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[YesAuto] Tire brands seem to have always been keen to engage in sideline businesses, such as the “Michelin Guide” with a history of more than 100 years, and the “Pirelli Calendar” with a history of more than 50 years. On December 3rd, the 2020 Pirelli Almanac was officially released. This edition of the calendar was shot by Paul Lowesi, known as the “Raphael of Photography”, with the theme “Looking for Juliet”.

As one of the focus projects in the fashion industry, the 2020 Pirelli Calendar is the first work to be photographed by an Italian photographer. The shooting was completed in May this year in Juliet’s hometown of Verona and Paris, where the photographer has lived for 40 years. In the creation of this version of the Pirelli calendar, Paul Lowesi takes Shakespeare’s plays as inspiration. The cast includes: Li Yuchun, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Claire Foy, Mia Goss, Inti Ya Moore, Rosalia, Stella Rowesi and Yala Shahidi.

The 2020 Pirelli Calendar also made the first attempt to combine photography and film. In the 18-minute short film, Paul Rovisi, as the director, went through a series of auditions to find the ideal candidate to star in Juliet. The candidates came to the director's lens and used their artistic talents to shape different moments and emotions, and deduce Juliet with different soul characteristics.

Luo Weixi is a loyal opera lover, and it wants to create a work with an opera script design style. The 2020 Pirelli Almanac has 132 pages, with the calendar date printed on the cover, including excerpts from “Romeo and Juliet”, and 58 color and black-and-white photos with the theme of the protagonist of the calendar and the city of Verona.

Open the cover to show the dome design that represents the universe and carries the eternal story of Juliet. The golden almanac is printed on the front cover and back cover, and clearly marked Juliet's birth date, the date of her encounter with Romeo, and the date of their wedding and death. There are also the birth dates of the protagonists of the calendar, and their names are arranged on the cover.