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[YesAuto Model PK] As the eldest son of the new China’s auto industry, Hongqi sedan can be described as a “thousand favorites” all over the country. Although it has suffered from the ups and downs of recent decades after the reform and opening up, it has rich national sentiments and political attributes. As far as the brand is concerned, the status of Hongqi's high-end independent brand is still difficult to shake in the short term. On May 30th, the Hongqi brand new medium and large-sized car Hongqi H7 was launched. The high degree of attention can be seen from the click/reply of our test drive article. Recently, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs certified Sina Weibo to announce that Minister Wang Yi’s official car was replaced from Audi to Hongqi H7. The “modern change” of the domestic high-end official car market is expected to begin.

● The new official car purchase policy is conducive to independent brands

Judging from the currently known policies, the new official vehicle procurement standards stipulate that the provincial and ministerial-level full-time cadre special vehicles are equipped with exhaust capacity of 2.5 liters (inclusive) and the price is less than 380,000 yuan; provincial and ministerial-level deputy cadres are equipped with exhaust gas The volume is less than 2.0 liters (inclusive) and the price is less than 280,000 yuan; general official vehicles are equipped with a displacement of less than 1.8 liters (inclusive) and less than 180,000 yuan. At the same time, the purchase ratio of independent brands is not less than 50%. In accordance with the “2012 Catalogue of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs (Draft for Comment)” published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in early 2012, almost all models listed are self-owned brand models. The combination of the above two policies and regulations can be said to be basically domestic The entry of proprietary brands into official vehicle procurement has cleared the way.

Policy factors are not the focus of Autohome. However, at the product level, Hongqi H7, which is positioned as a medium-to-large car and focuses on the high-end official car market, will undoubtedly be the direct opponent of the Audi A6L, which dominates the market. If the support of policy factors is aside, does the Hongqi H7 have the ability to replace the “old official car” Audi A6L? What are the advantages of Hongqi H7? What is the gap between them? Today's model PK will come to talk, I believe this will be an interesting topic.

Compare models in the text
Model Hongqi H7 2013 Model 2.0T Premium Type Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard
Guide price 379,800 yuan 409,800 yuan
Market preference

3-4 ten thousand yuan

The Hongqi H7 2013 2.0T premium model we selected is the top model of the 2.0T series with a guide price of 379,800 yuan. There is currently no market discount. As a comparison model, the guide price of the Audi A6L 2012 TFSI standard model is 409,800 yuan, which is a low-profile model of the Audi A6L automatic transmission. Currently, there is a discount of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan in the market. (Note: In order to make it easier for everyone to read, Hongqi H7 2013 2.0T noble type is referred to as Hongqi H7, Audi A6L 2012 TFSI standard type is referred to as Audi A6L)

● Body appearance/size and detail comparison

Hongqi H7 2013 2.0T Premium Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Let’s talk about the appearance first. The appearance design of the two models has obvious differences. The Hongqi H7 is more mature, stable and conservative. The keywords of stunning and young are not suitable for it. This is basically in line with the positioning of the Hongqi H7 as the main high-end official car market. . In contrast, the Audi A6L is younger, and its sharp and domineering appearance will be accepted by more young friends.

Body size comparison
Model Hongqi H7 2013 Model 2.0T Premium Type

Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard

Length (mm) 5095 5015
Width (mm) 1875 1874
Height (mm) 1485 1455
Wheelbase (mm) 2970 3012

In terms of body size, Hongqi H7 has certain advantages in length, width and height data parameters, which are 80mm, 1mm and 30mm more than Audi A6L respectively. In the wheelbase data, the Audi A6L has increased the wheelbase size by moving the front axle forward. The 3012mm data is 42mm longer than the Hongqi H7 wheelbase. On the whole, the Hongqi H7 looks slightly larger than the Audi A6L. Even compared with other mainstream medium and large models of the same level, the body size can be at a medium to upper level.

In terms of the design of the body details, the front face of the Audi family is too familiar, so I don't want to talk too much. Compared with the “high-end atmosphere and high-end” Audi A6L hexagonal shield-shaped mouth, the Hongqi H7 inherits the classic design elements of the Hongqi brand-flags, hairy “Hongqi” fonts, fan grilles, and vertical waterfalls. The chrome-plated strips and the outline of Tiananmen Square along the central grid further highlight its pure “red blood.” In all fairness, I think the design of the Hongqi H7 is quite successful.

The tire specifications are 225/55 R17, and the shape of the ten-spoke wheels is almost the same. The top model of Hongqi H7 2.0T chooses the Michelin PRIMACY LC Boyue series tires, which are products that focus on comfort and quietness; the low-profile Audi A6L chooses the Hankook VENTUS S1 Vantos series products, which also focus on comfort. Sexual silent tires. However, from a cost point of view, Michelin is about 300 yuan more expensive than Hankook tires of the same specification. Hongqi H7 is worthy of praise.

Look at the headlights. All of the Hongqi H7 and Audi A6L series are equipped with xenon headlights, which are the qualities of this class of models. The daytime running lights and turn signals of the Hongqi H7 incorporate LED light sources. The overall shape is in line with the mainstream aesthetics. In high-end models, it also has a follow-up steering function AFS, headlight cleaning and active night vision system ANV. Unfortunately, it is designed in the taillight part. Slightly plain; Audi A6L's headlight design is more technologically attractive, sharp eyes, ecstasy daytime running lights and the standard high-recognition LED taillights of the whole series are more refined and energetic.

