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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, a concept car named VISION 2025 was unveiled at the Haval booth. Examining this concept car from the appearance alone, you will find that its completion is close to the state of mass production. The electric side door and four-seater layout are full of gimmicks. The five screens in the car conform to the minimalist trend of today's car interior design. Let us get to know this deja vu concept car together.


The official name of the Haval VISION 2025 concept car is “the new generation of global intelligent SUV”, which is built on the world's leading four concepts of super visual design, autonomous interaction concept, full-scene ecological service, and intelligent driving assistance. The concept car adopts the AR-HUD enhanced real-world navigation system, which can integrate AR auxiliary functions into the windshield, so that information such as navigation, instrumentation and communication are “integrated” with the road, reducing the driver's gaze. The operation of building a concept car based on its own WEY is eye-catching. Those fancy configurations on the concept car are difficult to appear in the production car, but the stylish and sporty styling design does make people look forward to future Haval products. Of course, there will be the day when technologies such as the Internet of Vehicles and artificial intelligence are truly popularized in automobiles. (Pictured by Li Haopeng from the front report team of Auto House)