[YesAuto In-Depth Experience] On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, Zhang Ran, a colleague of Autohome Shanghai Station, had already got in touch with the S6, the pioneering work of BYD SUV, and had a brief first experience. In his article “Detailed Workmanship Improved Obviously Experience BYD's First SUV”, the workmanship of the exterior and interior of the car left a deep impression on him. But this time there is plenty of time to meet again, and there will be a chance to understand it more deeply. Today coincides with the official launch of S6, priced at 8.98-129.8 million yuan. I will fully experience its passenger experience and functional configuration from a consumer's point of view. Friends who are more interested in independent brand SUVs can refer to and choose accordingly. .

Appearance Part I——Front and Body

At first sight of this car, a feeling of deja vu but never met came over. To be honest, its shape design is taken from Lexus's old RX. And BYD made appropriate modifications on the front face, rear of the car, etc., and at the same time incorporated elements of its own family. I bet that after ten minutes of staring at it, the shadow of Lexus in the head will disappear. The sleek appearance tells you that it is an urban SUV, which contrasts sharply with Haval's off-road tough guy.

Body size BYD S6 Haval H5 European Style Edition Tiggo Elite Edition Ruiying Fashion Edition
Length (mm): 4810 4649 4390 4500
Width (mm): 1855 1810 1765 1820
Height (mm): 1680 1745 1705 1730
Wheelbase (mm): 2720 2700 2510 2620
Ground clearance: 190 200 190 207

The dimensions of the S6 body in length, width and height are 4810×1855×1680mm; wheelbase 2720mm; ground clearance 190mm. Compared with the other five urban SUVs with the same positioning, it has a longer body, a wider body and a longer wheelbase; it is shorter than them, and the ground clearance is not very good. Overall, it still looks slightly bigger than others.

The black plastic guard plate is designed under the front of the car, which is one of the symbols of SUV, but the fins on the top are too sharp, and it feels very similar to the spoiler on the sports car, and the connection is too thin. I am skeptical of its protective ability. The edges of the honeycomb air intake holes on the air intake grille are relatively thick, but the dynamics it wants to express have already been revealed.

The four-eye blackened headlamp is one of BYD's family elements, which can make the front face look very energetic. This time BYD added a popular LED light source and placed it on the eyebrow. However, after the actual lighting, the brightness of the LED is too low, and the expected brilliant effect is not achieved at all, which is a pity. There are two parking radars on the left and right ends of the enclosure, which can only detect corners, but cannot detect the distance ahead.

Wiper blades with wind deflectors are rarely used in car models. When the vehicle speed reaches 100km/h, the wind resistance can firmly press the wiper blade on the windshield to make the wipe clearer. The luxury and noble models have automatic sensor wipers, which makes daily use much easier.

Except that the D-pillar is too thick and procrastinating, the overall proportion of the body is more coordinated, and the waistline runs through the whole body, enhancing the overall sense of the body.

The line details on the side skirts are very rich, and the direction tends to be streamlined. Such a design is still rarely seen, adding a bit of dynamic to the otherwise unremarkable side of the car. In fact, if you change it to a pedal, it will make getting on and off the car more labor-saving and more practical.

The electric rear-view mirrors with welcome lights and turn signals on both sides are very high-end, and the visible area of the mirror is also larger, so it will be safer when driving on the road. The parallel blind spot camera under the right rearview mirror is a very characteristic configuration of the car.

The wide-angle camera can be activated at any time through the button on the multifunction steering wheel. The area that it can illuminate is about 3.5 meters wide from the door handle to the front of the car. When turning to the right or turning and merging, it can check the vehicle or road conditions in front, which improves driving safety.

Appearance Part II-Rear, Chassis

The lines at the rear of the car are full and smooth, in harmony with the style of the whole car. The tail light does not use an LED light source, but a traditional halogen bulb. The actual effect of lighting is relatively ordinary. The two square fog lights and the front fog lights reflect each other. In addition, there are many wipers and four-point parking radars. The reversing image with the distance marking display is only a noble exclusive courtesy.

