[YesAuto original test drive] Talking about the Riich G5, perhaps the first impression of many riders is the brilliant “8 minutes 56 seconds” score created on the Nürburgring North Circuit in Germany. Perhaps the market sales performance of Riich G5 has not been as impressive as its performance on the track, but it is undeniable that it has created many firsts in its own brand models. As the saying goes, “Think about change when you are poor”. Nowadays, when sales are in a downturn, changing the status quo is the best way to deal with it. Today we ushered in a test drive experience event for the 2012 Riich G5. Let me do the following. Readers will first experience where the 2012 Riich G5 has changed.

Through various test drive activities before, the handling performance of Riich G5 has really left a deep impression on the media, at least in its own brand models. As the focus of this test drive, will the newly added 2.0DVVT model perform? Let us get a closer look and experience this 2012 Riich G5!

Appearance chapter: Continuation of the old style design, the remodeling is exaggerated

The shape of the Riich G5 can be described as a famous teacher, and the shape design comes from the pen of Broadcom, one of the four famous Italian design companies. The overall design is coordinated and smooth, yet dynamic and stable.

Compared with the old model, the 2012 model has basically no changes, and there is not even a slight design change in the appearance. The name of the change seems to be an exaggeration here. Fortunately, the famous style of the division is still not outdated. It's just that in the era of medium-sized cars desperately getting bigger, the Riich G5 has a body size of 4717mm in length × 1794mm in width × 1473mm in height and appears very compact, even a bit “non-mainstream”.

The front face design of the Riich G5 is more solemn, and does not have strong imitation traces like some self-owned brand models. It is completely a styling design with independent intellectual property rights. This is worthy of praise.

Auto-sensing headlights were considered a relatively high-end configuration in the first two years, and they are now commonly used in medium-sized models. The Riich G5's auto-sensing headlights are more energetic. If they can be equipped with xenon headlights and a headlight cleaning system, it will be super cost-effective, but this is just a personal wish.

The 2700mm wheelbase can only be regarded as just passing the mid-size model, and there should not be too much surprise in terms of riding space, but the short wheelbase should obviously help the control.

Although the overall styling of the Riich G5 is excellent, it does not mean that it has no flaws. Some inconvenient details that have been felt on the old model still exist on the 2012 model, such as the rear window cannot be completely. Dropping, the soundproof sealing strip is not detailed enough, etc., in fact, these are the areas that can be improved.

The tail shape is very dynamic, the wide bumper and the tail box design incorporating a small convex spoiler make the whole body full of muscle. I think the most unbearable shortcoming is that the suitcase does not have a switch button or handle, even a keyhole. To open the tail box, you must use a key to open it or use a button on the front driver's seat door to open it, which greatly reduces the convenience. It is not so much because of the overall beautiful design, as it is to save production costs. In fact, the design method of switch concealment and car logo like Volkswagen is both practical and beautiful, and it is very worth learning.

Since the appearance of the 2.0DVVT model is basically the same as that of the 2.0T model, the details of other appearances will not be re-telled here. For more information on the appearance, you can refer to the “Challenge New North’s Independent Brand Practices” written by Jie Hu. Take the Riich G52.0T” article.

Appearance summary:

The appearance design of Riich G5 is magnificent and dynamic. The 2012 model has continued the product highlights very well. As the model of the year, and the model that has been on the market for almost 3 years, there is no change in appearance. “Name” is self-proclaimed, so it seems to be a misnomer. And some areas that need improvement have not been improved, these are relatively regrettable places.

Interior space articles: the new beige and black two-color interior is a bright spot, and the space performance is relatively general

After entering the car, I finally saw the visually distinguishable changes. The newly added beige and black two-color interior is only available on 2.0DVVT models, while the original gray and black two-color interior is available on all 2012 Riich G5 models.

The newly added beige and black two-tone interior makes the Riich G5 switch from a sporty style to a family style. The original gray and black two-tone interior is still retained, and all models are optional. The multi-clock interior style meets the needs of consumers of different age levels, which is also a powerful measure for the 2012 Riich G5 to increase sales.

I am quite satisfied with the overall workmanship of the 2012 Riich G5. The assembly process of each component is relatively in place and the gaps are even. It just so happens that this test drive accompanied the team with an old Riich G5 counterpart. Through comparison, it is found that the workmanship of the new model is indeed significantly improved, but the materials can be made thicker.

The 2012 Riich G5's central control audio panel has been slightly adjusted and changed, and the shape is more concise. As for whether it looks good or not, it is a matter of opinion. The addition of AUX and USB multimedia input ports to the glove box is definitely a good thing, but the placement of it always feels uncomfortable.

The new Riich G5 has many small changes in the car, and these changes can fundamentally improve the convenience of the driver, but the editor expressed his appreciation very much. The small storage compartment added in the driver's seat door is one of the representatives.

The Riich G5's seat is more comfortable, with a wide shape and soft material. Although the wrapping is not its goal, the Riich G5 performs better in terms of lumbar support. The small changes in the back of the seat have also significantly improved the overall comfort of the rear.

It can be seen from the picture that the Riich G5 seems to be ok in terms of riding space, but if you change it to an adult man with a height of 1.75cm, the space will definitely not be so spacious. But the increased legroom of 19mm should make a good contribution to the comfort of the rear row.

