[YesAuto Evaluation] Many people are willing to treat their car as a close lover, so they are very careful when buying a car and choose carefully. So in the price range of 300,000, if you want to buy a large SUV, which is economical and affordable, the Toyota Highlander is a rare choice. Indeed, he does not have a direct competitor in this level. Nowadays, a powerful spoiler-Ford Sharp World 2.0T has disrupted the outstanding situation of Highlander. Will you, who hold the currency to buy, divert your attention?

I'm very sorry, I mentioned its competing models in a test article, but I think this is necessary to let you know the environment they are in. This time, Sharp World used the original imported identity to grab the job of Highlander. Does it really have such strength? First of all, there is no problem with the size, and then we will gradually study the various strengths of the sharp world 2.0T.

Hardware configuration and driving experience

This 2.0T engine is no stranger to us. It can be seen on Mondeo-Zhisheng 240, Range Rover Aurora, and Volvo XC60, but the adjustment is different. EcoBoost is a combination of fuel economy and power. Compared with the 3.5-liter V6 engine, the power is reduced from 288 horsepower to 243 horsepower, but the torque is increased to 345 N·m, slightly exceeding 9 N·m.

The gearbox is basically the same as the 3.5 model, but becomes a purely automatic transmission without sports or manual modes. When I need to accelerate and overtake, the dynamic response is very fast, and I didn't expect a simple downshift, but the lack of manual mode can also be regarded as a small regret.

Sharp's throttle is very synchronized, the step is consistent, that is, you can step on it. It is not like a turbocharged model. The gearbox and the engine are in good harmony. The timing of shifting is relatively late when accelerating, and the turbo lag is almost felt. If it does not come out, 1750rpm can burst out 90% torque to ensure sufficient power output, and when driving at a constant speed, it will be at a relatively low speed to maintain fuel economy.

Sitting in a tall car, the soft seat cushion is equipped with a suspension that is as tough as QQ candy. Although there is no road feeling, the comfortable and comfortable driving style can make you like this feeling quickly.

The sharp boundary of 243 horsepower to drive 2 tons of weight is not enough, but it is definitely enough. You can hardly feel the abrupt feeling when the turbo is involved. After pulling it to 4000 rpm, you can still feel a good push back, but at low speed. There will be weakness. Our 2.0T top equipped with Zunrui has a weight of 1990Kg without load, and the weight of the driver is 60Kg. It is understandable that the acceleration is slightly slower in the early stage, but it is super solid after driving.

Fuel consumption test

Can an American SUV with 2.0T run a satisfactory number? We simulated the daily use situation. The ratio of congestion (20km/h stop- and-go) to smooth section was 40:60. Finally, the actual comprehensive fuel consumption was measured to be 12.7L/100km, which is 1.1L higher than the trip computer 11.6L/100km. The results are average, as expected.

Through the situation of sharp boundary driving in comprehensive road conditions, we found that the sharp boundary 2.0T has a good control of fuel consumption when driving at a constant speed. The computer has always displayed about 8 points. Once it encounters a congested section with bad road conditions, the fuel consumption will go up. After the stop and go, it turned into 14. It seems that the 2-ton body is indeed a big burden for the start.

0-100km/h acceleration test

In the initial stage, since there is only the front drive, the front wheels will slip for about 1 second. After turning off the ASR (Traction Control System), the slipping phenomenon becomes even more uncontrollable. After several tests, it was found that the time to turn on ASR was faster. The final score was locked at 9.33 seconds, which was slightly slower than the 8.92 seconds of the 3.5 model. Lost at the start, the mid-stage acceleration ability exceeded that of the 3.5 model.

Emergency brake test

Good power performance, comfortable and comfortable driving style, is it really perfect like this?

