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[YesAuto in-depth experience] The protagonist on the stage is the new flagship model of FAW Besturn this year, the Besturn B90. In fact, as early as the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, we have already carried out a detailed static experience of it. It's just that the car was not in mass production at that time, and there will be differences in internal details and mass production status. However, today we finally saw the production version of the B90, so is its performance still so good?

Atmospheric and stable appearance

The Besturn B90 is the new flagship model of FAW Besturn, and it will naturally be high hopes. First of all, from the appearance, I think B90 can definitely be recognized by 80% of the audience. As a brand new mid-sized car of its own brand, the body lines of the B90 do not show signs of imitating other mature models, and the proportions are quite coordinated. Moderately reveals a little domineering, which is very worthy of recognition.

From the front we can see that B90 has obvious family characteristics. The dense diamond-shaped grid may make those with dense phobias feel a little uncomfortable, but the horizontal chrome-plated decorative strips like tuning forks can avoid the monotony of the shape. I don't know if the FAW Flying Eagle LOGO with white characters on a blue background will attract people's dissatisfaction. At least for so long, I have gradually gotten used to it.

The headlights of the Pentium B90 are very sharp. Although the car I experienced was a low-end model with ordinary halogen headlights, the addition of lenses and white eyebrows still made the headlights look bright. LED daytime running lights are no longer a new thing. The shape is suspected of imitating Audi, and the overall look is very sci-fi. In contrast, fog lights seem to have little characteristics.

The side lines of the Besturn B90 are also very coordinated, without any bloated feeling, at least I think this is the most beautiful car of the FAW Besturn so far. In fact, whether the side of the vehicle looks coordinated has a lot to do with the wheelbase. According to previous official information, the Pentium B90 is produced on the same platform as the Mazda Ruiyi, and the wheelbase is 55mm longer than the Ruiyi, reaching 2780mm. For a mid-size car that pursues a large space, this does sound like good news.

The tires should be considered the least powerful in terms of appearance. The style is the same as that of the previous model at the Beijing Auto Show. The 16-inch wheels have a plain and non-textured styling. The tire size of the 205/60 R16 has not reached the level of mainstream medium-sized cars. However, one thing more uncomfortable is that the tire brand has changed from Michelin at the previous auto show to today's Wanli tires. Even for low-end models, equipped with such tires may not be in line with the B90's flagship positioning!

The design of the tail is also brilliant. The first thing that needs to be confirmed is the reversing radar questioned in the auto show. This low-profile mass-produced B90 has been installed with a four-point reversing radar, but it does not have a reversing camera. The style of the taillight is also very avant-garde, with a transparent lampshade + LED, and the overall visual effect is really good. The overall design style is similar to that of the new Sylphy that has just been launched, but I personally think that the style of the B90 is more beautiful than that of the new Sylphy.

Excellent interior design, materials and workmanship need to be improved

Next, let us turn our attention to the interior of the car. The interior of the B90 looks quite atmospheric, and the combination of black and beige is also deeply loved by consumers. The overall style design is in line with the positioning of the B90 IKEA. However, what I have to say is that if I only look at the pictures, I would also think that this is a perfect interior, but its real situation is not as good as reflected in the pictures. The designer has done a good job, but the level of materials, manufacturing and assembly in the car is still a bit poor.

As you can see, the interior of the B90 is clearly divided into two parts, black and beige. The black part has been covered by soft materials, while the beige part is made of plastic. The surface is hard. The overall performance is quite satisfactory. What's wrong. If you analyze it only by the material, the soft feel of the center console is definitely better than the hard feel, and it is more advanced, but in my opinion, this is not absolute.

For example, the center console of Honda cars has always been made of hard plastic materials, but its design style and surface treatment will not arouse people's disgust. Why do many independent brands use soft rubber or leather after covering them? Still don't think it's up to the grade? The reason is simple. The soft and hard materials of the central control are secondary. The key depends on the manufacturing and assembly process of the materials. Domestic independent brands are still lacking in this regard. This Pentium B90, which is positioned for mid-sized cars, is also lacking. No exception.

The steering wheel uses a three-spoke design with multi-function buttons, as is the case with this low-profile model, but with a little less function. In addition to the general feel of the buttons, the thickness and grip of this steering wheel are quite satisfactory, but unfortunately it can only be adjusted manually in both up and down directions.

