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[YesAuto Connected Travel] With Zebra's boom in 2016, connected cars have officially landed from the concept stage. In recent years, my country's intelligent network connection industry has been booming, and more and more intelligent network connection models have appeared. From the initial button interaction to the current voice, touch, and gestures, the interaction between people and cars has undergone a fundamental change. The functions of the on-board system have gradually transitioned from the original radio, Bluetooth music, and map navigation to the current online entertainment (radio, music) and on-board map navigation products that are closer to the habits of Chinese users.

Since the release of the “Smart Car Association Evaluation Standards” by Autohome, we have tested more than 70 models, covering about 90% of the in-vehicle systems on the market. With more and more models tested, we found that most of the on-board systems, including overseas brands, have been able to localize map navigation and voice control, and have online entertainment systems. And most of the pioneers of smart car associations-the differences between Chinese brands are getting smaller and smaller, but they all face a problem-what is smart?

In fact, almost every brand or car networking supplier has basically the same idea about the understanding of vehicle system intelligence-to make the car understand you better, to put it bluntly, to make the voice assistant of the vehicle system more like a vice Driving is no longer cold and without emotion. How should this emotion be defined? Judging from our current knowledge, it can be summed up as an urgent need. When you need help, give you care or solve your needs, and during this period, people will be mixed with emotions.

At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, our familiar voice solution provider iFlytek redefines what is in-vehicle with three sharp edges: “Flying OS MATE 2021”, “Flying Intelligent Assistant MM 2021”, and “Flying Smart Cloud 1.0” The intelligence that the system should have. Of course, HKUST Xunfei also officially joins the army of Internet of Vehicles solution providers with these three sharp edges, and competes with BAT for the big cake of China's smart industry. Perhaps you will ask a traditional state-owned enterprise that excels in voice solutions that can shake BAT’s garrison. Of the city walls? Perhaps since the era of Feiyu OS 2.0, there has been a crack in the gate of BAT. If you simply talk about the realization principle of these three sharp blades, it would be very boring, then it is better to use the realization effect to see how the three sharp blades shake the city gate like a trident.

You will be confused when you see this, let's review it briefly and hear it clearly! can understand! This is the purpose of Xunfei Feiyu MeiMei products, and what is urgent is Xunfei’s understanding of intelligence, which will be realized through Feiyu OS MATE 2021 in the future. Feiyu Zhiyun 1.0 is more like a logistics department, it is the basis to ensure that you understand you. If you still don’t understand, the following video shows what the future smart car association should look like.

Edit comment:

    Judging from the current plan, BAT’s gate may be lost. Although the current market’s car-connected solutions are still dominated by these three Internet giants, as the smart car-connected functions become more and more homogeneous, consumers It is impossible to regard the Internet of Entertainment Vehicles as the primary decision for car purchase. At this time, if a co-driver who understands you appears, perhaps the decision to buy a car will start to lean towards intelligent networking from the appearance, interior, and power. Of course, judging from the current solution given by iFLYTEK, if you want to achieve the effect in the video, the package price is certainly not low. Who is the first person in the car company to eat crabs? I am looking forward to it. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)