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It is understood that at the upcoming 12th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, a new generation of E-class cars produced by Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automobiles Co., Ltd. (BBDC) will also appear at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the Mercedes-Benz booth in Hall 5, this was its first appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show. The three models on display were E350, E280 and E200K.

As the pinnacle of BBDC for the Chinese luxury car market, the new-generation E-class sedan uses nearly 2,000 new or further developed parts compared to the previous generation sedan, and adopts a new body design to make it look more dynamic, Calm and confident. In addition, the application of a series of latest safety technologies such as PRE-SAFE® preventive safety system, intelligent lighting system, NECK-PRO collision-responsive neck protection headrest and adaptive brake light has made the new generation of E-class cars become the same The safest car in the class.

In this regard, a professional who has driven a new generation of E-class sedan once said: “The PRE-SAFE® preventive passenger safety protection system makes the new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan the safest sedan in its class. ; And the intelligent lighting system has doubled the safety factor of driving at night, so that the road to return at night is no longer dangerous.” Thus, the safety of E-class cars can be seen.

In addition to safety performance, the strong power performance, new dynamic design, spacious, comfortable front and rear space design and smooth driving experience of the new generation E-class sedan also set new standards in the same class.

It is precisely because of its outstanding performance in various fields that it has won more and more successful people within just five months of its listing, especially many energetic, passionate, prosperous careers, and continuous challenges to new heights. Popular among young upstarts.

In March 2007, the new generation of domestically produced Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan won another honor, successfully passed the national environmental label certification, and successfully entered the green government procurement list issued by the Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Protection Administration. This is the first time that a top domestic luxury car has obtained this certification, indicating that the domestically produced Mercedes-Benz has a promising prospect for further developing the domestic high-end official car market. After the domestically produced Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan enters the government procurement list, it will change the situation that there is only a single brand in the high-end official car market, provide more choices for high-end official car users, and also help the high-end official car market to become more diversified. , Sustained and healthy development.