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[YesAuto New Energy] On September 15th, a domestic Tesla owner broke the news on social media that the Tesla App of his mobile phone suddenly failed to connect to his car, but connected to another vehicle, and could be unlocked and air-conditioned. Remote control of functions such as, lighting etc. By checking the location of the vehicle, the owner (located in Chongqing) found that the connected vehicle was located in another city (Hunan), and was confused and worried about his use of the vehicle.

That night, Weibo responded to the incident for the official account of “Tesla Customer Support”. The other party said: After thorough investigation, this is because the maintenance staff mistakenly entered a similar vehicle identification number when replacing the on-board computer. Information mismatch. Tesla will immediately correct the error and take a series of measures to prevent such accidents from happening again, and apologize for the trouble caused to the two car owners, and will communicate with them and assume corresponding responsibilities.

It’s worth mentioning that, according to a netizen who broke the news, the vehicle that the owner’s mobile app was mistakenly connected to belonged to a car owner in his WeChat owner group. When the incident happened, the two got in touch through the WeChat group and proved that the car owner in question could indeed remotely control the misconnected vehicle through the mobile phone.

Tesla has also experienced misconnection of mobile apps before. Through this incident, it can be seen that the misconnected mobile phone can indeed remotely control another car, which poses a certain threat to the safety of the other vehicle and passengers. I hope that the official will pay attention to this matter and avoid similar situations from happening again in the future. At the same time, we also call on car owners to contact the official as soon as possible if they encounter similar situations to solve the problem as soon as possible. Regarding the latest news about Tesla, please continue to follow up on the follow-up report of Autohome. (Source: Tesla Customer Support Official Weibo; Wen/Car Home Hu Yongbin)