The markings in the image cannot be bent with the direction of the front wheels, only three colors are used to indicate the distance. After measurement, the edge of the green area surrounds the back 2.15 meters; the yellow medium-distance marking line is 1 meter; and the edge shown by the red line is only 35 cm away from the car. If the obstacle hits the red line when reversing, you should stop immediately.

The roof spoiler is not small in size, and extends the roof further, making it look quite dynamic and smooth. The rear surround is also a guard plate, and its shape is still very much like a spoiler, which greatly weakens the domineering and wild nature of the SUV.

It can be seen that BYD has worked hard on the design of this five-piece aluminum alloy wheel. The shape of the angular petals is quite complicated, but the overall look is not very strong. The larger size of 17 inches is tall and tall. The body is buried, so it doesn't show any characteristics. Magis HT750 tires are specially designed for low-end entry-level SUVs. The tread pattern only pays attention to drainage and quiet performance, and other performances are very general.

The workmanship of the body is one of the focuses of everyone's attention. The previous article has explained that the sheet metal and assembly process of the body has been greatly improved compared with the previous models, but there are still places to learn from the joint venture brand in the details. From the point of view of materials, the manufacturer of window glass is Saint-Gobain, a well-known European company, and its product specifications are relatively high. There is a full ring of rubber sealing strips on the inside of the door, and there are two complete sealing strips together with the body door frame, which looks good.

This BYD483QB 2.0-liter engine is used in BYD F6, M6 and many other models. The maximum power is 103kw/6000 rpm; the maximum torque is 186N·m/4000-4500rpm. These two indicators are not weak even if compared with the joint-venture brand engines of the same displacement, but the high-speed design makes the flash point come relatively late, and it will feel soft and weak when driving at low speeds in the city. When overtaking, you need to raise the speed to wake up its power.

The front suspension of the car is MacPherson independent suspension; the rear Macpherson is equipped with a three-link independent suspension form, which is characterized by eliminating the sub-frame, and at the same time, it will not form a bulge on the rear floor. Its disadvantages are that it occupies a large space on both sides of the trunk, and it takes time and effort to replace the spring suspension rod. The braking system is a four-wheel disc brake.

Interior part

The design idea of the interior part still comes from Lexus, and in some parts, BYD has also made humane modifications. The straight and smooth lines of the center console look dignified and generous, and the silver decorative panels match the color of the car reasonably. The shift lever and the central control are integrated, and the overall feeling is very strong.

The plastic material of the center console is thinner and harder. Although the surface has an imitation leather texture, it is still slightly rough when the mold is opened, and the touch feels relatively smooth, without any texture at all, but the stitching is relatively uniform, which is not bad.

The cascading instrument panel alleviates the shortage of materials to a certain extent. It seems that it is indeed more classy and can also break the overall atmosphere that is too rigid.

The outer diameter of the steering wheel of this car is only 365mm, which is smaller than most cars. Its compact and neat feel is very good, and the small size is also conducive to operation. The grip is covered with leather, it feels very hard, and the friction is average. The steering wheel can be manually adjusted in four directions, but the pitch range is limited, so tall people will block the sight of the instrument.

The dashboard composed of two 4.3-inch LCD screens and analog pointers is very technological and is one of the highlights of the car. Its dark blue and stylish graphics look like it has gone to the future. When the car is on and off, the content on the LCD screen will fade out from both sides, and the brilliant animation effect is very good.

The full-featured headlights and rearview mirror adjustment buttons are hidden in the sliding door on the left side of the steering wheel. The whole system comes standard with automatic headlights and height adjustment, and the configuration is relatively high. The storage compartment below has a certain practical significance, it is very convenient to install some parts and bills.

The plastic material of the central control area is relatively thick, and it feels good to touch, better than other places in the car. The plastic material of the air deflector of the air conditioner is much worse, and it has a crisp feeling, and I don't know whether it is durable.

This 7-inch touch screen has a powerful central entertainment system. In addition to traditional DVD playback, it can also perform GPS navigation, watch CMMB digital TV and Bluetooth seamlessly link mobile phones.

The car entertainment system can seamlessly link with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. When the settings are complete, tap the center console screen to make and receive calls and adjust the volume on the phone. It is worth noting that the power and signal on the mobile phone are also transmitted to the car by Bluetooth, which can be seen at a glance on the central control screen.

