[YesAuto Auto Race] With the start of the Tacheng Yellow Thunderstorm Rally 2016 , more than 150 cars gathered in Tacheng, Xinjiang. A rain made the track extremely slippery and added uncertainty to the race. .

The first stage (SS1) is 120.15 kilometers long. The sandy and gravel road that was originally high-speed became muddy after a heavy rain. In the end, the Geely Boyue Hanwei SMG Team 101 car crossed the finish line for the first time.

Who can imagine this muddy car UTV , what kind of “destruction” did it suffer in the first stage, and sitting in such a semi-open crew cabin, the shadow area of the players' hearts is unprecedentedly large.

A protective net that can isolate the danger but not the mud. The mud covering the entire car and the driver's body at one stop really gives the driver a good start. The first stage of the opening encounters such a challenging situation, and the subsequent stages are doomed to be difficult.

The two-wheeler group exerted maximum mobility under such racing conditions. Fang Mingji of the Beibu Gulf Team and Su Wenmin of the Beixin Road and Bridge Rally Team reached the finish line with first and second results respectively.