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[YesAuto in-depth experience] When it comes to LEON CUPRA, many colleagues will reflexively and somewhat disdainfully say: “Isn't it just a GTI replacement.” There is some truth to this, after all, the two cars have the same power system and chassis. Suspension and even various parts. But just as it is difficult for us to treat beautiful women and ugly women equally, the “shell” is a superficial and external thing, but it can most directly hit our inner instincts. From the perspective of Chinese aesthetics, LEON CUPRA may not be considered as beautiful, but it is definitely rare enough and special enough, coupled with powerful performance comparable to GTI, I think this is enough to impress many young people who pursue individuality and performance. Up.

Knowledge you may be interested in:

What brand is SEAT?

SEAT, a Spanish car brand, may be very strange to you, but the three models under its brand have been re-standardized in China in different ways. Today's protagonist LEON uses the same platform and technology as the golf and Octavia we are familiar with. In the future, more models of this brand will be introduced into the country. Are you curious about it? Friends who want to know the Spanish brand of SEAT can click (here) to read its brand history.

Where did the names LEON and CUPRA come from?

As a representative of Spanish cars, in order to show its national attributes, each model of SEAT will be named after a Spanish city. Our protagonist today, LEON, is no exception. Its name comes from the tourist city of Lai in northwestern Spain. expensive. The three models of LEON listed in China are FR, FR+ and CUPRA, which are the abbreviations of Formula Racing, Formula Racing+ and Cup Racing respectively, and represent their own different sports levels.

Learn about the city of Leon (content from Wikipedia)

Leon is famous for its Gothic churches and other famous historical buildings, as well as architectural remains mainly from Roman times and the Middle Ages. For example, Real Colegiate de San Isidoro (a large Romanesque church and monastery with a royal pantheon, which was the tomb where royal members of the Kingdom of Leon were buried in the Middle Ages. It also has some of the best collections of Romanesque oil paintings in the world today. Goods and a museum. San Marcos (originally a military convent and the home of soldiers San Diego, built in the 16th century). Leon has many tourists, mostly from Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan and France. All seasons There are tourists, but the most tourists are in the summer. León can drive north to the sea in an hour.

Shape: 5 design features

Design exuding Mediterranean passion

If Volkswagen's platform and modular technology have built the skeleton for the vehicle, then it is the mission that designers of different brands have been given to make an industrial product truly flesh and blood. Old-fashioned and rigorous Germans from Western Europe have made golf sharp, while Czechs from Eastern Europe tend to have a classic and calm design. Look at LEON, which is the famous Italian designer Walter de Silva. (Walter de'Silva) is a Spanish brand designed under the leadership of Walter de'Silva, so a strong southern European Mediterranean style permeates every line of the car body. The seemingly random and exaggerated design is exchanged for more passionate expression.

What are the design features of LEON CUPRA:

1. SEAT family style fish mouth front face

The front face of LEON’s fish-mouth family inherited from its compact MPV model Altea. After the birth of this MPV, SEAT, a fateful car brand from Spain, has entered a new era of its own brand design and development. The exaggerated fish mouth is inevitably reminiscent of the catfish on the dinner table. It is conceivable that not many people like this design.

2. Split wipers standing on both sides of the front windshield

The upright wiper in the standby state is full of personality. It is said that this design can reduce the pressure of wind resistance on the wiper when driving at high speed. In my opinion, this classic design is worth keeping forever in the LEON car series, but on the official map of the latest third-generation LEON model, the wiper has returned to the regular position. Perhaps this is the negative result of modularity, and some personalized designs will eventually lose their place in front of MQB.

3. Hidden rear door handle

The hidden back door handle is not a new thing for Chinese people, and our Chery A3 also uses a similar design. The advantage of this is to reduce the presence of the two back doors, thereby creating a sense of activity of two-door COUPE.

4. A large area of black plastic guard at the bottom of the rear of the car

The compact and concise rear reveals a touch of Alfa Romeo. It is said that the black guard plate at the bottom of the car is inspired by the rear diffuser of the track version of LEON. Unfortunately, the exhaust is double-out on one side. This is indeed visually effective. Inferior to the design of Golf GTI or Golf R, it seems too ordinary.

