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[YesAuto News] Today, the Audi TT is officially launched on the Chinese market, priced at 529,000 to 645,000. Since its launch in the autumn of 1998, the Audi TT has set off a strong fashion storm in the field of sports cars, and has injected a new force into the Audi product series. Now, the second generation of this successful model was launched on April 6, 2006. The new Audi TT sports car is more dynamic and attractive than its predecessor models in terms of appearance design, power transmission system or driving system.

Perfect styling, excellent stability and extraordinary power-this is the essence of the new Audi TT sports car, a purely premium driving model. The robust body and low- and compact cab outline the simple and clear image of this model. Audi's design team has followed and strengthened the visual theme of the first-generation models-the circular style. The new Audi TT sports car is more stretched, even in a stationary state, it makes people feel that it is ready to go; the simple instrument panel highlights the sporty temperament of this model. The length of the new Audi TT is 4178 mm, which is 137 mm longer than the previous generation, and its width is increased by 78 mm to 1842 mm.

The body, which is designed with the ASF Audi space frame structure, is made of aluminum and steel. This is the first time that Audi has mixed different materials, with 69% of the superstructure using aluminum. The remaining 31% steel parts are used in the rear to ensure a balanced distribution of axle loads. When the vehicle speed reaches 120 km/h, a spoiler will automatically extend from the trunk lid to increase downforce.

Same as the previous generation model, the new Audi TT sports car also uses a 2+2 seat arrangement; and the independent convertible sports car will be on the market at a later date. The huge suitcase has a basic storage space of 290 liters, making it easy to pick and place items. If the rear seat is folded and stored, its volume can be increased to 700 liters. Sports seats provide excellent lateral restraint. The seat cover is available in 3 different leathers.

The driving area is completely centered on the driver, with perfect ergonomic design, and interprets the classic TT circular theme in different ways, such as three circular vents.

The new Audi TT has two powerful gasoline engines to choose from. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder FSI gasoline direct-injection TFSI engine can produce 147 kilowatts (200 horsepower). Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, the TT can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds, with a top speed of 240 km/h. The roaring 3.2-liter V6 engine is naturally aspirated and can output 184 kilowatts (250 horsepower). It only takes 5.7 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h, and the top speed can reach 250 km/h (electronic speed limit) .

Both engines are equipped with a 6-speed dual-clutch direct shift S tronic transmission. The four-cylinder engine uses front-wheel drive, while the V6 model uses the cutting-edge technology on the Audi roadster-quattro® full-time four-wheel drive technology to distribute power to the front and rear wheels.

The wheelbase of the new Audi TT has been increased, using large wheels ranging from 17 to 19 inches, and has been greatly improved in terms of elastic kinematics. The new multi-link rear suspension gives the new Audi TT the handling dynamics of a perfect sports car.

Users can also choose to install the high-tech Audi electromagnetic damping system. In this system, tiny magnetic particles circulate in the oil circuit of the shock absorber. After applying a certain voltage, they can change the damping characteristics within a few milliseconds. According to specific driving conditions and driver preferences, this adaptive system can provide a comprehensive sports experience while satisfying driving comfort.

The standard configuration of the new Audi TT includes an automatic air conditioning system and a flat-bottom sports steering wheel. The latter not only blends perfectly with the style of a sports car, but also makes getting in and out of the car more convenient. The vents, steering wheel spokes, and many controls have an aluminum appearance.

In terms of options, consumers can choose a variety of different high-tech accessories, including adaptive lights, dynamic turn signal systems, and Audi parking systems that assist parking.

The new Audi TT uses a single CD drive as the standard stereo system. It uses advanced receiving and playback technology and an intuitive and easy-to-operate user control system. You can select the menu through 6 soft keys and control a series of different functions. The stereo radio uses a single-disc CD as a standard configuration. The car is also equipped with a Bluetooth interface for the mobile phone. The telephone function can be operated through the MMI multimedia interactive system, multi-function steering wheel or voice control system. The operation control system of the optional navigation system uses a multimedia interactive system similar to the Audi A6, A8 and Q7.