In addition to Bluetooth hands-free, the use of mobile phones or other devices with wireless transmission protocols can also directly enjoy music in mobile phones and other devices through the Bluetooth car entertainment system, without complicated connections, playing and pausing on the vehicle screen And functions such as song cutting can also control these devices, which is called a truly seamless link.

The air-conditioning system of this car is fully automatic, but there are no traditional buttons for wind direction and air volume. You can only call up the menu and then select on it. It is not straightforward to use, and you need to reverse it.

The reflection of the screen is more serious, and the matte matte treatment on the surface of the screen does not seem to have any effect, which brings some difficulties to use.

Car compartment

The shift lever is connected to the center console as one of the design on the MPV, the purpose is to free up the aisle so that people can walk straight from the front row to the back row. It is almost impossible to achieve this function on S6, so doing so saves space to a certain extent. The handle is small and the surface is smooth, and the grip feels average. The five-speed manual gearbox matched with this car has clear gears. Although the gears are a bit jerky, the overall level is in the upper-middle position among independent brands.

The yellow area on the inside of the door panel is leather-wrapped, and the rest are hard plastic. Only the driver's side of the four-door power window has a one-key drop function, and his three windows need to be toggled frequently. The central control lock will automatically fall when the vehicle speed exceeds 20km/h, which is more user-friendly.

The exquisite design of the storage compartment that can be opened is still a reference. In actual use, it is found that it is really convenient to pick up items, and it can also be convenient and practical when the door is closed. The red self-luminous warning light in the underground reflects the manufacturer's good safety awareness.

The six-way manual adjustment of the seat is basically a basic configuration. The knobs and levers that can adjust the seat height and backrest on the S6 feel smooth and not easy to twist; one is designed to be too short and it will be more troublesome to adjust.

The perforated seat feels very soft to the touch, but when you actually sit down, it is found that the softness comes from the surface, while the interior is very hard, and long-distance driving will be more exhausting. The armrest on the driver's seat is just right, and the softness is good. The only drawback is that the surface is too narrow and the arm cannot be fully covered.

There was an episode when the driver’s seat belt was fastened: when the seat belt was pulled down, everything was normal. Once it was ready to go around the shoulders, when the buckle was pulled diagonally forward, the seat belt would get stuck at the delivery port. The seat belt cannot be rolled back normally after a jam, which means that when an accident occurs, the seat belt will not be able to draw back and fix the driver, and thus lose the first line of defense to protect life. After careful study, it was found that the problem was at the delivery port. I don't know if this is a test drive case.

In terms of seating space, the height of the editor is 180cm. When the seat is adjusted to the normal driving state, there is one punch and three fingers in the movement space of the head. This performance is in the upper middle level of the same level.

Keep the front row still, the roof does not squeeze the head space of the rear row, and the space of one punch and three fingers is satisfactory. The distance between the legs close to the two punches also makes it rank in the upper middle position. Such ample rear space can meet the travel needs of the whole family; for taller people, the car can also require the same.

The large rear center armrest does not need to consider internal storage issues, so it is all filled with soft materials. Its position is designed to be relatively low, and it feels very comfortable to put your arms on it.

The flat rear floor provides ground for the steps of the passengers in the middle, so there is no need to awkwardly diverge. The practicability of the “Fifth Tower” has been greatly improved.

The pride of an SUV is its flexible trunk, and this S6 is no exception. The 4/2/4 three-part split-down backrest and the almost flat backrest make the carrying capacity more prominent. The MacPherson rear suspension occupies the space on both sides of the trunk, and its practical width is slightly worse than other models. The two storage compartments under the floor divide the space so that small objects can be accommodated, which is conducive to keeping it tidy.


The BYD S6 has shown a higher level of body sheet metal and assembly precision than before; the overall interior seems to be above the middle of the independent brands at the same price, but the details of the materials and parts assembly are still There is a big gap with joint venture brands. Many electronic equipment with a sense of science and technology has given full play to BYD's strengths in the field of scientific and technological manufacturing, and the combination with vehicles is also in place. The space and driving comfort of the car are all pretty good, but the power system that doesn't work well in the city drags it down.