5.225/45 R17 P ZERO tire

The P ZERO high-performance tires from Pirelli ensure that the tires will not become a shortcoming of vehicle performance. However, the 17-inch wheels are not visually attractive, and it is difficult to become a classic circle like GTI “Tomahawk”.

Size comparison with Golf GTI

Comparison of body parameters of competing models Unit: mm
Model long width high Wheelbase
LEON CUPRA 4309 1768 1449 2578
Golf GTI 4213 1786 1469 2578

    The wheelbases of the two models on the same PQ35 platform are both 2578mm, but in the three basic dimensions of length, width and height, there are wins and losses for each other, and the difference is very small.

Central control interior: strong sporty atmosphere

The good news is that there are not too many popular elements that we are familiar with. The Spaniard has designed everything that he thinks is attractive, especially on the issue of how to embody passion. The flat-bottomed racing-style steering wheel makes people love it, and the mosaic-style center console surface reminds people of the black and white checkered flag waving by the staff when the racer crosses the finish line.

The instrument was newly arranged and combined, the tachometer was naturally brought to the middle of the instrument, and the poor trip computer was tucked directly to the left. The Volkswagen owner editor who went with it could not accept this kind of random asymmetrical placement at all, but maybe this is the philosophy of the Spaniards, okay? Not necessarily, just like it.

When running at high speed, I suddenly felt a little warm in my buttocks. What is the situation? Could a speed of 120 kilometers per hour make me nervous and sweaty? It turned out that my companion turned on the seat heating function for me “intimately”. I think this configuration is obviously not a standard configuration in the Iberian Peninsula, which is still warm in winter. It seems that the secret of Chinese people's preference for all kinds of comfortable configuration has already been introduced to the ears of the Spanish, and a German cousin who leads the way cannot be wrong.

The bad news is that the texture of the materials is not as good as that of golf, and the position of some buttons has changed, and the operation needs to be adapted. When I was about to unlock the car door for my friend, I habitually extended my hand to the door panel, but there was no central lock switch as I expected. Instead, I found it and the ESP switch beside the handlebar.

LEON CUPRA is very advanced with the times and added the USB interface, and the red atmosphere lighting is also intimately added to the outer ring of the interface, which can be conveniently used in day and night. In addition, a storage slot is just designed in the front of the interface, whether it is a mobile phone or an MP3, you can put it here.

Space seat: Bucket sports car seat is a bright spot

Wheelbase is the same as Golf

LEON has the same 2578mm wheelbase as Golf, so the space between the two is also maintained at the same level. You may not care about the larger or smaller space of LEON CUPRA, just treat me as an occupational disease. A punch on the head in the front row, four fingers on the head in the back row, and a punch and a half in front of the legs. It is similar to the performance of golf, which can satisfy four people in a relatively spacious ride.

Standard sports leather seats for Chinese

LEON has also made some applicability adjustments to enter the domestic market, such as the large-size Chinese multimedia operating system on the center console. In addition, I have to mention the sports leather seats that can impress consumers the most. This configuration is only an optional accessory in overseas markets, but it has become a standard configuration of CUPRA when it comes to China. In other words, we are already famous for liking leather seats.

Not only is there a gap between LEON and GTI in terms of interior materials, but it is also slightly less friendly to the rear passengers. The rear air-conditioning outlet on the GTI is replaced by a simple storage compartment. Fortunately, the life and death of the rear passengers is not the focus of performance control. Maybe the rear seats are not ready for people.

LEON CUPRA's trunk is not much different from the Golf GTI in terms of space, opening method, or even the way it is folded down. The design of opening the luggage compartment with LOGO not only improves the aesthetics of the rear of the car, but also has a sense of class. The storage space is only 341L, which is a medium level in the same level.

to sum up:

Distinctive features and excellent performance

With Mediterranean-style individual design and Volkswagen’s advanced and reliable technology platform, LEON CUPRA is a hybrid car of Southern European sensual design and Western European rigorous technology. As the current top model introduced by SEAT into the country, it also deserves the title of Half-Blood Prince. The unique brand design and the unreserved technical support of the Volkswagen Group make LEON CUPRA both distinctive features and powerful performance.

