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[YesAuto News] On November 12, BAIC Saab Smart Road was unveiled in Beijing. Huang Wenbing, Vice President of BAIC, Wu Zhoutao, General Manager of Beijing Automotive Sales Company, and Peng Gang, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Automotive Sales In interviews with media such as home and other media, they interpreted the product strength of Saab Zhidao in terms of products, technology, and markets, and will compete in the market price range of joint venture compact cars at the level of medium-sized cars.

The 2.0 era mainly promotes “smart” series of products

The Senova Smart Road is the second model of the “Smart” series in the core strategy of BAIC's 2.0 era of intelligentization. It will be pre-sold at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 16, together with the first “Smart” series model, the Senova Smart Road, launched in September. It constitutes the product matrix of “SUV+Sedans”. According to the plan, from 2019 to 2021, BAIC Saab will continue to launch eight new models, including cars, SUVs, MPVs and new energy products, and will use AI as the brand label of BAIC.

Regarding the product changes from the 1.0 to 2.0 era of BAIC Saab, BAIC executives interpreted: In the 1.0 era, the Saab brand was based on the Saab platform and used existing technologies to make products. The cars and SUVs were named D series, X series. Entering the 2.0 era, BAIC has put more emphasis on AI technology, named it “smart”, and strengthened its cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. It embodies some of Mercedes-Benz’s elements and highlights in its products, strengthens its intelligent functions, and makes products more in line with consumption. Consumers’ needs and preferences.

It is understood that BAIC Senova has already developed a strategic layout in terms of vehicle intelligence. BAIC Senova and Baidu Smart Car jointly announced a smart car strategic cooperation in 2017, and plans to achieve L3/L4 level conditions between 2020 and 2025. Autopilot. The new car integrates the three core AI technologies of the brand-new AI driving consultant, AI voice assistant, and AI safety guard in the brand-new “smart” series of products, bringing consumers a new way of smart travel.

●AI driving consultant: Help drivers analyze driving behaviors, collect big data, and make recommendations on drivers’ driving behaviors. It can also monitor vehicle status in real time, predict vehicle failures, and avoid breakdowns, battery loss, and other situations. Consumers are well aware of real-time vehicle conditions.

●AI voice assistant: It can realize 228 precise and intelligent voice control of the whole car, including software control of music and information, and hardware control of window lifting and rear-view mirror folding.

●AI Security Guard: Through the 360° follow-up panoramic image system, the driver can view the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in all directions; the ADAS advanced driving assistance system covers BSD blind spot monitoring, LDW lane departure warning, and MOD low-speed object dynamic recognition three functions, which can provide All-round protection reduces the safety risk during driving by 30%.

“Competition in dimensionality reduction” based on medium-sized car standards

The negative growth of China's passenger car market in 2018 is almost a foregone conclusion. In an environment of market downturn and increasingly fierce competition, it is obvious that BAIC Saab has no small challenge to return to the ranks of mainstream brands. BAIC’s strategy is to focus on research and development, to feed back its independence through two joint venture brands, and to improve product strength through technology upgrades, configuration upgrades, and material upgrades.

According to Wu Zhoutao, Saab Zhidao is built according to the joint venture brand medium-sized car in terms of size and quality. Due to brand power, the main target of the competition is the compact product of the joint venture brand, including Japanese Sylphy, Corolla, and Korean. , And products such as the Chinese brand Roewe i6. Its marketing strategy can be understood as using the standard of mid-size cars to “compete with dimensionality reduction” in the compact market.

An interesting proof is that in the interactive “blind test” part of the exchange meeting, the seat of the Saab Zhidao received the most comfortable evaluation higher than that of the Japanese and German models. This is also a major selling point of Saab Zhidao. In addition, Saova Zhidao is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, a 12.3-inch full LCD floating screen, asymmetrical console design, Nappa leather texture and full-covered double-open central armrest box, Seiko piano touch buttons on the center console, multifunctional sports steering wheel, and door panels. The leather soft bag also reflects the superior texture.

Multiple electrification routes

In addition to intelligence, electrification will also become another important layout point for the Senova brand. Different from BAIC New Energy's insistence on pure electric route, Senova will adopt a diversified technical route. According to Huang Wenbing, vice president of BAIC, in the future, BAIC Senova will also launch a series of new energy products, including the Senova models with 48V technology, plug-in hybrid technology, and pure electric technology.

Huang Wenbing said that the performance of internal combustion engines needs to be continuously improved, and hybrids may have a double-digit market share. The technical route of pure electric is also focused on. In 2019, it will jointly develop a pure electric model with BAIC New Energy.

According to the previous plan, BAIC will not sell petrol vehicles in Beijing from 2020. The petrol vehicles of its own segment will be fully delisted in 2025. The next 7 years will become a key adjustment transition stage for the brand, specific product positioning and market division, etc. The link needs to be implemented as soon as possible. In 2020, BAIC Motor will have two 48V light hybrid models on the market, and two plug-in hybrid models will be launched in 2021, insisting on full new energy.