The car is a typical urban SUV. Although there are rivals such as Ruiying, Haima Rider, Geo Aoxen and Tiggo that want to divide the market from it, the recognition of other brands besides Tiggo seems to be so poor. BYD's advantages are more obvious. Compared with Tiggo, S6 outperforms it in terms of size and configuration, and its price is lower. Tiggo will not compete with joint venture brands for the market, and firmly hold its own line, while S6 is more difficult. .

Judging from the pricing and positioning of S6, it is aimed at second- and third-tier cities that only value the vehicle itself without considering too much face-to-face practicality customers. In addition to meeting their needs in terms of driving experience and space, the car's stylish appearance and rich functions are an extra surprise.

[YesAuto Evaluation] Many consumers who purchase a family car of around 100,000, often regard the so-called “price ratio” as more important than any other aspect of the car's performance. Therefore, a model like BYD S6 is very necessary.

First of all, it is an SUV with a tall body and a sitting posture that is almost parallel to the “Golden Cup”; in addition, many people told me that it looks like Lexus in appearance; and that is, its configuration is extremely high! In addition to no skylight, navigation, 8-speaker audio and dual-zone air-conditioning are all available. All in all, the indisputable fact is that it looks really good.

Please see the previous static experience for configuration, so I won't repeat it here. The overall driving experience is relatively rough, a bit hard-core off-road vehicle style, all mechanical parts are very simple, sitting in the car, feel that everything is far away from you, does not provide driving pleasure including acceleration and road feelings element. So, during the driving process, you don’t need to focus on driving details, because it can’t give you any exciting driving experience. It’s okay to take a look at the surrounding scenery.

This 2.0-liter engine has a maximum power of 103 kilowatts (140 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 186 Nm. The performance of the parameters is at a normal level. For this 1620 kg car, the low-speed power must be very soft, and the speed becomes a little bit stronger when the speed is above 3000 rpm. Although the gears are a little bit awkward, the gearbox is well matched, and the throttle clutch is well controlled. As long as the power is not forced, it is good to drive so easily and comfortably.

This car uses a load-bearing body, as well as MacPherson with a three-link independent rear suspension, front front drive, and fully focus on urban use. However, due to its high ground clearance and long suspension travel, it is very suitable for rugged roads. You can drive it unscrupulously over small soil slopes at a speed of 60 km/h. At this time, this car feels like a small truck and can be ridden freely on country roads.

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of BYD S6.

◆ Accelerated test:

In the early stages of the start, the torque of the 2.0-liter engine can easily make the front wheels break through the grip. It seems that the grip of the tires should be higher. This 5-speed manual gearbox can achieve 2 speeds and break 100s, but if you want to get good results, the most difficult thing to grasp is the speed, because the electronic tachometer used in the S6 is not intuitive, and it is half a beat slower than the actual speed. Accelerating, when the speed climbs very fast, it is judged based on the engine sound. The final score is 12.94 seconds, which is not bad.

◆ Brake test:

The braking performance is not ideal! The best result is also 45 meters away. The center of gravity of this car is too high. The forward tilt of the center of gravity puts a lot of pressure on the front wheels. In addition, the tire grip is not very good and the braking force is weak, so the average score is 47.1 meters. , In daily driving, the normal braking does not feel that the braking force is not enough, so the driver should pay more attention.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

After 165 kilometers of driving, our BYD S6 consumes a total of 16.45 liters of fuel, which is about 9.97 liters/100 kilometers. The 2.0-liter engine driving the 1.6-ton body has a tendency to be a small horse-drawn cart. It can be concluded that such fuel consumption can basically give a satisfactory evaluation.


Now you should believe that it is really just like I said before, it looks better than when it is opened. It's not how bad it is to open, but it looks so good! It feels like an ordinary car is equipped with various armors and weapons and used as a tank on the battlefield. Although it can meet certain aspects of performance, some shortcomings still affect the overall performance, of course. The biggest advantage is that it's cheap, and it allows existing resources to maximize their effectiveness.

The performance of BYD S6 in terms of space and configuration is indeed very attractive in the same level. However, due to cost constraints, it is impossible to have any good performance in driving performance. From this aspect, it has basically not improved compared to the previous products. This is a regret that cannot be made up under the premise of price.

● Parameter configuration: