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[YesAuto Test Drive] Peugeot 308 SW is a derivative model of the Peugeot 308 series model Margaret plan. I have only heard that Peugeot’s SW model is one of Peugeot’s most successful products launched overseas. The editor is fortunate to have personally contacted this product, let's invite friends and us to approach this unique family multi-function wagon.

● The front face still maintains the family style, and the tail design is very characteristic

Large panoramic sunroof, 7 seats. This is my initial impression of the 308 SW, because it is too difficult to distinguish the 308 model only by the front face part. The 308 SW has the obvious characteristics of this generation of Peugeot 308 series models. It is only a travel version. The specificity of 308SW has changed since the A-pillar, but we can still say that Peugeot's family appearance has been unprecedentedly unified in recent years.

Although the 308 series are brothers and sisters, there is a big difference in size. The 308CC has a wheelbase of 2605mm, while the 308SW has reached 2708mm. This has reached the wheelbase of a medium-sized car, so the space is relative to the original model. It will be the 308 advantage, which will be shown in detail later.

The body and rear of the 308SW have a unique design. After the A-pillar, the designer will embark on a journey of personality. The swooping waistline is like an artist's essay. Both ends are integrated into the car body in a gradual manner. The widened shape of the rear is from the rear. The direction looks very secure, and this design is also more advantageous for the space. The rear of the 308 SW adopts many sleek curves. The glass on the rear door can be opened separately and is pressed from a whole piece of dark glass, which is very high-grade, and the overall opening angle of the trunk door is large and the position is low. It's easier to handle things.

● The interior workmanship is equally exquisite, the central control design is still very conservative, and the cup holder is still stingy

The interior of the 308 SW central control is also nothing new, but as a family-use sedan, the steering wheel, dashboard layout, central control buttons, GPS navigation screen, air conditioning outlet and glove box strictly maintain a strict design that follows the rules. There are no fewer configurations such as partitioned automatic air conditioning and one-button four-door electric windows. The editor is no longer wordy, but here we still have to criticize Peugeot, as a SUV suitable for long-distance driving, the 308 SW Excluding the storage slot on the door panel and the two very shallow cup holders behind the handbrake, there is still no cup holder designed to hold water cups and cans, although overseas drivers do not need to store a lot of water (because in France Tap water is drinkable), but mineral water and cans are the most important drinking tools in daily driving and self-driving tours in China. I hope that Peugeot’s design in this area will be more humane.

The 308SW central control layout is relatively clear, the functionality of the keypad is very easy to understand, and the buttons also have a sense of damping. The production process is relatively delicate, which is really superior. It is worth mentioning that the 308SW uses a seven-speaker Zunbao audio, and An accent cannon has been added to the trunk, which is hard to see in cars of the same class.

After talking for a long time, my friends are going to ask: 308SW is so characteristic? Don't worry, the following are hard goods. The editor believes that the most successful design of the 308 SW besides the sexy appearance is in the car. Peugeot gave it a very vivid name called the modular seat. The 308 SW seat design is not only comfortable but also each seat can be disassembled independently. After the two rows of seats are completely disassembled, the rear floor is completely flat and very practical, which is a design that is difficult to see in a station wagon, and even the passenger seat can be folded down to maximize the interior space Of use. In addition, the seat is equipped with a wireless sensor that can be connected to the seat belt unfastened sensor in the car, so that the design can maximize the safety of the personnel.

● The space is changeable, and the seat design space is unique. It is the most practical station wagon

There are 5-seater and 7-seater models for domestic models. The difference between this model is only whether it is equipped with two third-row seats as standard. If you need a 5-seater version, you can quickly change to a 7-seater version, but it still needs ” “Money” can complete the deformation. In addition to the second and third rows of seats can be folded down independently, the rear five seats can also be disassembled independently, so that the rear of the carriage is completely flattened and the usable space reaches 2149L. It is very practical to put in large items such as bicycles.

In addition, each seat of the 308 SW is very comfortable. Obviously, it has been ergonomically designed. The edited body shape (186cm height and 90Kg weight) belongs to the upper-middle body, whether it is sitting or lying down on the flat seat. The chair will provide very comfortable support, and it is very comfortable to open the sunshade of the sunroof when resting, and it is very comfortable to lie down on the seat, but all the seats of 308SW are still purely manually adjusted, which makes you like to change the sitting posture frequently. The editor feels depressed. The rear of the 308SW is also equipped with a small table and a stable cup holder on it, suitable for family use.

