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[YesAuto Racing Exposure] Lamborghini has released the Huracan, the successor of Gallardo, but it still cannot hide the attraction of the former to fans. After all, this is the best-selling model in Lamborghini history so far. Reiter Engineering, a racing team from Germany, has recently developed a Gallardo GT3 car based on Gallardo and in accordance with FIA GT3 racing rules.

Since the actual car has not yet been exposed, we can only see the computer renderings. Judging from the picture, the car is replaced with a body kit of FIA GT3 specifications, and the rear of the car is also widened to 2050mm in width according to the latest regulations. Many parts of the body kit are made of carbon fiber, with the new headlights, the overall feeling is very murderous.

The power is also built in accordance with the GT3 rules, with upgraded camshafts and forged pistons to improve high-speed work efficiency, and supplemented by a competitive exhaust system. Reiter did not announce the upgraded performance data, but promised to have a better torque output performance than the original factory.

This Gallardo racing car is produced in a limited edition of 10 and will be delivered before the start of the 2015 season. The overseas price is about 1.88 million yuan. Maybe after this, Lamborghini cars will only see Huracan or other models, and Gallardo should also fade out of the stage of history, let it show its final glory on the GT3 arena. (Compile/Car Home Xu Yunhe)