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[YesAuto Connected Travel] Products that used to have hard-core keywords, usually electrification and software functions will not be the focus of communication. It seems that the increase in the proportion of this part will dilute these two words. The play is the original feeling, just like watching Gliding to a Panerai with an OLED smart screen or a pure electric Harley can make people crash. However, in this software-defined era, some intelligent functions in line with product usage scenarios will produce some interesting gameplay. No, similar details can be found on the tough guy-style WEY tank 300 that is very hot recently.

Compared with the previous VV series models of WEY, the UI design and menu level of the Tank 300 has a brand new design. It adopts a three-page card homepage layout design, and the number of interactive levels is reasonable. The UI color scheme is minimalist style, and the dark borders give the UI and the center console a strong sense of integration.

The state of the body is well known

Some classic hard-core off-road vehicles will design the data such as altitude, inclination, and compass that need to be frequently observed on the center console, so that the driver can know the specific data at any time, but the pure hardware design does not have the ability to expand information. More is to form a design style, some sports car, display turbine pressure and oil pressure, etc., the same is true. In the electronic age, LCD screens and software can freely release this information, allowing these conventional data to have better observation and playability.

Streaming media rearview mirror

The streaming media rearview mirror on the car is actually not a high-tech. It has been installed on some mass-produced models a few years ago. However, for the car, the streaming media rearview mirror is not a rigid requirement configuration, because the use scene of the car is relatively It is relatively stable, and it is rare that the rear window is completely blocked.

On off-road vehicles, streaming media rearview mirrors can really play a role in some scenarios. For example, off-road vehicles are a high-probability use scenario, and the amount of luggage is proportional to the mileage traveled. Stack up The part of the rear view covered by the back-mounted spare tire can also be solved with streaming media rearview mirrors. This configuration is a configuration that the Haval H6 and Big Dog do not have.

Transparent chassis, the co-pilot doesn’t need to get off and command

The “transparent chassis” function of the Tank 300 is in line with the tonality of this car. The transparent chassis technology is a function realized by rich perception hardware + optimized algorithms. In recent years, similar functions have been decentralized very quickly, allowing more models to experience Quality experience.

Let you be cool and free when you are not walking the ordinary road

For those “restless” people who are pursuing freedom, the mainstream navigation software on the market cannot meet their needs and gameplay. For example, when you need to view specific terrain or share an unconventional navigation route on some unpaved roads, Will open the special tools on the phone, the mainstream map software such as Ovi Map, Two-step Road, Mars Route and so on.

And we also got news from the official that when the tank was launched at the end of the 300th, the core map functions often played by the above enthusiasts will be integrated into the original car machine, such as realizing trajectory recording, assisting in returning according to the trajectory, etc., we envision Support sharing or cloud sharing, it becomes much easier to get a fresh route in this circle.

Edit summary:

In addition to the hardware experience, the core of intelligence is that it can continue to iterate quickly with the user's preferences. Of course, the premise of providing a high-quality user experience is to solve the user's pain points steadily. For the target user group of Tank 300, you can use a popular sentence to insight: “When people meet the basic food and clothing, start XXX.” Therefore, meeting the needs of “XXX” is the goal of Tank 300 engineers.