Interior space summary:

In general, there are still a lot of changes in the 2012 car, at least a strong contrast with the appearance, and these are more practical and positive changes. In terms of workmanship, the 2012 Riich G5 performed well and has reached a higher level among self-owned brand models. If the material can be made thicker, the price-performance ratio of this car will be even more prominent. After all, this model is Chery's high-end brand model, and doing a good job of details will directly help the brand promotion.

The next page is an exciting test drive session, so stay tuned. ↓

Test drive experience: good control performance, 2.0DVVT is only suitable for family use

The editor I was arranged to test drive was the 2012 Riich G5 manual transmission model, which is equipped with the newly added 2.0DVVT engine and 5-speed manual transmission. The focus of this test drive experience is the original 2.0T manual on the new model. Was cancelled.

The 2012 Riich G5 is equipped with Magis MA-658 tires. This tire is also more commonly used in mid-end models of independent brands, but this tire itself does not have many features at all, so it is quite satisfactory. In fact, for a model that is still being pursued in terms of handling, it will be better to increase the size of the tires. The Riich G5 is equipped with this 7-spoke double-ribbed aluminum alloy wheel, and the editor thinks the effect is still very good and quite tense.

First of all, a long straight road on the high-speed test drive, here I have to experience the power performance of 2.0DVVT. The newly added 2.0DVVT is really not its strong point in terms of speed increase. The adjustment of this engine is more about the smoothness of the power output. Comfortable to drive and smooth power output, this is the most direct message that Riich G5's new 2.0DVVT engine wants to convey to us.

Riich G5 also changed the gearbox gear after the facelift, from the original 6 forward gears to 5 forward gears, and the 2.0T model canceled the manual gearbox, which may be due to more consideration of market demand. Right. The newly-added 5-speed manual gearbox has a long stroke and takes some time to adapt, but the gear setting of this gearbox is fairly clear, and the shifting process can be completed in one go.

This 2.0-displacement DVVT is more in place in terms of ride comfort, and the power output that is not rushed or impatient is completely biased for family use. Perhaps due to the adjustment problem after the reduction of a forward gear, or perhaps the self-weight reached 1.6 tons, the speed increase appears to be relatively weak.

Riich G5's chassis adjustment is really good, and the double wishbone + multi-link suspension system also makes people confident to do all kinds of difficult aligning actions. And the roll control is quite good. In the 2012 Riich G5 model, only the 2.0TCI AT premium model is equipped with ESP function. The only regret is that the power table of the engine is too mediocre, making overtaking after merging a difficult task.

Supplementary test drive old Ruiqi G5 2.0T manual transmission

In the accompanying fleet, an old Riich G5 2.0TCI manual transmission model caught my attention. After all, this is also a manual transmission model, but will the older models with more powerful power have surprising performance? Let's experience it for yourself.

Start the engine, step on the accelerator lightly, and the vehicle will immediately get rid of the restraint and rush forward. Put in the first gear and step on the accelerator again. After a slight delay (about one second), the engine will immediately burst out with strong power. The long-lost sense of pushing back makes the whole driving experience completely up to the next level. The burden of the previous car weight also seems to disappear at this moment. Riich G5's good chassis tuning is supported by sufficient power, and all kinds of parallel overtaking have become handy, but the sound insulation of the old G5 is obviously not enough.

This turbocharged engine has fast power, and the intervention of turbocharging is relatively timely, but it does not mean that this engine is perfect, and it still has the problem of insufficient linearity of power output that is common in domestic independent turbocharged engines.

In the process of high-speed driving, the 6-speed manual transmission can bring smoother power output. It is indeed a pity to cancel this transmission, perhaps more in terms of cost savings.

Test drive summary:

Summarizing this test drive, I thought of using two football stars to describe these two models. One is “World Footballer” Messi, and the other is “China Super League star” Konka. I think the 2012 Riich G5 2.0DVVT model is very similar to “Kongka”, the popular foreign football star in China this year, that is, he and Messi are both famous players (both Argentinean outstanding football players), and have a good “footwork”. “Is also a former Brazilian League MVP, but due to the lack of Messi's explosive power and passing awareness, his performance still cannot be compared with Messi. The old Riich G5 with 2.0TCI and 6-speed manual gearbox does give people the “Messi-like” driving experience of independent brand models, with sufficient power and good handling performance, but this has become a thing of the past. It can be said that the 2012 Riich G5 2.0DVVT is positioned as a pure family mid-size car, because its facelift is to become a model with a wider audience, and sales are the goal it pursues.

Editing conclusion:

The changes of the 2012 Riich G5 are more inherent: the improvement of workmanship and the obvious improvement of the sound insulation effect, etc., and the decrease in the overall price makes Riich G5 easier to be accepted and recognized by consumers. The cancellation of the manual transmission model of the 2.0T model and the manual reduction of the 6-speed to the 5-speed has caused a fundamental change in its model positioning. The 2.0DVVT model is completely a family-oriented mid-size sedan, while the 2.0 The T model is to maintain its high-end image. Through the test drive, I experienced more of the compromise of Ruiqi G5 to the market, perhaps the sales volume is the last word. Among the self-owned brand mid-size car formations, there are models that lack remarkable maneuverability (such as GAC Trumpchi) and models with extremely high cost performance (such as BYD F6, JAC Binyue, etc.). These are Riich G5's own Confronting competitors. For Riich G5 to succeed, it must first gain higher market recognition. Therefore, the introduction of different power configuration models and lower prices are also to expand the market audience. It can be said that Chery has a long way to promote the development of the high-end market of its own brands, but as long as the belief is firm and the pace is steady, success will be a matter of time. (Text, picture, photo/Car home He Yongming)