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[YesAuto Interview with Owners] The sedan Feixiang and the hatchback Zhiyue have been regarded as the “fist products” of GAC Fiat since they were launched, not only because they are mainly engaged in the joint venture compact car market in the range of 100,000 to 150,000, but also relying on ” The styling design that blends Italian and American culture has captured the attention of many consumers, especially many “prospective car owners” who are buying cars for the first time. Today we invited three Feixiang car owners, let them talk about their own car experience since the purchase.

● Mr. Tan and his 2015 Feixiang Auto Leap Edition

The first car owner was Mr. Tan. This Feixiang was the first car he bought. It was mainly used for daily commuting to get off work and occasional long-distance travel. Speaking of how Feixiang was finally identified at the time, one is that many old car owners on the forum have good car reviews and word-of-mouth, and the other is that other alternative models more or less exist within the limited car purchase budget. Dissatisfied with the place, so I finally decided to buy Feixiang.

During the car selection process, Mr. Tan focused his attention on the 140,000 or so joint-venture compact cars. Alternative models also include Sagitar and Yinglang. During the entire selection process, Mr. Tan said that he did not choose Sagitar because the FAW-Volkswagen 4S store's service was not very good, and the sales staff looked indifferent, and not only did they have to increase the price, but also was afraid of “broken axles”. Stall things. As for Yinglang, it was mainly because Mr. Tan didn't like the style, so he chose Feixiang in the end.

Mr. Tan said that he was particularly satisfied with Feixiang's appearance, with a strong sense of sportiness and a very fashionable appearance. The design of the front face is also favorite of Mrs. Tan, which is one of the reasons why she decided to buy this car after a round of looking at the car. When visiting the forum, many car owners said that Feixiang's materials are relatively solid, which is very attractive to Mr. Tan who pays attention to safety. As for the car body color, Angel White was the color chosen at the beginning. I saw the show car and thought that cherry red was also good, but the cherry red did not appear on the car, so I chose white in the end.

The Yuexiang version uses 17-inch two-color wheels, which look very sporty, and the visual effect is even more beautiful than the high-end premium version. The tire is Continental Conti Contact MC5 with a specification of 225/45 R17. This tire has a very good mute effect and comfort, but the price of the tire is quite expensive, the market price is about 800 yuan/piece.

Feixiang's interior texture is very good, the center console is made of soft materials, and it also has white double stitching. Mr. Tan doesn't like too many buttons on the center console. At the same time, in order to install reversing images, the original single-disc CD player has become a multimedia system with a touch screen. The air conditioner below is designed with a knob type, which is very convenient to use.

The main driver's seat of several high-end models of Feixiang adopts electric adjustment, which is convenient to use. Although the seat looks very sporty and the lumbar support on both sides is also tightly wrapped, the backrest support performance is not particularly ideal. It will feel tired during long-distance driving. Many car owners choose to put some pillows, lumbar support and other items during daily driving. Let your back relax. Since there are usually only two people in the car, Mr. Tan said that Feixiang’s space is basically enough, and the back of the chair can be folded down occasionally when large pieces of furniture need to be shipped, and the convenience is not bad.

All Feixiang models are equipped with a 1.4T engine. The high and low models will be divided into two powers. The maximum power of the Yuexiang version is 150 horsepower. The daily driving performance is quite satisfactory. Since Mr. Tan rarely drives intensely, so It is quite satisfactory for its power performance. However, the performance of the dual-clutch gearbox is not particularly good, and I always feel a sense of sluggishness, and sometimes only rely on the shift paddles to shift gears.

Mr. Tan's performance on Feixiang can be summarized as: quite satisfactory and sufficient for daily use. As the second-highest version, the Yuexiang version has no bright spots in terms of configuration. The main advantage is that it looks good, and the interior texture is also good in the same level. As for the power performance… it is no problem to cope with daily driving. In terms of after-sales service, Mr. Tan said that he is not very satisfied with the service attitude of the 4S store, and there is still much room for improvement in his initiative and enthusiasm. Once the fuel pump of the vehicle needed to be recalled, the 4S shop did not actively contact the owner, which caused him a long delay before getting the replacement.

