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[YesAuto Race] On January 1st next year, the new journey of the Dakar Rally, known as the most difficult car race in the world, will officially kick off in South America. In this race, there are 4 Chinese teams participating in the challenge, and the most anticipated one is undoubtedly the Great Wall team that has achieved excellent results in recent years. Recently, the Great Wall Dakar team officially set off in Beijing. As the media for the entire Dakar report, Autohome also traveled and sent blessings to the Great Wall Motorcade at the airport.

With the dangerous and arduous stage design, as well as the symbol of sportsmanship that permeates the whole process and insists on not giving up, each Dakar Rally will attract countless attention due to its unique charm. This competition is no exception. The new stage setting will bring more new changes and new challenges. The Carhome Race Channel will also bring the latest report and news of the race day every day during the race in January.

This competition attracted the participation of 4 domestic teams. Among them, the team with the best performance and strongest strength in the past is the Great Wall Motorcade, which is where the famous rally driver Zhou Yong belongs. In the 2011 Dakar race, Zhou Yong's Great Wall Haval Dakar Longteng chariot finished in 22nd place, creating the best result of a Chinese driver in the Dakar Rally this year. This year, Great Wall Motors will use the newly developed third-generation Longteng chariot once again for the new Dakar Zhou Yong and whether Great Wall can once again achieve achievements that make the people proud of South America. Autohome will also pay attention to the whole process.

For the Dakar Rally, which will start in early 2012, Great Wall Motors has already set off for the third time. Different from the previous trips, Great Wall sent two drivers and two cars to compete this time-in addition to Zhou Yong, the other is the famous Portuguese driver Carlos Sosa. He started playing in Dakar in 1996 and has participated 12 times and finished 11 times. He has entered the top ten ranks of the total score 8 times. The best result is fourth in 2003. In the Dakar stadium in 2012, Great Wall Motors launched the “dual insurance”, aiming to achieve even better results.

The Great Wall Racing Team will use the new third-generation Hafronteng racing car for this competition. This car has been tested in the desert in Africa in November and December. Zhou Yong and Sosa are satisfied with the performance of the car. In addition to racing cars, the 6-car support team also shows the great lineup of Great Wall Motorsports.

On January 1st next year, the “2012 Dakar Rally” will be held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The course of the rally is 9,000 kilometers long and the race is 14 days. So far, the completion rate of the Dakar Rally is only 38%, making it the most difficult racing competition in the world. The race channel of this competition will bring the latest race situation report of the day every day, so stay tuned.