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[YesAuto News] In 2020, the Tank 300 launched by WEY, a brand of Great Wall, won the attention of the entire network and became a smash hit “Internet Red Car”. From the launch of the Tank 300 at the end of 2020 to the announcement of the brand's independence in April 2021, although various opinions continue on the Internet, the Tank 300 succeeded in making a fortune with its appearance, performance and price.

Just recently we learned from the Internet that some owners of Southern Tank 300 said that their vehicles had leaking sunroofs. The 4S shop currently does not provide a solution, and mostly adopts glue or replacing the sunroof assembly. The manufacturer said that the problem is an isolated case, and it is still in the investigation stage, and no clear results have been obtained yet.

As the country enters summer, the number of rainy weather increases, whether it is a design defect or a probability event, the occurrence of water leakage is believed to only increase. This Chinese brand hardcore SUV, with a price range of RMB 170-250,000, has indeed performed well in many aspects, but within only half a year of its launch, similar problems with water leakage broke out, which may have a certain impact on its reputation.

Whether it is a probabilistic event or a design defect, I hope that the tank brand can pay enough attention to solve the problem and strive to prevent future models from recurring, so as to give consumers a satisfactory answer. The specific information is still waiting for the answer from the tank. . (Source: Weibo@车圈大头针; Compilation/Car home Li Zhengtao)