[YesAuto Experience] As an absolute key model of Dongfeng Yueda Kia this year, the Kia K5 will be officially launched on the 10th of next month. In order to make the new car have good attention before it goes on the market, it was once named “Zhengzhou China K5” The nationwide tour will be launched in the near future. There are a total of four routes for this tour that depart at the same time. I was also fortunate to follow one of these routes to participate in the tour. After a few days of contact, I also got some knowledge and feelings about K5. I will introduce some to you today.

This tour passed through many cities. Due to time, rushing between cities has become our only job every day. The thousands of kilometers of travel also allowed me to have more time and opportunities to get in touch with new cars than ordinary test drives. Unfortunately, we were asked to test rides instead of test drives for this tour, so the content of this article does not involve any driving experience, please understand.

Appearance evaluation: The coordinated design is very successful. LED lights , welcome lights , and 18-inch wheels are the highlights

We have had many test drives and detailed experience articles about K5 before. We must have some understanding of it. We have to admit that the design of K5 in terms of appearance is very successful, and the character is particularly prominent. Looking at the whole, sports must be the core of K5. .

The body is generously stretched. Compared with the streamlined elements of traditional sports cars, K5 has sharper lines and looks extremely fierce.

The vehicles participating in the tour are all top-mounted models with dual sunroofs, so the roof adopts the black integrated design used in many panoramic sunroof models in recent years. The sharp contrast with the white body also makes the new car positioning a lot younger. .

The front face continues the Kia family-style design. The flat wide front grille is connected to the headlights and extends to the sides. The visual perception of the body is wider, the center of gravity is lower, and of course it is more sporty. The LED lamp close to the top of the fog lamp is a highlight in terms of appearance, which is not only practical but also eye-catching.

Another bright spot appears on the front door welcome light. If you open the door during the day, you will not notice anything, but if it is turned on at night, you will find that the red welcome light casts a K5 on the ground, although this The design does not increase the sense of practicality, but the design attentiveness still surprises people.

The rear is also very coordinated. The taillights on both sides have a downward trend in the middle, so the full rear is not bulky. The side adopts the line design of a coupe, and the roof and tail are the fastback style of a coupe, which is excessively natural, and the overall shape is coordinated and full of power.

K5 uses avant-garde 18-inch wheels, the wheel style is sufficiently sporty, it looks very coordinated with the model, which becomes one of the highlights of the appearance, of course, this configuration may only be enjoyed by high-end models.

Interior evaluation: all-black interior sports style is very thorough / overall design is biased towards drivers

The interior style can be seen K5's thorough determination for sports. The interior of the car adopts an all-black design. Except for the silver chrome embellishment in some areas, the rest of the area is designed in black regardless of the material, even if it is the imitation used in individual parts. The mahogany material is also dull black brown.

The center console is different from the horizontal design of most models. The center control area is inclined toward the driver. Obviously, the K5 is a driver-oriented model. Of course, this design is indeed a lot more convenient for the driver’s daily operations. .

Material evaluation: materials used in different regions vary greatly

In terms of the materials used in the interior, Kia played a “careful look”. For those who briefly touched it, they might be bluffed by it. The first thing you see when you get into the car are the leather seats, leather steering wheel, and leather armrests. The box and even the central control area are surrounded by leather stitched contours. The performance of these places where the eyes are first opened may make your eyes shine. The concept of superior materials will also enter your consciousness first.

However, as the contact time increases, you will find that the materials used in other areas seem to be unsatisfactory. Harder plastic parts are widely used. Maybe they have thickness and fineness in the texture of the material. Color mixing is difficult to distinguish, but when you find them, you will feel a little disappointed.

Workmanship evaluation: satisfactory

Regardless of internal and external, K5's performance in terms of workmanship is quite satisfactory, with neither obvious flaws nor absolute bright spots, which is in line with the mainstream performance of this class of models.

Space evaluation: relatively spacious/absolutely enough

For a model with a wheelbase of nearly 2800mm, you will not be wronged in space. Our 185cm experiencer adjusts the front row to a suitable position and sits in the back row. There is still more than a punch in the leg, but Affected by the shape of the tail, the head space will be slightly less than that of the legs, but this is definitely enough.

