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[YesAuto Test Drive] Five years ago, there was a car that became popular in half of China in an instant. It became the focus of people’s talk. It was the first rear-drive car for domestic mass users, and it was from that time. , The concept of driving in sports has gradually become popular, and it is Toyota Reiz. Today, five years later, Reiz no longer has the brilliance of that year, and just when we are about to forget it, a new generation of Reiz arrives quietly.

At the Chengdu Auto Show in September this year, the new generation of Reiz was officially launched, which also proves that this most fun to drive sports mid-size car has been resurrected. It is definitely exciting news for many avid fans. And can Reiz, which has been silent for many years, let us see some surprises?

Each model has a lot of essential differences when it launches a new generation model, at least in terms of appearance, there should be a big difference, but Toyota’s designers seem to prefer the appearance design of the previous generation, so on the whole The new Reiz still maintains the lines and styles of the old models, but has been modified and evolved in some parts.

In fact, the biggest change should be regarded as the front face part. The first thing is to separate the fog lamps integrated in the headlight group and restore them to both sides of the bumper. This makes the front face more layered and the lighting effect is also better. it is good. In addition, the changes to the X-shaped front face and the grille are very successful. It can be said that the new front face is more aggressive than the old one.

The appearance changes of the new Reiz also include the rear of the car, but to be honest, I never think that this rear design is better than in the past. As a sports model, the rear design is too mediocre. There is no smoothness and beauty, especially the taillights. It makes people feel unbelievable. I remember that the tail lights of the old models were controversial at the time. Although the new models have changed, the effect seems to be not as good as in the past.

The side lines of Reiz have always been the best-looking, at least I think so, slender and beautiful, now the new model also maintains the old line, and the wheelbase has not changed, coupled with the 18-inch wheels , It looks really good. And I think that models like Reiz should be equipped with 18-inch large wheels as standard. The 16-inch wheels of low-profile models are really not compatible with Reiz's body.

New Ruizhi offers two interior styles, one is a home-based shade match, and the other is a pure sports black interior. I prefer the second one. Of course, the peach wood decoration in the interior is still unavoidable for the new models. Although the quality of peach wood is good, I think these things should not appear in a sports car. In addition, the layout of the interior has also changed, and the buttons on the center control panel are more regular and clear at a glance.

In addition to the changes in the surface we have seen, Xin Ruizhi has brought us many high-tech configurations. The first is the pre-collision safety system , then the adaptive cruise system , and there is also a very practical The function is the side parking visual system .

Pre-collision safety system

This system is actually not a new product. Many European manufacturers already have or are developing similar security systems, such as Volvo. I have seen that the function of this system is to reduce the occurrence of accidents. The actual experience is that when the relative speed between your vehicle and the obstacle in front or the vehicle exceeds 50km/h, the system will automatically alarm when the obstacle or the vehicle in front is a certain distance away to remind the driver that the brake is required at this time, which can be very large Reduce the risk of rear-end collision when driving due to fatigue.

If you do not take any action after the system alarms, the system will automatically brake before hitting the object, reduce the speed to 50km/h, and then hit the object. This effect is to minimize the impact after the collision. loss.

Strictly speaking, this system is not an absolute safety system. It only reduces the probability and loss of accidents and cannot completely avoid accidents. Therefore, the most important factor for vehicle safety is the driver himself. Therefore, Don’t blindly believe in the safety system. With the correct understanding of the pre-collision safety system and the assistance of it, we still have to drive safely.

Adaptive cruise system

We are no strangers to the adaptive cruise system. The Volkswagen CC that we tested not long ago also has similar equipment ( click to enter to view the Volkswagen CC adaptive cruise ) . From the principle point of view, they are actually the same, that is, the cruise control is turned on. On the basis, the distance to the vehicle in front can be set. The current vehicle decelerates. When the vehicle distance is less than the set distance, the system will automatically brake and decelerate. When the vehicle distance exceeds the set distance, the system will automatically accelerate and return to the cruise setting. Set the speed. This configuration is suitable for highway driving and can reduce the driving intensity of the driver, but there is a problem that it is easy for the driver to relax their vigilance, so I still recommend that you do not use it for a long time.

Side parking visual system

It’s already very common for us to use the reversing image function, but the side parking effect function is a rare configuration. This configuration of Xin Ruizhi is realized by the camera installed under the right rearview mirror. When the speed is lower than It will automatically turn on at 10km/h, but you can conveniently park sideways and affect the display in a wide range, including almost the entire area of the front and rear wheels. It is a very practical configuration.

What we said earlier are some of the new highlights of Xin Ruizhi in terms of appearance and configuration. We have already introduced very detailed other aspects in the previous articles. Friends who do not know can click on the picture below to view.