The Peugeot 308SW is known as a 7-seater station wagon, which clearly provokes the huge MPV model. However, after an edited real-life test, it is found that although the Peugeot 308SW is known as a 7-seat station wagon, the third-row seat space is very limited. Under normal circumstances, it can only accommodate people with a height of 178cm and a relatively thin body, and the head space cannot be guaranteed. If it is a slim woman and child, there should be no problem, but the second row of 308SW seats can move forward independently In this way, the passengers in the third row of seats can be slightly more comfortable. In addition, the third row is not easy to get people. It is a good path to enter from the trunk.

Speaking of sunroofs, this is one of the most characteristic designs of 308 SW, and it is also a hard item mentioned by the editor. The total light transmission area of 308 SW reaches 5.8 square meters, and the roof is almost covered by a large piece of glass. , It’s very cool when all open, because the glass area is too large, the sunroof baffle can only be replaced by shading cloth, here you must ask: other car body models are iron or steel, 308 SW is Is the glass safe? The official news is that the 308SW roof adopts double-layer tempered glass, which is not only high in strength but also tough, but there is absolutely no problem in terms of safety. Although the panoramic sunroof adopted by the 307SW has not been reported to cause safety hazards, for a panoramic sunroof as large as 308SW Questions arose, and I checked the Euroncap website and found no crash results. We look forward to the car's early crash safety test, so that consumers can feel more at ease.

● The suspension is solid, the overall feeling is strong, the four-speed transmission swallows power

After talking about the interior space for a long time, since it is a multi-functional RV, how does it drive and whether it can withstand the postgraduate entrance examination? Now, let my friends concentrate on letting me talk…. The 308 SW has the characteristics of a typical Peugeot, and is a model that focuses on comfortable driving.

Because it uses the same steering system as the 308 CC, the 308SW steering is equally accurate, and the road feel is fairly clear. The steering wheel of the same size as the 308 CC is very “suitable” here, and it also has an automatic correction function. It is very driving. Easy.

308 SW adopts front MacPherson and rear torsion beam suspension. The front suspension feels very tough. Unlike the 308CC, the 308SW is slightly longer, but the suspension stroke is relatively moderate in the same class of models. The front and rear torsion beams are integral torsion beams. The suspension tuning is very solid, but due to the increase of the body and the design of the rear non-independent suspension, the 308 SW will compress the suspension more severely when cornering. The result is a large tilt, but the whole vehicle can still pass through calmly, giving the driver a strong driving confidence, which is obviously different from the domestic Peugeot.

In terms of power, the 308 SW is equipped with a 1.6THP gasoline engine jointly developed by PSA Group and BMW. This engine has turbocharging and in-cylinder direct injection technology. The maximum power is 103kW (140 horsepower), and it can be used at 1400 rpm. The maximum torque of 240N·m can be exploded. The data does not represent everything. There is no obvious difference between the 308 SW power tuning and the 308 CC. The turbine is still carefully involved to prevent you from having any “violent” feeling.

Not fierce, not fierce! After all, it is a family SUV. Peugeot has turned it into a gentle lion. The 308SW is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and offers S sports mode, but the conservative 5000 shift gear still makes the acceleration feel fleshy. Upshifting and downshifting in the manual mode obviously feel that the gearbox is not responding quickly enough, and I always feel a little lazy, but if you step on the two-end throttle to the end, this gentle lion will be more energetic, which is better than comparable S gears. There are more direct ones.

In general, the 308 SW has a mediocre performance in terms of power. The 4-speed transmission has more power consumption, but the overall performance is good. It is easier to drive and is especially suitable for long-distance driving. Although it is the largest player in the 308 car series, the 308 SW has an overall feel. Very good, it is also very flexible in the process of turning and overtaking, but there is no need to take care of the steering at high speed. It is still necessary to relax at high speed, otherwise it will feel like floating, but the tail suspension keeps reminding you when driving intensely. This station wagon, take it easy!

The 308SW will be imported into the Chinese market together with the 308CC. Both of these cars are important models launched by Peugeot in the world market. The 308SW also has Peugeot's car-making craftsmanship, and the workmanship in details is very good. However, the current domestic market does not have a high awareness of the travel version, so SW is destined to be a niche model in the Chinese auto market. However, the Peugeot SW model has entered the Chinese market for many years and has formed a certain user group. The import of 308SW will be a boon for consumers who like to import Peugeot models. This car is higher than 307SW in terms of workmanship, design, appearance and technology.

However, imported Peugeot models are still overconfident and lack Chinese-style transformations. Purely manual seats, stingy cup holders, and poor navigation systems do make Chinese consumers feel helpless, although these small details may not stop those who like this car. Consumers' buying behavior, but for Peugeot, word-of-mouth is accumulated by details. Peugeot itself also claims that the Chinese market is the most important market for Peugeot, so Peugeot must first proceed from the details to make China's picky consumption People re-understand Peugeot, so that more and better Peugeot products can be recognized by consumers in the Chinese market.