The answer is no. Ford Edge dropped the chain in the emergency braking test. Although the tire grip is no problem, the braking force is seriously insufficient, and the brake foot feels soft and weak, which cannot give the driver enough confidence. The 2 ton heavy body brings a lot of inertia, and the high suspension is also compressed to the limit when braking at full force, which will affect the braking performance. At the beginning of the test, we didn't have much hope for its braking performance. There was indeed a feeling of being held when the brakes were fully braked. The brake system worked very hard but there was no effect, and it went straight to 44.9 meters. First of all, this kind of performance is not good enough. It is very common. If it is more than 0.1 meters, it will not pass. But look back at his 2 tons weight. If you want to stand firm, you need to work harder on the brake system.

The good news is that the heat attenuation is not too severe, and it stabilizes at about 45 meters. The braking performance of the 3.5 model hovered at around 44 meters. This time, the 2.0T model did not improve and regressed despite the weight loss. Ford should pay attention to it.

Characteristic analysis and summary

Large panoramic sunroof that can be opened

The opening part of the Ruijie skylight occupies two-thirds of the entire skylight. After opening, it is completely connected to the outside world. At night, you can put down your seats to see the stars. It is indeed a bonus item, very good, but you have to pay more for it. It's about 20,000 out.

The whole system comes standard with variable air intake grille system

It’s the first time we heard about this new thing on the New Focus. In fact, the whole system of Sharp also comes standard with this system, which can control the opening or closing angle of the grille according to the internal and external temperature and vehicle speed. We have also introduced the system in detail before. (For more information, please click)

The shape and size of the rim are very grand, but the material is average

See this handsome chrome-plated wheel, it is very American, but behind the beauty is a gorgeous plastic shell, not really chrome-plated wheels, is it a bit weak? Thinking about it again, there is nothing wrong with it.

First, the appearance cannot be seen without careful study. The purpose of bluffing has been achieved, and it is very successful and handsome.

Secondly, it saves costs. The wheel hub is easier to scratch, and the chrome-plated scratch is so ugly, and if you want to change it, you have to change the wheel hub. The cost is too high, this is OK if you just change to a plastic shell.

The blind area of the rearview mirror is relatively large

The body of the sharp world is relatively tall, the rearview mirror is not easy to use, the blind area is relatively large, the actual distance is closer than the distance in the mirror, and it is a bit difficult to judge the distance. Although the high-end models are equipped with the line-assist function, I should remind you that you should observe more when merging to avoid accidents.

All models have no front fog lights

There are no front fog lights, only rear fog lights in the sharp world. Isn't it unsafe under bad weather conditions? The sharp world sold in the United States does not have front fog lights, but people here are equipped with LED daytime running lights as standard. The imported version of China has castrated this design for some reason, and replaced it with two air intakes. Still fake.

The 2.0T sharp boundary lowered the price threshold, replaced with an efficient turbocharged engine, cancelled the four-wheel drive system, and completely transformed into an urban SUV. Imported and traditional American-style SUVs such as Ruijie can be designed to be large and casual without any scruples. They do not pursue any control or dynamic driving, but they must be quiet and comfortable. They are also carefree like a big American man. It doesn't matter.

In China, the most direct opponent of Sharp World 2.0T is the Toyota Highlander 2.7. The latter has a variety of storage spaces and a more flexible 7-seater design. From the perspective of body size, Highlander has obvious advantages in terms of length and height. , And in terms of width and wheelbase, the sharp world is leading by a small advantage, so overall, the Highlander looks bigger. The sharp world tends to be similar to the luxury configuration of the 3.5 top models, enjoyable driving feeling, and relatively more efficient power level (2.0T vs. 2.7). Putting them together, both have their own advantages and their respective areas of expertise are different. Which one you prefer depends on your driving style, and I personally prefer the sharp world that is full of American taste .

Buying advice

Sharp world only has a slightly different configuration compared to himself. The elite sunroof version in the top configuration is more than 40,000 yuan more expensive, and it is equipped with keyless start, memory seat, electric trunk, reversing image, blind spot prompt, multimedia system, and 12 speakers. The elite sunroof version is 20,000 yuan more expensive than the elite beggar version, and it has an extra large sunroof. If you are a pragmatic buyer, we recommend that you buy the lowest price, or you have good money in your pocket, then the top model is definitely your best choice. Once again, the brake system of Sharp World hopes that manufacturers can improve it.