[YesAuto Test Drive] Jeep Wrangler, a name that cannot be forgotten in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts all over the world. It has carried the purest off-road spirit from the day it was born. Its classic and mad appearance can be unchanged for decades. Explain this. After a turbulent 2009, the Jeep brand has created a new 2011 Wrangler. What changes will this classic model have after the redesign? I will introduce you one by one in my test drive article today.

●The appearance of the new models has not changed

For this model of Wrangler, I think one of its attractions is that it inherits the classic shape. The rugged and rigid shape that was originally designed for military needs has continued to this day, and it has been left in people’s minds. A deep mark, and has become the embodiment of the essence of the Wrangler. Therefore, the new 2011 Wrangler still retains the design of the old model without any changes.

Of course, there is a slight discrepancy here. In the official image of the new Wrangler that we exposed before ( click to enter the exposure of the official image of the 2011 Wrangler), you can see that the bumper is different from the old one, in which the fog lights are concentrated. In the center of the bumper, and the bumper and wheel eyebrows are completely separated. But from the 2011 Wrangler models we tested this time, we did not see such a design. The appearance is still completely the old style. Here we guess, maybe the 2011 Wrangler will have similar small facelift models soon. Show up?

Although there is no change in the appearance design, this time the 2011 Wrangler offers the option of installing a hard-top convertible in the same color as the body. The roof of the old models was all black. Now you can choose the same metallic paint as the body color. Can meet the needs of more users.

● The biggest change in the 2011 Wrangler is the interior

Although we haven't seen any changes in appearance, the new model is quite different from the old model in terms of interior, which is also the most important change of this model change. From the overall design style, it can be seen that the new interior does not have the original and rugged feeling, but pays more attention to the sense of fashion, and greatly improves the overall grade. And I think this design is in line with the class of a premium off-road vehicle that sells for more than 400,000 yuan. Although the previous design was wild, it was a bit shabby.

Compared with the old model, the steering wheel style has been significantly improved. It is still made of leather, but the original four-spoke style is changed to the current three-spoke multi-function style, which not only improves the visual effect a lot, but also from the perspective of use , Various function buttons, including audio control, cruise control, etc. are more convenient to operate, and feel better.

Including some details on the door, the new model has also changed. One is to change the position of the door armrest to leather wrap. Of course, only leather is here. In addition, the door handle style has been changed to a curved and decorative style, which is pure compared to the past. The feeling of black plastic is much stronger. Another thing is that the door storage slot is changed to a net pocket. The old model is a storage box. The advantage of this is that the storage space can be flexible to a certain extent.

Remember that on the old models, we have always been entangled with the fact that the rearview mirror of the Wrangler needs to be adjusted manually and must be adjusted from the outside of the car. The new model has made great improvements to this point, completely using electric adjustment. There is no need for the driver to adjust the rearview mirror through such primitive methods.

The overall layout of the center control panel has not changed, but there are obvious differences in the appearance style. More chrome decorations and silver decorations are matched with the overall black interior style. It is very high-grade and delicate, especially the air conditioning adjustment. The knob design feels very delicate, and it is a world of difference compared with the old model.

Although the Wrangler is a pure hardcore off-road vehicle with very strong off-road performance, its off-road mode is still tending to be a reliable primitive mechanical mode, and the electronic auxiliary equipment is really pitiful. This time, the whole series of 2011 Wrangler comes standard with downhill assist function, so that you can enjoy the fun of pure machinery and also feel the comfort brought by some electronic systems.

Appearance and interior summary:

Due to the need to maintain the classic family style, the new Wrangler did not change the appearance, but there are essential differences in the interior. The fashion, technology, and the improvement of the sense of grade bring me direct feelings, and from this It can also be seen that the manufacturer's positioning of the 2011 Wrangler has changed slightly.

The above are the main changes of the 2011 Wrangler model, and other aspects are the same as the old model. Friends who want to know can refer to our previous article.

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Time-sharing four-wheel drive + differential lock test Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

●There is no change in power system and four-wheel drive structure

The 2011 Wrangler’s new model does not include the power system, four-wheel drive system and chassis changes. It is still the content of the previous model. It is equipped with a 3.8L V6 vertical engine with a maximum power of 146kW and a maximum torque of 315N·m. From the parameters, we can see that its high-speed capability is not strong, but it focuses on low torque. This is also a demand for general off-road vehicles. Coupled with the transmission effect of the transfer case, the torque can easily reach a level. Very high value.

It is still a four-speed automatic transmission. In today’s automotive industry, it seems that cars with less than 6 gears are basically rubbish, but I think for a pure off-road vehicle, more gears may not be a good thing. Larger gears Compared with the drop, as few shifts as possible can ensure a more continuous power output on off-road roads.

Wrangler is a standard time-sharing four-wheel drive model, which means that it can be manually switched between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The transfer case of the new model is also the same as before. I believe everyone already knows this very well. Friends who know too well, please (click here to see more 4WD knowledge) . In addition, the transmission ratio of the Wrangler Sahara transfer case is 2.72:1, while the transfer case of Rubicon models can reach 4:1, which means that the maximum torque can be enlarged to 1260N·m!

In fact, to be honest, the brand new Wrangler is basically the same as the old one in daily driving. The sufficient low twist makes it feel a bit forward to start, but if the speed is above 80km, it will not be so easy if you want to speed up quickly. Although the improved interior has improved driving comfort to a certain extent, driving the Wrangler on the flat highway always feels a little uncomfortable…

As a natural hardcore off-road vehicle, the Wrangler should belong to the jungle and the wilderness. When we leave the road and enter the jungle, it shows its proper posture, including non-carriage body, long-travel suspension, four-wheel drive system, etc. Useful place. Of course, not all models can be unimpeded. The Wrangler Sahara only has a transfer case and a low-speed four-wheel drive mode. There is no differential lock on the front and rear axles. There is no problem in dealing with some simple off-road sections, but in some extreme conditions. Still not able to complete the task smoothly.

If you want to experience the most extreme off-road, of course you have to choose the strongest Rubicon model, the same transfer case and low-speed four-wheel drive mode, but the transmission ratio becomes 4:1, which can provide you with stronger torque to help you get rid of Dilemma, of course, the most important thing is that it has two front and rear electronically controlled mechanical differential locks. After locking, the four wheels will always maintain the same torque and speed, so as long as one wheel can have good adhesion. Can help the vehicle get out of trouble. Of course, the advantages of the two-door version of Rubicon's short wheelbase are more conducive to off-road performance.

Regarding the driving experience and off-road performance of the Wrangler, we have had a lot of detailed introductions in the past articles. Friends who want to know more details can click on the link below to see more