[YesAuto Technology] Many years ago, at both ends of the school library bookshelves, a pair of bright eyes reminded me of a girl named “first love”. A few years later, I was moved by “eyes” again, but this time the protagonist was a new car that had just been replaced. In this era when everything looks good, the “eyes” of the headlight group can really help the vehicle stand out. Therefore, car companies have spared no effort in the design and technical input of the lamp unit. But, do you know? These light sets are not actually made by car companies, there are others behind them. After reading this story, I believe that next time you see bright headlights on the road, you will be like the old experts and tell where they really come from.

The headlights we see on weekdays are more appropriate to be called light sets. With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of regulatory requirements, the interior of the light sets is no longer so single in the distance, low beam, and turn lights. Daytime running lights , Adaptive headlights and other new functions and new technologies continue to pour into this space. The following companies are leaders in this industry, and each has a story worth digging into. The rankings are in no particular order and are purely personal preference.

■ Germany HELLA (HELLA)

When it comes to headlights, people seem to think of the Audi brand for the first time. It is true that for Audi, LED headlights have become part of their design signs. From R8 and A8 to A3, Audi's car models using LED headlights are currently the largest. Speaking of Audi, it is almost the same as mentioning the spokesperson of LED headlights. However, this memorable bright eye does not come from Audi, or more accurately the initiator of these headlights should be from Hella.

On June 11, 1899, Mr. Sally Windmüller established the “Westfälische Metall-Industrie Aktien-Gesellschaft” (WMI) company in Lippstadt, Germany. The new factory that produces and operates lanterns, headlights, horns and accessories suitable for bicycles, carriages and automobiles is the predecessor of today's HELLA.

For HELLA, a well-established shop that has gone through more than a century, from the earliest acetylene lamps to halogen headlights, xenon lamps, LED headlights to today's ascendant laser headlights, they watched the development of cars step by step along the way. As time goes by, it is not alone, because the strength of the latecomers cannot be underestimated.

■ Italy MAGNETI MARELLI (Magneti Marelli)

The name of this well-known lamp supplier, translated as Magneti Marelli, always seems to give people a feeling of a lady's name. Compared with Hella, its company history is much shorter. This company was established in 1999. The company’s predecessor was a joint venture between Bosch Co., Ltd. and Magneti Marelli Co., Ltd., and both parties held 50% of the shares at that time. After several turnovers, they became a sole proprietorship. Its product line is mainly product research, development, production and sales in the field of automotive lamp technology.

This supplier from Italy must be the first choice of the domestic car company, so as you think Alfa Romeo and Ferrari are its long-term customers. The world remembers Marelli not only because of Ferrari's favor, but also because of the world's number one halo on its head. Of course, this halo is also related to Audi, which is ridiculed as a light factory.

Only relying on the title of the world's number one and supporting the Italian car companies is far from enough to support the survival of the company. Therefore, in the list of car companies cooperation with Magneti Marelli, there is also the LOGO of the German brand. To a certain extent, it is still a sea. Pull the direct competitor.

Although HELLA and Magneti Marelli come from different countries, their main service targets are European car companies. Who will provide the lighting group of Asian car companies that currently occupy an important position in the international car world? Don't worry, the following will be announced for you.

■ Japan KOITO (小糸)

When talking about Asian car companies, people naturally think of Japanese brands. The following supplier is from Japan, and its name is KOITO (Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.). First of all, I want to talk to you about the name of this company. The correct pronunciation is “mì”, with four tones in Chinese pinyin. Not a little yāo, let alone a little xì.

Earlier we talked about the world's first mass-produced LED halo on Magneti Marelli. The controversial one is Koito. To some extent, Koito is the first supplier in the world to use LED headlights for mass-produced models.

From the above mentioned Hella and Magneti Marelli, we can see that most of the suppliers cooperate closely with domestic car companies. Koito also maintains such a fine tradition. It is precisely because of the rise of Japanese car companies such as Toyota and Nissan that Koito’s market The share has always been far ahead. At the same time, many joint venture brands in my country are also using Koito products.

■ France Valeo (Valeo)

Compared with the three suppliers mentioned above, Valeo has a relatively small market share in the field of lamp units, but it has influenced the development of car lamps by virtue of its deep cultivation in other fields.

■ Japan STANLEY (Stanley)

If it were not for searching for information, I would never have thought that this slightly westernized company was a supplier from Japan, and its predecessor, which paid tribute to the famous explorer Stanley, was also an ordinary Japanese Chamber of Commerce. After 96 years of development, it has become a part of the field of lamp components that cannot be underestimated.

Written at the end:

Through this story, I believe you have already felt that the various forms of car headlights on the road are not only related to car companies, but also hidden behind the efforts of suppliers. In the face of fierce market competition, suppliers no longer only support domestic auto companies, but have begun to carry out more types of cooperation. The following summary hopes to help you deepen your impression of them, a few words are not comprehensive enough, please forgive me.

HELLA : The oldest qualifications, witnessed the history of car lamp development, has the richest development experience, and is the provider of most Audi lamp sets.

Magneti Marelli : diversified design directions, stable German products, elegant Italian style, luxurious flagships, and approachable family cars.

Koito : Backed by a big tree, it is good for the coolness, and cooperation with many Japanese companies is enough to make it the king of sales. The reasonable price makes it also favored by many Chinese brands.

Valeo : The favorite of French brands.

Stanley : Strive to become a company that competes with Koito.

Full text summary:

Similar to human beings, a car that seems to be a whole is actually composed of thousands of parts, and the credit of the parts suppliers is indispensable. For the vehicle's eye headlights, after a century of development, its changes are not only improvements in styling. More light source, functional transformation. The innovation among them is the result of continuous advancement of suppliers such as HELLA, Magneti Marelli and Koito.