In addition, the use of the all-black interior will make you feel that the interior space is slightly depressed from the visual experience, even if you are sitting in it without any grievances. Fortunately, K5 uses a double skylight design, which relieves the sense of space depression to a certain extent.

Now that the sunroof is mentioned, I would like to say a few more words. The double sunroof of the K5 is fully automatic, and even the sunroof in the car does not need to be manually. However, when the sunroof is opened, the front and rear sunroof sun visors will open to the middle at the same time. It is impossible to open one sun visor alone. In addition, due to the limited roof area, only the front row of the two sunroofs can be fully opened, and passengers in the rear can only look at the scenery through the sunroof.

After talking about the static, let's talk about the dynamic. Although there is no test drive for the tour for a few days, as a rider, I also have some feelings about the dynamic performance.

Noise evaluation: wind noise, low engine noise/large tire noise

In general, the K5's noise control is pretty good. Because the body design is similar to a coupe, the wind noise control is excellent. At the same time, the engine noise is relatively small, even when it is accelerating sharply, there will be no obvious noise.

However, because the K5 uses 225/45 18-inch tires, the main noise in the car comes from tire noise. The noise is not obvious at low speeds, but the noise will increase significantly as the vehicle speed increases. Noise feedback on different roads will also be more sensitive.

Suspension: very tough/good control and poor comfort

Since it is positioned for sports, the overall adjustment of the K5 will also fit this positioning. It is not an exaggeration to describe the suspension as “very hard” after a few days of test rides. This adjustment will make the vehicle have a good performance when cornering. Support, encountering bumpy roads in poor road conditions will feel the vehicle is extremely resilient, and frequent short resonances will also make you feel very enjoyable.

But if the long-distance test ride in the first two days is more about keeping the vehicle fresh, then even though the seats are still comfortable during the subsequent journey, this kind of excellent suspension will still make our passengers a little irritable.

Dynamic evaluation: it feels pretty good as a rider without a test drive experience

As for the power, the new car is equipped with a 2.4L engine (it is reported that a 2.0L model will be available after the listing), and it is equipped with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. From the experience of riding, the power is not bad, and the gear shift is also good. It's relatively smooth, but as for the detailed driving experience, there is no test drive session for this event. I can only ask you to read the previous test drive articles.

Doubt: The rear suspension is lower than the front suspension?

During this parade, a K5 in our team caught my special attention. That is, it is obvious from a distance that the rear suspension is lower than the front suspension? At first, I thought it was caused by the full occupants and luggage in the trunk, but after “emptying” the occupants and luggage in the car, it was still very obvious that the rear suspension was lower than the front suspension.

Since there is no professional testing equipment, I only use my hands to make a rough calculation. When the load is not full, four fingers can be easily put in the front wheel to the wheel eyebrow, and only three fingers can be put in the rear wheel. After communicating with the entourage, I learned that this is not the final mass-produced car but just a trial installation, and the other situation is not very clear. Regarding the situation where the rear suspension of this trial vehicle is lower than the front spin, we will continue to pay attention to this issue after it is launched.

Full text summary

For this level of mid-size car, the appeal of “business” is a selling point that cannot be concealed at any time. Pure sports models seem to be very rare in the current market. Even if sports dominate, they will be labeled ” Business + sports” hat. If this is the case, I think it is more appropriate to describe the Kia K5 as “sports + business”. Although the rear row has ample space, air-conditioning vents, seat heating and other configurations are available in the rear row, it is still a demand for a new car to drive a vehicle in the front row.

As usual, I should make an evaluation of this new car before ending today's article, but since the most important price has not yet been announced, it is difficult for me to draw a conclusion. Earlier, it was reported that the price of K5 will be in the range of 170,000 to 230,000 yuan. If this is the case, it will be in line with the price range of mainstream models of the same level on the market. For potential customers in this market, there is one more price. A good choice. Of course, these assumptions are all imagined out of thin air. All doubts will naturally be revealed after March 10. (Text/Car Home Guo Xiao)

Note: Although this event is mainly based on the experience of new car test rides, there are also some interesting insights along the way. I will show you some in the next few pages. You can enjoy it as a snapshot of the tour. .