● Mr. Qin and his 2015 Feixiang Auto Smart Enjoy Edition

The second car owner, Mr. Qin, has been driving for 8 years. Because he has driven many different models before buying the car, although the purpose of buying the car is mainly for daily commuting to get off work, his requirements for choosing a car are even greater. High, the conditions are more demanding, such as cost performance, appearance and shape will be taken into account.

Mr. Qin first considered the two more spacious models of Touran and BYD S6 in the initial selection of cars. However, in the price range of 120,000-130,000 yuan, the configuration performance of these two cars is not ideal, and the styling is not very good. Like it, so I ruled it out. Later, I also considered the two models of Octavia and Mazda 3 Angkesaila, which were also ruled out due to reasons such as styling and configuration. In terms of “appearance”, Feixiang still won .

Mr. Qin also likes Feixiang's appearance, especially the chrome-plated trim and wavy grille that attract his attention. In addition, the coral red body is also one of his favorite colors. The external configuration of the Smart Enjoy Edition is not rich. The basic configuration includes halogen headlights, rear parking radar, electric adjustable rearview mirror, etc. The basic requirements are OK.

The internal configuration of the Zhixiang version is not rich, mainly equipped with CD player, automatic air conditioning, etc. For the multimedia system, Mr. Qin said that his mobile phone can complete tasks including hands-free telephone, navigation, etc., basically do not need to pay special attention to Feixiang not equipped with a multimedia system . Although the operation of the air conditioner is very simple, Mr. Qin is a little dissatisfied that there is no rear exhaust vent, especially in summer, the temperature of the rear cabin is obviously higher than that of the front row.

As for the riding space, Mr. Qin said that because the car has no more than 2 passengers most of the time, there is enough space for daily use. Occasionally, if you need to drop by colleagues or friends, the rear head space is a bit cramped due to the influence of the roof line. In addition, because Feixiang is not equipped with the function of locking the windows and raising the windows, if you forget to close the windows after the flame is turned off, you can only restart the vehicle, and then close the windows or sunroof tightly. The convenience still needs to be improved.

The 150-horsepower 1.4T engine is basically enough for daily power, and the performance of the dual-clutch gearbox is not particularly satisfactory, especially when it is particularly sluggish when shifting from P gear to D gear, it always takes about one second to determine The gear shift has been completed. In addition, Mr. Qin has encountered two occasions when a bird drilled into the car along the gap between the shock absorber and the wheel arch, which made him check carefully every time before starting the car.

Mr. Qin's car has traveled 14088 kilometers and has been maintained twice. In addition to the free warranty for the first time, the second maintenance requires an additional charge. Mr. Qin said that the total price of the second guarantee is 571 yuan, which includes the cost of more than 300 yuan of original engine oil. He feels that the cost of the second guarantee, especially the cost of engine oil, is too high. As for the daily use, Mr. Qin has been filling the car with No. 95 gasoline for a long time, but during this period the vehicle’s idling jitter is more obvious, until later after the fuel is changed to No. 92, this The jitter has been alleviated instead.

Regarding Feixiang’s car, Mr. Qin said that it is not a model that is easy to arouse good impressions. It is only because its design suits his taste and the price is more suitable. As far as he is concerned, Fei Xiang is the “most suitable” car. As for the future vehicle renewal plan, Mr. Qin said that he has a strong interest in Free Light, especially the higher ground clearance and more spacious space of the SUV, which he fancy. When the time is right and the funds are in place, Fei Xiang Should be replaced.

