[YesAuto Evaluation] During the two days I got Angkola, as long as I stopped to the side of the road, people would stop by passers-by from time to time, or come over to inquire about the price. There are mostly young friends, and of course there are also some uncles and aunts. From the chat, I can tell that it means buying a car for their children. It seems that this car has a high degree of attention. You will definitely want to know how this car performs before buying. What does 1.4T mean for an SUV? In this article I will talk to you about my feelings.

If you want to review the appearance, interior and other parts of Angkola, please click on the picture above. There will be a very detailed introduction in the real shot article.

Driving experience and power system description

Angkola is equipped with a 1.4T ECOTEC engine, equipped with a dual variable valve timing system, with a maximum power of 140 horsepower (103kW)/4900-6000rpm, a peak torque of 200N·m/1850-4900rpm, and Volkswagen's 1.4TSI parameters Comparable. At present, this engine is imported with original packaging and used in overseas versions of Yinglang and Cruze. It is not picky, and 93 gasoline can satisfy it.

Driving Angkola in the city is very worry-free and effortless. The throttle adjustment is in place and the response is relatively positive, but it will not rush. From the start to the integration into the traffic, everything is natural. Try to depress the accelerator deeply, the action of the foot is in step with the reaction of the vehicle, and there is almost no turbo lag, and the linear output is not like a turbocharged car at all.

The second-generation S6 six-speed automatic manual gearbox has been in contact with the new Regal and Malibao. Compared with this 1.4T engine, the performance is very reasonable. The shift logic is compared with the shift speed. The old gearboxes have made great progress. Depress the accelerator deeply, and the gearbox can also lower two gears for better acceleration.

Simply put, the Angkola in dynamic driving is calm, the power output and gear shifting are smooth. It is not a powerful type, but it is completely competent in the face of daily use and work, even beyond me. Expectations in mind.

The suspension is very supportive to the vehicle, and the thick “pop” when passing through the speed bump gives a solid feel. The fly in the ointment is that the Angkola's suspension is generally stiff, and the torsion beam rear suspension is more straightforward to deal with potholes on the road. If the speed is a little faster, it is possible to leave the seat.

Angkola's body is short and compact, and is somewhat biased towards the four-wheel and four-corner design. Therefore, the steering will feel more precise and excellent agility. The car we tested is a front-wheel drive version. The top model will be equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system. The more meaning is to improve the stability of the vehicle on wet and slippery roads. The off-road capability has yet to be tested. If there is a chance, we will take it for you. Come to the test of the four-wheel drive version. (If you want to learn more about the principle, you can click here to view)

Fuel consumption test performance

A 1.4-ton small SUV, equipped with a 1.4T engine, has a good power level, but what about the fuel economy? Surely everyone wants to know.

The fuel consumption test drove a total of 112.3 kilometers, simulating the environment of daily use, the average speed is only 27.4km/h, the traffic situation is not very optimistic, the final fuel consumption is 9.53 liters, and the average fuel consumption is 8.49 liters/100 kilometers. Combining its weight of about 1.4 tons and its actual power performance, Angkola does a good job. The most important thing is that it can use No. 93 gasoline, which satisfies the car environment in various cities.

We give reasonable fuel consumption reference values for various levels of models (non-rigid indicators)

Purely economical minicar: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

0-100km/h acceleration test

I believe that friends who follow Angkola already have a partial understanding of its acceleration performance. My colleague Hu Zhengyang has already conducted a small test on the Angkola two-wheel drive version during the test drive meeting. The acceleration score is 10.41 seconds, due to the limited conditions at the time. , So we conducted a comprehensive test on it after we got the test car in Beijing.

The front wheel of the two-wheel drive version of Encora will slip briefly at the start, and the overall burst is very linear, which also explains our feelings when driving. The gearbox performed well in the case of rapid acceleration, and the shift speed was satisfactory enough, but the frustration would become obvious. In the end, the two-wheel drive version of Angkola ran 10.28 seconds, an improvement of 0.13 seconds compared to the previous one. It can run for ten seconds in a small SUV, and the fuel consumption is usually low. Thinking about it, it only has 1.4L displacement. I think it's quite Satisfied.

100-0km/h brake test

The brake pedal is adjusted tightly and delicately, and the brakes will also change with a slight change in the strength of the foot. In emergency braking, the braking system works very efficiently. Four 215mm tires can provide sufficient grip, and the G value has been slightly fluctuating up and down -1G. The final score was 40.68 meters, reaching an excellent level, and after 10 consecutive sets of tests, there was no thermal decay in the brakes.

About passability

Since it is an SUV, it should be better in terms of performance than a sedan. This Angkola is a front-wheel drive version, which is not capable of getting out of trouble, but it is fine to go on a bad road. It still has the ability to be on the road.

Judging from the side, the approach angle of Angkola is too small. Climbing a slope with a larger angle will definitely not work, but it doesn’t matter. Urban SUVs require not too high. For example, there is no need to worry about the last road constriction.

Although the manufacturer did not announce the minimum ground clearance and other values, some worries can be relieved through simple experiments. Others dare not say that it is definitely okay to climb a road. The most important thing is that the soft bumper is used under the bumper. It is made of rubber, so it's not a problem to scrape it off.

Automatic two-wheel drive purchase analysis

Buick Enkola, which entered the domestic market this time, launched a total of 4 models, one displacement, and the price range is 149,99 to 196,900 yuan. We have selected two more popular versions for your analysis.

ENCORE official guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.4T manual two-drive aggressive type 14.99
1.4T automatic two-wheel drive elite 15.99
1.4T automatic two-wheel drive leading type 17.69
1.4T automatic four-wheel drive flagship 19.69

With the data, it’s time to select the car. From the configuration analysis of the automatic two-wheel drive leading model compared to the two-wheel drive elite model, you can spend 17,000 yuan more to get things like Onstar system, reversing image, automatic air conditioning, Leather multi-function steering wheel, IntelliLink multimedia system and other practical configurations, so my personal recommendation is: two-wheel drive leading type. If you want to listen to the analysis of the shopping guide colleagues, you can click on the picture below to enter the “Angkola's Car Buying Manual”.

Product competitors

According to the price and market positioning, Qashqai and Angkola are directly competing products, but the former enters the market much earlier, so market recognition and sales have advantages. Qashqai is slightly larger than Enclave. In contrast, it is more practical and has a wider range of consumer age groups. Enclave has better car body design and interior craftsmanship and is more suitable for comparison. Young friends who value the quality of life. All in all, we have a new choice outside of Qashqai. The unique situation in this market segment has been broken, which is indeed a good thing for consumers.

At present, SUV products are very popular in China. As road conditions become more congested and fuel prices rise steadily, there may be more markets for flexible and economical small SUVs. This trend has attracted many manufacturers' attention. In the future, there will be more similar models, such as Ford Wingbo, Skoda Yeti, etc. In contrast, the appearance of Angkola is not too late.

Back to the status quo, since Angkola has just been listed, there will be no advantage in price. Therefore, the first batch of consumers is destined to be a small group of perceptual and price-insensitive young people. With the development of future competition, Increasing model discounts and accumulating user reputation is the best help for Angkola.

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