Positioned in the niche among the niche

The performance small steel gun is a very subdivided market in the auto market. The annual sales volume is only about 10,000 vehicles. Coupled with SEAT, a brand that domestic consumers are extremely unaware of, it is really a niche among the niche. It can also be seen from SEAT that only two high-powered models of 1.8T and 2.0T are introduced. At present, SEAT is still in a brand establishment period, trying to leave a sporty, not low-profile in the minds of consumers. A high-end and reliable brand image has no pursuit for sales.

The price/performance ratio is actually good

The listing price of LEON CUPRA reached 294,600 yuan. To be honest, the price is indeed not low. However, the current discount rate of this car at dealers in various places is 50,000 or even higher, so its actual price can reach 250,000. Within yuan. The final price may be higher than that of the Golf GTI by 20,000 to 30,000, but considering the identity of its purely imported car and the design of sufficient personality, I think this price is still very cost-effective.

If you are interested in buying LEON CUPRA, you can click (), and the staff of the 4S store will contact you actively; or if you want to know more discount information of dealers, please click () to see which 4S store offers The offer is more tempting.

[YesAuto Review] I used to think that the SEAT brand has something to do with the chair. Maybe it was used to make furniture before… Not a guess, you see Peugeot made saw blades a long time ago. In fact, SEAT is the abbreviation of “Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo” in Spanish, which is translated into “Spanish Automobile Group” for the time being. This brand has just arrived in China, so I think a little introductory text will be useful.

What kind of car is LEON? Like the Volkswagen GTI, it is a compact family hatchback that pays attention to performance, which is what we commonly call the “small steel cannon.” It is divided into three versions of 1.8T FR, FR+ and 2.0T CUPRA. Today we tested the 211 horsepower, 280N·m CUPRA. There is no doubt that its most direct opponent is the same brother: Volkswagen GTI. The indicators of the two are very close, and it is inevitable to compete.

The engine model is quite familiar, right? EA888 appears on many models of Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda. Is there aesthetic fatigue? In fact, compared with Magotan, GTI and other cars, the high-power 2.0T engine used by CUPRA is still superior. The piston ring, air flow sensor, high-pressure oil pump, vacuum pump and other components have been upgraded. Oh, by the way, there is also a 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which is also an old face.

Driving experience

The name LEON reminds me of Luc Besson’s classic “LEON”. The Chinese name is determined to be “This killer is not too cold”. This may be one of the worst translations in the history of film, as if in jasmine tea. Throw a handful of MSG. If LEON is compared to a killer, it is actually not too cold. Why do you say that? Look down.

You must remember the tight suspension of GTI. In order not to disappoint the long-awaited domestic consumers, it dare not relax at all. The LEON CUPRA from Spain is much more relaxed. It is said that SEAT’s designers specially adjusted for the road conditions in China before coming. In actual driving, its suspension comfort is indeed better than that of the domestic GTI, which is common in performance cars. The harshness is erased, the bumps are handled more gently, and the seat seems to be a bit more comfortable than the GTI. Simply put, its daily comfort is better than GTI.

But don’t underestimate its strength in handling. We took CUPRA to a mountain road far from the city and had a good experience. The high body limit impressed me very well. The fierce movements within a reasonable range can be handled with ease. The feel and direction of the front of the car are slightly softer, neither the excitement of GTI nor the sluggishness of ordinary family cars. Such a setting meets the expectations of potential consumers for it. It is extremely fun and not tiring to drive.

The power and transmission system need not be described. Before the appearance of BMW's N20 series 2.0T, the Volkswagen Group's EA888 2.0T was once the most prestigious star (the world is really changing fast). The engine and the dual-clutch gearbox work well together. The S gear can provide plenty of power at any time. Because of the wide torque output platform, driving becomes easier for novices. You don't need to pay attention to the gear selection, just focus on the road ahead.

The design of the LEON instrument panel is full of drama. The tachometer is placed in the center. The speedometer on the right reads very publicly. The bottom of the table is 280km/h, and the 9 o'clock position is already 80km/h. You really need to pay attention when you first come up. Keep pressing the accelerator lightly. Speeding may occur for a short period of time. Engaged in S gear is still so familiar and brave. The gear drops and the speed increases. The whole car enters a fighting state. With a kick to the end, it can jump directly from the 6th gear into the 2nd gear. With the clear shifting impact, the body The perceived speed-up pleasure has also increased rapidly. At this time, enjoy the fun of the small steel cannon. The 2.0T+ dual-clutch combination is really wasteful if only creeping the body in the city.

