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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle] Dongfeng Kaichen T60EV (hereinafter referred to as Kaichen T60EV) is positioned as a small SUV and will be officially launched in November 2019. Although the car is a pure electric model based on the Kai Chen T60, it is more attentive in the design of some details; especially in terms of the chassis, it belongs to the more honest of this level of models. If you want to know where this car has a better design, please see today's new car out of the box-Kai Chen T60EV AI flagship.

● New car overview

● New car pickup

● Get started quickly

● Get started quickly

● Front engine room

● Analysis of Chassis

Full text summary:

Although Kaichen T60EV is a petrol-to-electric model built on the basis of Kaichen T60, its appearance design is quite refreshing. Although the chassis design of the car is still in place to protect the power battery and other components in detail, the design in which the front cabin is completely covered by the trim is not very friendly to owners who have the habit of checking oil. Perhaps some small adjustments can be made to at least make it easier to observe the position of the liquid level and the upper and lower limits of the liquid tank. This can also save the repairer some time for dismantling the decorative plate during maintenance. The car has a nominal battery life of 442km. If it is only used for commuting in the city, it would be fine to charge it once a week.