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[YesAuto in-depth investigation] “Which is better to buy a mid-size car of 300,000 yuan?” When seeing such a question, the first reaction of most people is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4L. Among the models with this level of dominance, Audi was the first to achieve domestic production, and the A4L was also the first to become a high-end brand mid-size car that most consumers can afford. Yes, today we are going to talk about the Audi A4L, but not about the car itself, but about how we feel about using it with three Audi A4L owners.

● The first car owner

Mr. Li's Audi A4L 2013 35 TFSI automatic comfort model was purchased in June 2014 and has driven more than 19,000 kilometers so far. In just over a year, I have run almost 20,000 kilometers, which is quite a lot. This is Mr. Li's second car. Before he drove a 2008 Cerato.

Mr. Li's Cerato has been used for five years. With the improvement of living standards, changing cars has naturally become a daily consumption plan. Because the Cerato’s configuration is low and it is still manual, facing an increasingly congested city, Mr. Li decided to change to a model with rich configuration, easier driving and more space.

In the process of choosing a car, he had seen Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-Trail, BMW X1 and BMW 3 Series. In the end, these four models were all PASS dropped. At that time, Mr. Li set a car purchase budget of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, and he felt that he could buy high-end brands at this price, so RAV4 and Qijun were naturally rejected. BMW is indeed as famous as Audi, but the X1 has too little rear space, and can only buy sDrive 18i according to its own budget. The power of the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine cannot meet his requirements, and the price of the 3 Series Li is too high. The budget was exceeded, so the final goal was set on the Audi A4L.

The main reason for choosing A4L is the price. At that time, A4L was discounted by more than 30,000 yuan, plus various subsidies such as replacement, totaling more than 40,000 yuan. In addition, in the A4L car series, you can buy 2.0T models, and the power can reach Mr. Li. Therefore, it was finally decided to shoot Audi A4L. As for the configuration, he was not very satisfied with the automatic comfort model at first, but when he came to the 4S shop to see the car, the salesperson said that his shop had an optional rear exhaust vent, electric folding rearview mirror and dual temperature zone automatic air conditioning Among the three optional configurations, two of the three options are the most desired by Mr. Li, so the decision is it.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Li likes the front of the A4L, especially the lights. Audi really deserves the title of “Light Factory”, and it seems that it has attracted many people with its unique lighting style. Regarding the shape of the rim, Mr. Li thinks it is relatively ordinary, and there is not much requirement on the size. However, we both agree that if it is one size larger, it will definitely look better.

Mr. Li does not have a strong feeling about the design of the interior, but he feels that it meets the price level, and he agrees with the materials. However, after using it for a short time, I found abnormal noises in front of the instrument panel, especially when passing through bumpy roads. Later, I went to the 4S shop and failed to solve it completely. Later, I added a layer of gasket by myself and the problem was solved. Have to admire it, the master is among the people.

The space performance of the left and right positions in the back row is no problem, but the middle of the floor is raised too high. The original decision to choose the installation was absolutely correct. Mr. Li also mentioned that the rear outlet of the 300,000-class medium-sized car still needs to be installed as an option, which is not consistent with such a high cost. On the 2015 2.0T model, the rear exhaust vent has become a standard feature. It seems that the manufacturer has also accepted the consumer's suggestion.

Many lights in Mr. Li’s A4L car are not equipped, such as the door opening prompt and the ground light at the bottom of the door, and they all have reserved ports. These details are equipped on high-end models. Mr. Li said that even if the first two are not available, there is no light in the glove box, which is a bit unacceptable.

Mr. Li is very satisfied with the space performance of the trunk, saying that this space can fully meet his needs, but the storage space in the car is a bit inadequate. In fact, the main problem is that the mobile phone is not placed in a suitable place. Mr. Li's mobile phone has a relatively large screen size. There is no place in the middle of the front row. Most of the time, it can only be placed in the door storage compartment, but it is not easy to use. inconvenient.

A4L's multimedia system has an SD card slot and AUX interface, but no USB interface. For the needs of current users, this performance is not even the mainstream. Mr. Li said that when he was picking up the car, the Yizhuang Baideli 4S shop forced him to install a 6CD head. This configuration was really not helpful for daily use. The price at that time was 2,000 yuan, because the discount rate was relatively large, and There is no need to wait for the configuration of this model to meet my needs, so I agreed to install it. Later I learned from other car owners that all A4Ls sold through this store were forced to install 6CD. For this behavior Sometimes consumers are really helpless.

The 2.0T engine was also one of the reasons for choosing it at the time. After all, this kind of power performance was already relatively good within the scope of my budget. The performance in terms of fuel consumption is within his acceptable range. When it comes to burning engine oil, Mr. Li said that his car does consume a certain amount of fuel in this respect, but it will not indicate that the engine oil is too low during the next maintenance. My own use has no effect. What I care more about is maintenance. The cost of a single maintenance is around 1,000 yuan. During the second maintenance, the 4S shop replaced the air filter element. The cost rose to nearly 1,700 yuan. This cost is really too expensive. Mr. Li said that at that time, the 4S store for buying a car gave some vouchers, but it was only restricted to the store where the car was picked up. The 4S store close to his home could not be used, so the later cost was a lot more expensive.

