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[YesAuto Travel Notes] It’s the spring season again. In this year’s travel plan, we have prepared more topics and content related to women’s travel and the outdoors. However, when it comes to women and the outdoors, many people will have a headache. , “Too noisy, too troublesome, too troublesome, too particular, to be emotional at every turn!” These words have become the biggest obstacles and thresholds for many men when they face taking women out in their childhood… “What? Daughter-in-law? Forget it, I will next time”!

Is this really the case? What mystery is there that you haven't mastered? bring it on! After watching this sharing, take her away in minutes!

Editor's summary: They are not what you think

    To be honest, before conducting this survey, I did not have much expectations for the girls’ acceptance and mentality of the outdoors, but the result was very unexpected. Everyone is very surprised when it comes to outdoor activities, especially picnic and camping. They have a very positive attitude of embracing. Their problem is not that they are unwilling to participate in outdoor activities, but that they have insufficient cognitive and psychological development in the early stages of outdoor activities.

Of course, there are also various details that we men are difficult to get. These key points have been sorted out for you. Next time I will take women out for a camping picnic. I shouldn’t have a headache anymore! I hope you all have a good time and can find the value and meaning you are looking for from outdoor activities. I wish all female friends a happy holiday!