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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The iteration speed of the on-board entertainment system is too fast. When the Skoda family’s Kodiak GT and other models are still focusing on the MOS 3.0 system, the new generation of Skoda’s smart car connection system is based on Volkswagen MOS 4.0 version has taken the lead in the new generation of Octavia PRO models. Today we will take a look at whether this system of Octavia PRO can still bring convenience and fun to people's travel?

● The floating large screen still occupies the “C” position, and the interface UI design also has family characteristics.

The Skoda brand has a very high update frequency in the car linkage system. The later version of the previous generation of Octavia models is equipped with the networking system provided by Zebra Zhixing. This time with the replacement of Octavia, the car linkage system has been upgraded to the latest version of the brand. . The 2021 Octavia PRO has three configuration versions available for pre-sale. What I experienced today is the top version, which is the flagship version with a pre-sale price of 159,900 yuan.

Let's take a look at the hardware first. The 12.1-inch central control screen supports multi-touch (for example, you can use two fingers to control the zoom of the navigation map, etc.), with a resolution of 1920×860 pixels. Both the size and resolution are mainstream in all intelligent connected systems. The physical and touch buttons are mainly arranged under the steering wheel and the center control screen. The layout is more common. It is rare that the touch panel is used to adjust the temperature and volume under the center control screen. The control is achieved by sliding the fingertips left and right. In contrast, editing is still I prefer the physical knobs of the previous generation models with gears, which are more rewarding to use.

In terms of instrumentation, the 10.3-inch full LCD instrument with four interface modes looks very avant-garde, especially in the full map mode, the route guidance is very intuitive after turning on the navigation. Among the three currently announced configurations of the head-up display, only the top version is standard. Its display content covers cruise status, current vehicle speed and navigation path guidance, further reducing the length and frequency of the driver's sight away from the front.

● The concise UI design is exactly the same as the public system of the same model.

The interface layout of the new system is almost the same as that of the Volkswagen ID.4 X. The entire interface looks like a smart tablet placed horizontally, and the Home button is located on the left side of the screen for the driver to click. The interface background has no extra decorations except a “cloud” that can change with the color of the ambient light. From left to right, the three horizontally expanded screens of the main interface are the application page and two commonly used function pages. The order of the application and function page cards can be adjusted to meet the usage habits of different users.

The car linkage system supports multi-account login. Each car machine can preset a main account (owner's account) and several sub-accounts. Each time the car is started, the central control screen will first pop up the login page, requiring the user to manually confirm whether to use the current account , Or switch to another user account. Each account can set music preferences and other information, so that you can listen to your favorite music style after logging in and continue to broadcast novels that you haven't finished listening to last time.

The performance of the voice assistant is also very good. Custom wake-up words, continuous voice input and no wake-up (only for navigation and music playback interface) are available. Recognizable voices support some dialects in addition to Mandarin. Unfortunately, editing does not Speaking Cantonese or Sichuanese, it is impossible to test whether the voice assistant's ability to understand dialects is accurate. When the voice command is issued, the interface will have a dedicated interface to display the feedback content, and the response speed is very fast.

Using some of the built-in applications of the system, the voice assistant can also help users inquire about weather, flight status, restaurant features, hotel prices and other information, and provide users with certain travel assistance. In addition, if you have smart home devices under the Xiaojingyu Ecosystem in your home, the voice assistant can also help users remotely control these smart home devices at home. Of course, like the Volkswagen ID.4 X, it is impossible to control hardware facilities such as windows, sunroofs, and trunks for safety reasons.

● Entertainment and navigation adopt the mainstream applications of the Zhilian system, and there are more applications available for download in the application store.

In addition to the local playback function, the pre-installed networked entertainment applications of the system are Kuwo Music and Himalaya FM. After binding the corresponding VIP account, you can also listen to or download high-quality resources that only members can enjoy in the car. In addition, in the application store of the system, we also saw two applications, Sing Bar and Listening Companion FM. Singing in the car may become a trend in the future.

Online navigation is undoubtedly still the AutoNavi map with the highest loading rate in the car-link system. Some commonly used online services, such as dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions or congestion, group travel, and illegal inquiries are all complete. In addition, compared with other smart connected car machines of other competing models, the Skoda smart connected car system, like Volkswagen's MOS 4.0 system, provides a separate traffic sign, restricted area display and other functions, which is convenient for users to grasp the traffic situation around the destination before departure. .

● Support two forms of wireless connection, Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife.

Like the Kodiak GT and other models, the Octavia PRO can realize remote control functions such as buzzer and flashing lights and lock/unlock through the mobile App. In addition, in terms of mobile phone-car-machine connection, in addition to dual Bluetooth connections, the system also has two built-in forms of Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife, and both support wireless connections.

● Features such as panoramic parking image and wireless charging are still in the standard configuration.

Among other hardware parts, 360° panoramic images, zoned automatic air conditioners, air purifiers and wireless charging panels are all highly popular configurations. There are 30 colors of ambient light in the car, which can be found in the vehicle settings of the smart system. The wireless charging panel has also become a very popular one. In addition, the Octavia PRO also provides a set of Type-C and USB charging ports for the front and rear rows. The Type-C interface has a stronger power supply capacity. It can shorten the charging time or power more energy-consuming electronic devices.

● Article summary:

Perhaps it is because I have experienced the Volkswagen ID.4 X intelligent connection system before, and the new generation of Skoda intelligent vehicle connection system may not be too new to me. However, from the perspective of use, the system does not have many interaction levels, and the control logic is fairly simple, making it easy for people who are new to this system to get started.

Rich functions are also one of the characteristics of this set of car machines. In addition to the online applications and natural speech recognition functions that mainstream cars and machines have, the built-in application store also provides life services such as Sing Bar, Fei Chang Zhun, and Meituan. These features help to improve the convenience of users when traveling, and the built-in application store also means that if there are other more popular or popular applications in the future, Skoda will also have the opportunity to incorporate them into the car-link system. It can be said that in terms of convenience, the system is very close to those smart tablets. I wonder if this experience made you like the Octavia PRO? (Text picture/Photo by Zhu Lishen of the car home)