BMW brand. It should only be the difference in the place of production.

● Comparison of interior decoration materials: there is a difference between door interior panels and decorative parts, and there is no obvious gap between assembly process and materials

After seeing the difference between appearance, workmanship and accessory suppliers, let us walk into the car and pull the door. The shape of the door interior panels of the two cars is different. The 320Li interior panel adds decorations. In addition, the wood-grain decorative panel is used in the car, which is more stable than the silver panel of the 320i. This color scheme is also in line with consumers who pay attention to riding. If you are pursuing control, you will inevitably choose the standard wheelbase version, and the silver decoration with the all-black color scheme also looks younger.

● Front row configuration comparison: 320i has more abundant configuration, and uses leather material, 320Li is synthetic leather

The front seats of the 320i are equipped with heating function and lumbar support adjustment. The air-conditioning is controlled by dual temperature zones. The 320i is more considerate and comprehensive in caring for the front passengers. In addition to some small differences in the doors, the interior of the car is more focused on the differences in configuration, and there is not much difference in the workmanship and materials of the instrument panel.

However, the leather seats of the two cars have different performance. According to official information, the 320i fashion model uses Dakota leather material, while the 320Li uses synthetic leather. In addition to the difference in materials, there are also some differences in actual feelings. Dakota leather has better softness and more comfortable riding experience, while synthetic leather is harder and slightly inferior in terms of comfort.

● Comparison of rear space and configuration: 320Li performs better, but it is a pity that there is no rear exhaust vent

As for the space, the winners and losers are already clear. The 320Li fashion model will definitely attract more consumers who pay attention to the rear space. There may be some gaps in the comfort of the seat itself, but it is visually distinguishable from the advantages and disadvantages of the space. The comparison is easy to be ignored.

From the space, it can be clearly seen that 320Li focuses on the experience of the rear passengers, in addition to providing a more spacious space configuration is also different. This kind of performance can be felt when the door is opened. The door handle of the 320Li and the light under the door are provided to allow drivers and passengers to see the surrounding ground more clearly at night, and the car is also equipped with The lighting at the foot adds a sense of luxury.

In terms of seat design, the two cars also have certain differences. When you compare the seats of the two cars, you will find that the shape of the seat is slightly different. After actual measurement, the front and rear cushions of the 320Li are 10mm longer than the 320i. This also makes up for the lack of seat flexibility.

320Li provides makeup mirrors and small spotlights for the rear passengers. Compared with the 320i's rear lights, it looks more advanced. The boss button and rear sunshade also make the rear passengers feel more treated. Since it pays so much attention to the comfort of the rear row, but it is not equipped with a rear exhaust vent, this performance is a bit puzzling.

● Summary:

Regarding the domestic and imported BMW 3 Series, we compared two models of the same fashion model today. The small price difference also made many consumers hesitate between them. By comparison, the performance of the two cars in the assembly process can be said to be the tip of the needle to the wheat mang, there is no difference in imagination. Their more differences still appear in terms of configuration and space. The 320Li has a longer wheelbase, and the riding space will naturally be more spacious, and the slightly longer seat cushion also provides better leg support for the occupants. However, in the configuration link, it shows different positioning orientations. The 320i fashion model is more focused on the feelings of the front row drivers. In addition to seat heating and lumbar support, the leather material also provides better comfort for the seat. As for 320Li’s rear passengers, they can enjoy higher treatment. The door lights, boss button and vanity mirror all show the importance of rear passengers, but they do not pay attention to the comfort of the rear seats. After being equipped with the air outlet, this kind of performance is not in line with its own positioning.

From the perspective of the car's own orientation, 320Li is more for consumers who pay attention to the rear space and luxury experience, while the 320i performs more balanced, although the rear space is less than that of the 320Li after the extended wheelbase. Advantages, but the configuration is more abundant, if you are not blindly pursuing the rear space, then the imported 320i fashion model is a good choice.

If you are interested in the BMW 320Li fashion model or 320i fashion model, and have the intention to buy a car, you can click here, and there will be a 4S shop staff to contact you. If you want to learn more about more models and more 4S store discounts, you can click here.

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