The instrument panel reminds me of Volvo. The standard double circular instrument is very simple, with metallic numbers and scales. There is also a trip computer display inside, which is simple in style and full of functions. And Pentium B90 also added a barrel-style design, so that the dashboard does not look monotonous.

The central control operation panel adopts the design of upper and lower partitions, which is very similar to the style of Nissan. However, the button workmanship, feel, and screen material of the B90 are still not up to the standard, and there is still a gap between the B90 and most of the joint venture brand models around 150,000. This is really an urgent problem for independent brand car manufacturers to solve.

As a low-end model, the configuration of this Pentium B90 is not rich, the multimedia system does not have a navigation function, and only the main driver's side has a one-button automatic lifting function. However, in addition to manual transmission, all automatic B90s are equipped with ESP body stability control system and electronic handbrake. Generally speaking, the configuration can basically meet the needs, but the lack of navigation is a pity.

In terms of riding comfort, this low-end B90 performs well because it does not use leather seats and can only be adjusted manually. The lack of a sunroof should be considered a big shortcoming for a medium-sized car, even though it is only a low-end model. However, this car also has some points worthy of praise, such as the central armrest that can be moved forwards and backwards and the rear exhaust vents.

Excellent performance in space

 Riding space

In terms of space, the performance of the Pentium B90 has exceeded my imagination. For an experiencer with a height of 182cm, it is quite good that the back row can have nearly two and a half punches in the leg room, and the head room performance is also excellent.

 Storage space

Not only the ride space is spacious, but the B90 also does a good job of storage space. First of all, in terms of the number of storage compartments in the car, the designers of B90 considered more thoughtful, and each storage compartment is also very practical. The volume of the trunk is an important factor that consumers consider when buying a vehicle. Not only is the volume of the B90's trunk not small, but the opening that communicates with the compartment is also large and regular in shape. The trunk cover is supported by a pneumatic tappet, which will not occupy the trunk space. It can be seen that the manufacturer pays more attention to the details of the B90.

Power system

It is understood that the Pentium B90 will be equipped with two powers of 2.0L and 2.3L, which seem to be the same as the B70, but from the information learned at the Beijing Auto Show, it is found that the product code of this 2.3L engine is not the same as the 2.3L engine used in the 2011 B70. Different, the displacement and parameters are slightly different. The editor infers that this engine of the B90 is improved from the previous 2.3L engine, the maximum power is reduced to 160 horsepower, and the maximum torque is increased to 207N·m.

It is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission from Aisin, in addition to which a 6-speed manual transmission is expected to be available. The suspension part is the same as the Besturn B70, which will still adopt the front double wishbone type and rear multi-link independent suspension, which is more advantageous in form than other models of the same level.


Having a good shape for a car means that it has been half successful. Through this simple static experience, I am quite satisfied with the design of the Pentium B90. In addition, the highlight of the B90 that attracts me is its spatial performance and consideration of details such as air struts in the trunk and sound insulation cotton. However, the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the materials and assembly process of the interior still have a gap with the joint venture brand.

The guide price of Pentium B90 is 139,800 to 199,800. If there is no discount, I think its prospects are not optimistic. As we all know, many joint venture manufacturers are currently feeling unprecedented pressure in the field of medium-sized cars, and they have used substantial price cuts to promote sales. Sonata eight, Kia K5 and other models are already available for less than 150,000, and Teana The discounted price of veteran players such as Ruiyi and Ruiyi is only around 160,000 and 170,000. It may be difficult to challenge these players with the strength of the Pentium B90!

In fact, the cost of manufacturing a self-owned brand car is not much lower than that of a joint venture vehicle, and even the profit is far less than that of a joint venture vehicle. From the perspective of a single product analysis, this is indeed true. However, large joint venture factories with rich experience in car manufacturing often have a relatively complete management mechanism, advanced production equipment, and more detailed and explicit specifications for the operation of manufacturing workers. However, independent brands that are still in the learning stage still have a long way to go in the important link of “how to build and build a good car”.

This is like law. It takes a long time for developed countries to establish a country, so there will be a relatively complete legal system. Our country has only been established for a few decades, so the law is relatively inadequate. Perhaps we are currently spending time in formulating laws. We have a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, but we are still imperfect. The most important thing is that we must be aware of our own deficiencies and gradually improve them. Of course, this also requires strong support from consumers.

Bestune B90 will be officially launched on August 22. If you want to inquire about reservations or call local dealers, you can click here.