[Car home race] In the first F1 Indian Grand Prix, the overtaking scenes of the whole race were very small, and the collision between Hamilton and Massa became a hot topic after the race.

The race entered into the 24th lap. The old enemies Hamilton (McLaren driver, 2008 world champion) and Massa (Ferrari driver) had close contact for the sixth time this season (Monaco, England, Singapore 2 times, Japan, India). Xiaohan tried to overtake from the inside, but Massa suddenly “closed” (deliberately blocking) the outside, causing the two cars to collide. Hamilton's front wing was damaged and Massa was fined to pass the pit (at least 20 seconds lost).

Massa was fined this time, the reason given by the official of the tournament is: Hamilton's intention to overtake was already very obvious at the time, but Massa did not leave enough safety space for the opponent. However, Massa was very dissatisfied with this, he insisted that his defense was not wrong and should not be fined. Massa said that when he cut inside, Xiaohan was in the blind spot of his rearview mirror and he did not see the opponent.

The former F1 driver and BBC race commentator Martin Brundle and David Coulthard pointed out that with Hamilton’s speed advantage at the time, choosing to surpass such a mid-to-high speed corner was indeed For some adventures, he should use the long straight DRS (adjustable tail, which is used to reduce the downforce at the rear of the car, thereby increasing the speed of the car) for overtaking.

Dear netizens, who do you think was to blame for the accident between Xiaohan and Massa? Is Massa maliciously blocking, or Xiaohan dangerous overtaking, please leave a comment.