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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Speaking of domestic SUV evergreens, I think it is Haval H6. After several generations, the popularity has not diminished. In terms of sales, it is definitely the backbone of Haval, so the replacement has attracted much attention. A new generation of Haval H6, or the prototype of Haval's entire H car series, has already arrived on the stage. This is the Concept H that has just been unveiled at the Indian Auto Show.

1 This is not a story design interpretation in the usual sense. This time we will leave a little suspense, so the clear appearance of the vehicle is placed at the end. If you want to know the result, you can click here to watch it, but it will not have the fun of revealing the secret.

2 In the future, Haval may still have red and blue labels, but the main significance is to distinguish the powertrain.

3 The next-generation Haval car series has the shadow of current models, but the overall model is much younger.

You and I know the importance of the brand's top pillars. From the time point of view, we have reason to believe that this is the first product that Simmons, who has the background of Land Rover, is really guiding the team and starting from the ground up.

Of course, for any brand, the replacement of these sales champions cannot completely subvert the tradition. All the design directors have to do is to carry forward the past. So you can see many elements of the current Haval models on Concept H, which means it is not difficult to accept.

For foreign directors arriving from overseas, establishing and sorting out a brand-new styling design language for Chinese car companies is an important reason for attracting them. Therefore, we have reason to believe that these elements appearing on Concept H are likely to become Haval in the future. Family design of all models.

Of course, the prerequisite must be the consent of the head Wei Wei.

In recent years, the overall trend of car design has been sharp. Take a look at the cars on the street from 10 years ago. Most of them look harmless to humans and animals. The cars from 5 years ago have already looked “badly”. Haval's products now reflect this change.

For example, the upper line of the current Haval H6 headlight extends horizontally and backwards, while the light cluster of the concept car is obviously raised, and the size is also more slender. Just like human beings, you can only be loved by being handsome and a little bit bad.

The picture below is a side view. Many people say that it’s okay to see whether a car is sincere or not. It's not bad, and only changing the details is undoubtedly lazy. The proportion of the body is indeed a magic weapon for the designer to help the observer remember the product.

The styling of Concepte H can be regarded as reminding you of who it is, but if you look closely, it is still a little different. In one sentence, the overall proportion is the taste of European products.

The current Haval H6 is divided into red and blue standard models. At the same time, it is divided into a vast number of versions according to different configurations. According to the statistics, I think it can enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Looking back at the source, Haval’s red and blue labels are on the one hand to meet the different needs of consumers, on the other hand, to meet the needs of their own dealers in different systems. This is also a story worth talking about. There will be opportunities to talk about it later.

The license plate of the concept car clearly indicates the identity of the plug-in hybrid, so we speculate that in the future, the red label will be the traditional gasoline engine, and the blue label will be the plug-in hybrid. If they wish, it is not impossible for engineers to define the green label as pure electric.

There are other details on this car to see the characteristics of the plug-in hybrid, just to keep the suspense, I have carried out the blurring, and friends who are interested can find it in the uncoded picture at the bottom.

The one-sentence summary of the appearance is that the originality is not low, but it is not unique. For example, you have seen similar concepts in Cadillac, Lynk & Co, and even some Toyotas in the light assembly. The advantage is that it will naturally not let you buy a car in the future. Stand alone.

Compared with the appearance, I personally like the change of the interior, which is far more youthful and advanced than the current models. Of course, as the old saying goes, everything has to wait until mass production. After all, cars are consumer goods, and there is a ruler called cost stuck.

Full text summary:

Although inner strength is of paramount importance, the “face-saving project” cannot be underestimated in the era of appearance. From the results, Concept H is moving towards youthfulness, and on the other hand, it tries to quote more textured designs. This is closely related to the former BMW design director Phil Simmons who is in charge of the Haval design direction. The improvement of the Haval H series makes us more interested in the higher-end WEY next-generation new cars.