Let's take a look at Xin Ruizhi's performance in dynamic driving…

This time, the new Reiz still uses the power system of the previous generation model, including the engine and gearbox, which are the same as before. The 2.5L model is equipped with a 5GR-FE engine, and the 3.0L model is equipped with a 3GR-FE engine. It is Toyota's classic engine, and it has been improved according to China's oil condition. The in-cylinder direct injection technology has been cancelled, and the compression ratio has been reduced. Therefore, the power is slightly lower than that of the same foreign machine. ( Click to see the similarities and differences between domestic and foreign Toyota engines )

Although the new Ruizhi 2.5L V6 engine has the same model as the past, its power parameters are still slightly lower than in the past. The maximum power has been reduced by 3kW and is now 142kW, while the maximum torque has been reduced by 9N·m. 236N·m, of course, this change in power will not be obvious in driving.

Regarding the problem of the old Reiz transmission gear shifting frustration

Many friends have reported that the old Reiz gearbox has a strong sense of frustration when shifting gears, especially when the first and second gears are switched, and sometimes there will be an increase in speed when accelerating in the first gear but no sense of speed increase. Obvious problem. This test drive I also focused on experiencing the new Reiz gearbox. Although it is still the same as the old model, I feel that these problems have been improved. The frustration of shifting during daily driving is very light, and the speed of each gear is reflected. It's all normal.

This time our test drive is mainly based on the 2.5L model. To be honest, its sporty performance is not very obvious. If you don't step on more than half of the accelerator at the beginning, it will be difficult to get you excited. The low-speed torque output of the engine is unsatisfactory, coupled with the positive shifting of the gearbox within 2000 rpm, this kind of driving feel that is very different from the appearance makes you have to press the accelerator deeper, and when the speed exceeds 3500 rpm, you You can get back some of the sportiness that Reiz should have.

Faced with the limitation of the gearbox on the power output of the engine, it is essential to choose the S gear. At this time, the shift speed can exceed 2500 rpm. The engine's power response is indeed better than before, but that's all for the S gear. . At this time, a SPORT button behind the gear lever will attract your attention. After you press it, the instrument panel will display fonts, indicating that the vehicle has entered a state of motion, but there seems to be no obvious change in the actual feeling, including gears, The throttle response and so on are the same as before, which makes me really disappointed with the SPORT function.

It seems that this car of Reiz is still a relatively introverted character. If you don’t further “ravaged” it, it may be difficult to stimulate its potential. Here I think manual mode is the best choice, keeping the speed at all times. Above 3000 rpm, the engine response speed at this time should be more direct. Of course, if this still makes you unable to meet, then you can only change the target to the 3.0 model.

The new Ruizhi leather steering wheel feels really good, the grip is very full, and the steering strength is also adjusted to be heavier. All of these can feel like the intention of moving closer, but one thing drags it back, that is, its steering ratio. , The number of turns of the entire steering wheel has exceeded 3 turns. This is definitely not the performance that a sports car should have. When faced with some fierce control, you are often busy competing with the steering wheel.

Although the new Ruizhi is produced on the same line as the Crown, and also shares the chassis, the suspension feels that the two are completely different. Although the suspension of New Reiz is not as tough as BMW, it is still more resilient than other heavy vehicles, which also makes up for the impact of the steering system on handling.

to sum up:

Regarding the new Ruizhi, let us put aside our brand preference and certain ethnic complexes for the time being. The product itself is commendable, especially the new high-tech configurations are much larger than the old models. The promotion. Regarding driving, it can be said that the new Reiz is a model with a dual personality, and it will not impose its own personality on the driver, but will change according to the driver’s mood. If you like a peaceful driving style, Then it can show you a gentle side to satisfy your comfortable driving style in the city; and if you choose a radical way, then it will explode the sense of movement hidden deep in your heart, satisfying your sportiness The pursuit.

Of course, Reiz has become a standard sports model in our subconscious since the day it appeared, and in the face of this combination of sports and comfort, it seems a bit unpure, but I think it can meet more diversified needs. Why not do it, let alone the charm of rear-wheel drive is irreplaceable.

Another thing I have to say is that today’s sports mid-size car market is no longer the same as it was in the past. There are more and more applications of turbocharging technology, such as the new Regal, the upcoming 2.0T Mondeo-Zhisheng, and the upcoming domestic PASSAT B7. When these rivals are all new representatives of turbocharged mid-size vehicles, coupled with the recent announcement that domestic large-displacement models have substantially increased the vehicle and vessel use tax, can Xin Ruizhi present its glory that year? Let's wait and see.

Model detailed parameter configuration table