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[YesAuto] It’s nothing new to hold a new car delivery ceremony for customers, but have you ever seen a car delivery ceremony that has gathered many celebrities and big names in the literary and business circles? To be more precise, this is a high-end gathering of businessmen and celebrities.

There were two protagonists at the handover ceremony, one was Cullinan, a Rolls-Royce SUV model, and the other was the owner of Cullinan, Mr. Li Xiaohua, who was once known as the richest man in Beijing. At the dinner, there were Liu Jin (a special actor of Zhou Enlai), Wang Gang, Fan Ming (starring in “The Story of Cooking Class”), Pu Cunxin and his wife, Sha Baoliang, Weng Hong and other literary and artistic stars, and Zong Qinghou (a director of Wahaha Group) Long) Wait for the invisible giant in the capital. This shows that Mr. Li Xiaohua's status and contacts in the circle.

Mr. Li Xiaohua is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist in my country. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Huada Investment Group and the honorary chairman of the China Charity Federation. In the 1980s, with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, with keen judgment, grasp of opportunities, extraordinary courage and hard work, Li Xiaohua realized the primitive accumulation of life wealth, and then his career was in full swing. Apart from the mainland, he was in Hong Kong. , Japan, Europe and the United States have established their own companies, business areas involving real estate, manufacturing, catering and entertainment, investment, etc., are veritable industrialists and billionaires.

Mr. Li Xiaohua does not conceal his love for luxury cars. He has a Rolls-Royce model for a long time. The official guide price of the Cullinan he bought this time is 6.1 million, including taxes and insurance, and the landing price is nearly 700. Million. Recently, we came across this Cullinan model registered as Mr. Li Xiaohua in a car beauty shop in Beijing.

This Cullinan is a five-seater model. Compared with the four-seater, the refrigerator and wine cooler are missing in the center of the rear row. In addition, the car does not have any optional equipment. It is basically a plain car. According to the store, it has been 3 days since this car has been in the whole car filming construction. The “invisible car jacket” will cover every detail of the body, front and rear bumpers and chrome decoration, under the rubbing of small stones and slight scratches. The car jacket can well protect the paint, and the cost of Cullinan's whole car film is about 40,000 yuan.

Mr. Li Xiaohua's deepest relationship with luxury cars is undoubtedly the Ferrari 348 TS he bought in 1992. In 1992, a Ferrari manufacturer held a Ferrari model show at the Asian Games Village Exhibition Center in Beijing. The manufacturer originally believed that China's economic development at that time was not capable of buying a Ferrari. Mr. Li Xiaohua bought this Ferrari with a huge sum of money. The manufacturer also held a luxurious delivery ceremony for Mr. Li Xiaohua at the Temple of Heaven. He also became the first person to purchase a Ferrari in mainland China. What's even more powerful is that Mr. Li Xiaohua also applied for a foreign-only license plate with the white letters “京A00001” on a black background for this car.

It is believed that Mr. Li Xiaohua's purchase of Ferrari is not only for enjoying the happiness brought by the “big toy”, but also hopes to increase his exposure through such a car purchase event to demonstrate his own strength. This helps to gain trust and more opportunities for cooperation in the business world. Even more clever, Mr. Li Xiaohua, with his personal connections, invited more than 30 politicians and celebrities from around the world to sign on this Ferrari, including Margaret Thatcher, Clinton, etc., making this Ferrari a collector's item. , Mr. Li Xiaohua made the act of buying a car with money into a fame and fortune business.

In his sixtieth year, he saw through the mystery of the world, Mr. Li Xiaohua chose to stay away from the troubled world and live an ordinary life. Of course, Mr. Li Xiaohua is still actively doing charity. He not only organizes charitable donations, but also visits widows and lonely elderly people personally. He will take wealth from society and use it in society. Perhaps this is also a car delivery ceremony that can attract An important reason for so many celebrities. (Part of the pictures of Feng Jingyi from Wenjiajia comes from the Internet)

Acknowledgement: Beijing Supercar Service Co., Ltd.