● Power comparison

Hongqi H7 2013 Model 2.0T Premium Type Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard
engine model CA4GC20T EA888
Displacement (mL) 1995 1984
Intake form Turbocharged Turbocharged
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 204 180
Maximum power (kW) 150 132
Maximum power speed (rpm) 5500 4000-6000
Maximum torque (N·m) 260 320
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 2000-4500 1500-3900
Environmental standards Country IV (Beijing V) Country V
Gearbox 6-speed hand-in-one CVT continuously variable (simulating 8 gears)

Compared with the rich choices of Audi A6L in power, the Hongqi H7 listed models only have two displacements of 2.0T and 3.0L. From the configuration point of view, the book parameters of the 2.0T turbocharged engine of the Hongqi H7 are not weak, and the maximum output power is It has 204 horsepower (150kW) and a maximum torque of 260N·m. It is matched with a 6-speed automated manual gearbox with S-speed and manual shift modes. Since the 2.0T model has not yet been officially tested, what is the real power performance of the Hongqi H7 2.0T, we have to wait for the test car to make a conclusion.

● Interior comparison

Unremarkable is the first feeling when entering the Hongqi H7 car. The interior design is conservative, and there is almost no bright spot. In creating the interior atmosphere of high-end cars, Audi's level is obviously much higher. With wrap-arround center console, material workmanship and button layout, Audi A6L is obviously much more upscale than Hongqi H7. A conservative and low-key interior may be sufficient to cope with the official car market. In the medium and large car market where luxury brands are strong, if Hongqi wants to further expand the private car market, it is difficult to impress discerning consumers with only 60 points. Hongqi also There is too much experience to accumulate.

Hongqi H7 and low-end Audi A6L do not use panoramic sunroof design, and the size of the sunroof is similar between the two cars, but in terms of the open area of the sunroof, the sunroof and partition of the Hongqi H7 can all be received inside the roof, while the Audi A6L has the largest sunroof. The opening is only 240mm, and the use of the Red Flag H7 wins.

● Ride space comparison

In terms of riding space, the 179cm-tall experiencer adjusted the best sitting posture. The front row of the Hongqi H7 and Audi A6L can get four-finger headroom. When sitting in the rear seat, the legroom is about two punches. The rear head space is slightly different. The four-finger head space of the Hongqi H7 is slightly better than the three-finger of the Audi A6L. Basically, the two cars are tied in terms of riding space.

● Storage space

For medium and large cars, the performance of the storage space in the car is often not the focus. After all, these large-sized guys have plenty of space in the car for interior designers to explore. The storage space is naturally more than that of medium and compact cars. Much ample. The storage space of the Hongqi H7 and the Audi A6L is also the same, there is no significant difference.

Let’s take a look at the trunk again. Although the maximum width of the Hongqi H7 is 450mm wider than the Audi A6L, the on-board cooling/heating box occupies a part of the trunk space, making the entire trunk seem not regular enough. Actual use is more expensive than the Audi A6L. Slightly discounted.

● Configuration comparison

Comfortable configuration Hongqi H7 2013 Model 2.0T Premium Type Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard
Leather seats
Rear seat angle adjustment
Heated front/rear seats Before ● / After ● Front ○ / Back ○
Rear seats are ventilated
Rear seat massage
Independent rear air conditioner
Air conditioning in the car
Car cold/warm box

Rich configuration is the biggest product highlight of Hongqi H7. In the high-end business car market where ride comfort is the key consideration, Hongqi H7 gives rear passengers a very high standard treatment. This 2.0T premium model is equipped with rear seat heating/ventilation, seat massage, BOSE audio, rear With many comfort configurations such as independent air conditioning, seat adjustment, and on-board cooling/heating box, the care for the rear passengers can really be counted as meticulous.

Other configuration Hongqi H7 2013 Model 2.0T Premium Type Audi A6L 2012 TFSI Standard
Rear side airbag
Knee airbag
Keyless entry system
Steering wheel shift
Reversing video image
Rearview mirror memory
Engine start-stop technology
Lane Departure Warning System
Night vision system
Adaptive cruise

For other configurations, Hongqi H7 provides more knee airbags, keyless entry system, video reversing image, rearview mirror memory configuration; Audi A6L equipped with rear side airbags, steering wheel shifting, engine start and stop technology are not available in Hongqi H7 Configuration.

How high is the configuration of the Hongqi H7? Let's take the Audi A6L as an example for comparison. For example, the main road deviation warning system (LDW), which is equipped on the Hongqi H7 mid-to-high-end models, and the Audi A6L is only available on the top model with a price of 742,600 yuan-the Audi A6L 50TFSI quattro luxury model. The model can only be optional; the night vision system can also be found on the Hongqi H7 mid-to-high range models, and it is an optional configuration for all Audi A6L models.

The operation of Hongqi H7 in navigation, vehicle settings and other functions is still a bit cumbersome. Compared with the convenient and powerful functions of the Audi MMI on-board interactive system, these soft powers cannot be learned overnight by Hongqi.

● Summary

As the first product launched after the recovery of the Hongqi brand, it is undeniable that the Hongqi H7, which has obvious price advantages and rich configuration, has a good competitiveness among the same-level models. Although there are still gaps in the details of the workmanship and the texture of the operation, it is important that there is finally a Chinese self-owned car brand model that can compete with competitors such as Audi A6L at this level.

The Hongqi H7 is the first step in the recovery of the Hongqi brand. For the Hongqi brand, which hopes to rely on the official vehicle procurement market to radiate private cars, the long journey has just begun. Red Flag's follow-up product changes, the establishment of a national service network, and brand promotion will all become key factors restricting how far Red Flag cars can go. In the final analysis, policy support and people's love are just the external favorable environment for the Hongqi brand to hit the road again. In the rapidly changing auto industry, whether Hongqi cars can keep up with the industry's development pulse and avoid repeating the same mistakes depends on the efforts of Hongqi people. (Photo/Picture/Text Car Home Hong Qi)