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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] According to foreign media reports, the Toleman TG183B, the first F1 car driven by Senna, will be sold in the UK, but the price has not been announced.

Senna, who just joined the Toleman team, drove this car to the F1 stage for the first time in the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix in Brazil in 1984. However, since the car had not been adjusted at the time, Senna’s debut was due to the racing car after 8 laps. Turbine failure ended hastily. However, in the South African Grand Prix of the same year, Senna drove this car to win the first F1 points in his life in sixth place.

The most exciting performance of Senna driving this car was the fierce rain battle at the Monaco Grand Prix in the same year. Senna, who started from 13th, passed all the way, surpassing Kirk Rosberg, Nicky Lauda and Ah Famous players such as Knox jumped to the second place. In the end, due to heavy rain and other reasons, the race was terminated on the 31st lap, thus passing the first Grand Prix champion in his life, but his extraordinary talents also This reveals.

The Toleman TG183B was not a good car at the time. This car had never helped any driver to win a championship trophy, but it showed Senna's racing talents to fans all over the world. The starting point of the legend of “Car God”. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)