Performance cars will do something about the exhaust sound. The same is true for LEON CUPRA. It is very enjoyable to listen to from outside, but there is a headache in the cabin. Daily driving of its gearbox tends to be high gear and low speed. The resonance in the car is the most obvious in the range of 1000rpm to 2000rpm. That is to say, if you use the D gear to move at low speed in the city, you have to endure this all the time. The buzzing test, if you want to solve the problem, downshift in manual mode, and the speed is more than 2000rpm.

Fuel consumption test

However, increasing the speed will increase fuel consumption. What is the fuel consumption of LEON when the D gear is turned on normally? In this fuel consumption test, we ran 132.6 kilometers, including highways above 100km/h, which accounted for about 30%, about 25% of the roads were congested, and the rest were ordinary roads with signal lights in the urban area, and the air-conditioning was turned on throughout the journey.

Finally, it consumes 11.36 liters of No. 95 fuel, with an average fuel consumption of 8.57 liters/100 kilometers. In this test, the high-speed cruise accounted for a little more, and the dual-clutch gearbox can effectively reduce fuel consumption under this working condition. It is a pity that China's urban planning is far behind the economic growth rate. In the case of frequent congestion, CUPRA's fuel consumption figures will increase. We are satisfied with the 8.57 liters/100 kilometers performance, which is in line with expectations.

Performance test

Entering the performance test section, the official acceleration score per 100 kilometers is 7.1 seconds, which is relatively conservative. The fastest result we measured is 6.78 seconds.

The tire slip at the start is not an exaggeration. After the vehicle moves, the power is fully exploded, and the front wheels begin to idling violently. From the graph, the acceleration G value can be maintained at around 0.5g in the entire first gear. The performance is in place, and it cuts into the second gear. There was an explosion afterwards, and an acceleration G value of 0.5g appeared again. We were quite satisfied with this explosive power, but the initial front wheel idling wasted a lot of power, and the final result was not amazing. But in the daily driving process, its power reserve can certainly meet your needs.

The braking performance did not reach the expected level. If you talk about “Little Steel Cannon”, you must have a figure of at least 38 meters, and our actual measured number is 40.79 meters. It's good in a family car, but it's average in a performance car. On the graph, you can see that the maximum brake G value can reach -1.17g, which is very strong, but the suspension is slightly softer and affects the overall performance.

Noise test

After repeated testing several times, we determined that the noise of CUPRA at 60km/h is greater than that at 80km/h, which is a rare example. Between 1000-2000rpm, the car is surrounded by exhaust sound and resonance. The resonance reaches its peak near 1500rpm. The speed of 60km/h under D gear is 1400rpm, which has a great influence on the noise meter. The 80km/h speed climbs to 1800rpm, the resonance is weakened, and the noise value also drops.

Generally speaking, the sound in the CUPRA compartment always reminds you that this is a small sports cannon. It is recommended to manually intervene in the gear when moving at low speed in the city. Don't let the speed drop too low, otherwise the ears will definitely be unhappy.


LEON CUPRA is currently the seat with the best performance in the Chinese market. Today, it has shown considerable athleticism in our performance test, coupled with personalized product design, youthful brand positioning, and Substantial preferential policies can indeed attract young consumers who value independence and prefer original imports.

Everyone will inevitably have to compare it with the domestic GTI. From the product level, the two are evenly matched, but the difference in brand awareness is not a little bit different. In the days before the official import of the Golf R, GTI has always been synonymous with performance small steel cannons. It must take a while for LEON to climb to such a height.

Domestic? It is unlikely. The SEAT brand needs a sporty temperament, not a price-performance ratio, so it is best not to copy Skoda's approach. Seat may still feel aggrieved, the tax is too high, but consumers will not think about it for you, so try to set the price more convincingly and steadily. Fortunately, LEON is currently doing this.

Today's article only introduces the performance aspects. Regarding the exterior design, interior, configuration, space, etc., the shopping guide channel will launch experience articles in the near future. Readers who like LEON, please stay tuned!

At present, SEAT 4S stores all over the country have given considerable discounts. If you are interested in this car, there may be surprises.

LEON CUPRA and Golf GTI configuration comparison

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