● Mr. Zou and his 2015 Feixiang Auto Smart Enjoy Edition

The third car owner we interviewed, Mr. Zou, is 43 years old. Due to long-term outdoor work, he found that it is very necessary to have a car, so he obtained a motor vehicle driver’s license 4 years ago and purchased it in February 2015. Tai Feixiang. Like Mr. Qin just introduced, Mr. Zou chose the 1.4T automatic smart sharing version.

Speaking of why he chose Feixiang, Mr. Zou said that the process was quite tortuous. First of all, he first fancy SAIC Volkswagen, the main consideration is the hatchback, which is convenient to install. However, due to the poor service attitude of the 4S shop and the lack of existing cars, I did not choose to line up. In addition to Lang Xing, Mr. Zou has another alternative model that is the Lang Yi. In view of the service attitude of the 4S store just mentioned, these two cars will naturally not be considered again.

It happened that a friend of Mr. Zou’s self-owned car was produced by Nanjing Fiat at the time. Mr. Zou had also sat there. He thought this car was quite good and wanted to buy a model of the same brand. Siena has been discontinued for many years, and now the domestic mission of Fiat models has changed to GAC, and GAC Fiat happens to have a family car Feixiang (sedan) and Zhiyue (hatchback). Go to the 4S store and see Feixiang have existing cars. Feixiang was purchased on the spot.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Zou is very satisfied with the shape of the front face and headlights. In addition, Feixiang's body size is not large, so it will not be too bothersome for daily use and parking. As for the exterior configuration, Mr. Zou felt that parking radar was basically enough. As for why he chose champagne gold, Mr. Zou said that he had no idea when choosing a car. It was the color chosen by his son.

In the interior, Mr. Zou prefers the shape of the center console, looks younger and not monotonous. Many buttons on the multi-function steering wheel can control the volume and switch songs, which is very convenient to use. The original version of the Smart Enjoy Edition comes with 6 speakers as standard, but in order to obtain better sound quality, Mr. Zou added two more speakers on both sides of the windshield.

For the electric adjustable seat, Mr. Zou finds it very convenient to use, no longer having to move back and forth with his hands and feet. Because of working outdoors for a long time, in order to relax, Mr. Zou put a cushion with electric massage function on the back of the chair, which can relax the waist and back when driving. As for the performance of the rear seat space, he said that he is the only person in the car during daily driving, so the rear seat has always been vacant, and basically no one has ever been seated.

Regarding the power system, Mr. Zou said that he does not have much requirements for performance, as long as he “runs well” at high speeds in daily driving. Due to frequent trips in the suburbs, the daily fuel consumption of their vehicles is generally maintained at the level of 7 liters per 100 kilometers. Fuel consumption will be slightly higher when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, but the overall change will not be much. As for the dissatisfaction, Mr. Zou said that the dual-clutch gearbox still has obvious setbacks and hesitation in shifting at low speeds, and the ride comfort in congested road conditions is not good.

From the communication, we learned that the main job of Mr. Zou's car is to move from point A to point B. There is not much demand for sportiness and configuration. After driving 21,000 kilometers, he was basically satisfied with the performance of this Feixiang. The only shortcoming was that the performance of the dual-clutch gearbox did not meet his expectations.

● Full text summary:

The three car owners all agree that Feixiang's overall appearance is good. I believe this is one of the reasons why many other Feixiang car owners buy this car. It is reported that Feixiang’s design is dominated by the Fiat Group’s European Design Center. The design director is Ramaciotti, who has worked in Pininfarina. Feixiang, as a model that “fuses Italian and American cultures,” has won a good reputation in China. The high evaluation may also be reasonable.

As for other aspects, car owners agree that Feixiang’s current interior configuration is adequate. Although the riding space is not spacious, it will not be too cramped if it is occasionally full. The power performance of the 1.4T engine is not outstanding, but it does not show the “powerless” side. The only thing that is “spit on” by the three is the performance of the dual-clutch gearbox. Not only the shift speed is slow, but the frustration at low speed also makes the owner. We are a little dissatisfied. It's a mixed blessing.

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