● How many points do you rate your car?

Mr. Li: What about scoring? 75 points! This part of the deduction is mainly due to the maintenance costs in the later period. Another small part is that the various lights are not available and the storage compartments are not enough. In fact, in addition to these details and later use, I am quite satisfied with the car itself. From driving, power to riding, it has met my expectations, and the discount is very large. A4L is still a very cost-effective model.

● The second car owner

The car driven by Mr. Sha is a 2015 A4L 45 TFSI quattro with a sporty personality. His purchase time was two months later than Mr. Li. When Mr. Li saw this car, he mentioned that he wanted to buy this configuration when he bought the car, but it was just on the market, so there was no discount, and the price was beyond his ability. Mr. Sha said that he was in the same situation as Mr. Li when he was buying a car. The reason why he finally chose a sporty personality was that there was a group buying event at that time, so he came out of a portable car.

Mr. Sha drove the Changhe Suzuki Big Dipper before. The car had been used for 11 years. Due to the growth of the car's age, the condition of the car was no longer good, so he decided to change the car. Because the Big Dipper was almost unable to move forward when facing the ramp of the upper bridge during a trip in an icy and snowy weather, Mr. Li decided to add the four-wheel drive requirement when changing cars in the future. This A4L 45 TFSI quattro is one of the few four-wheel-drive models in the same price range. Coupled with the attractiveness of the brand, Mr. Sha finally chose it.

Mr. Sha said that he likes the design of the exterior very much, but the interior does not have the same feeling as the exterior. The interior design feels a bit far from the current era. The only thing I like is that the center control panel is slightly inclined to the driver. The shape, the various function keys on the center control panel can be used more smoothly. Mr. Sha has made some minor upgrades to the interior, replacing the steering wheel with paddles and flat bottom and the S3 shift lever. For these aspects, Mr. Sha mentioned that although my car is not equipped with a high configuration, it can be used later. There is a lot of room for upgrade, which I like very much.

For the storage space, Mr. Sha is not very high. Fortunately, his mobile phone is not as big as Mr. Li, so it can be placed in the position of the central control display. In order to facilitate the daily placement of some small objects, Mr. Sha will hollow out Storage boxes are added to the door handles of the car, like some cigarette-sized items, which can basically be put here, which can also be regarded as improving the storage capacity of some vehicles.

Mr. Sha was very satisfied with the conventional space and power performance, especially the engine. The reason why he chose the 2015 model was because of this third-generation EA888 engine. Technically, this engine uses a dual-injection system. The power output is stronger, and the phenomenon of burning engine oil is also lower than before.

The maximum power of this engine has reached 224 horsepower, which is more than 40 horsepower higher than the low-power version. Mr. Sha lives in Tongzhou and works near the Bird’s Nest. The daily driving conditions can be imagined, and the final comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. It is around 9L, which makes him very satisfied. He also mentioned that the fuel consumption of Mr. Li's low-power version of the engine is about the same as mine, but my power performance is better, so it seems that this engine is quite cost-effective. Indeed, judging from the tests we have done before, engines with different power adjustments do not necessarily have low fuel consumption equal to low power (comparative test of high and low power engines).

● How many points do you rate your car?

Mr. Sha: 85 points! My dissatisfaction with this model is almost the same as that of Mr. Li. It also focuses on the maintenance and storage compartments in the later stage. The reason why the score is higher than him is because of the power performance of this third-generation EA888 high-power version of the engine. Very satisfied, coupled with the four-wheel drive system that can make the vehicle perform more stable on wet and slippery roads, there are really few cars that can meet my requirements at the same price. If I choose it again, I will choose A4L.

● The third car owner

Among the many A4L owners, there are many women, which also shows that this model has a wide range of adaptability. Miss Leng is an Audi A4L owner. Miss Leng bought this 35 TFSI automatic technology model in May 2013, and has driven more than 26,000 kilometers so far. As for the design of A4L, Miss Leng said that she likes it very much. In addition to the shape, the volcano red launched in 2013 is also a fancy Its reason

When I was choosing a car, I also saw the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The main reason was that I didn't have my favorite color, so I finally gave up. In other words, the attention points of male consumers when watching cars and female consumers are really different. If this is a male consumer, I believe that most of them will give priority to choosing the power and configuration they like. As for the color, there will be a few alternatives. , Female consumers are completely different in this respect.

Ms. Leng likes the shape of the A4L car lights, including the effect after the daytime running lights are lit. However, it is a coincidence that her A4L has had a car light failure, but fortunately, it is within the warranty period. Otherwise, it would be expensive. Miss Leng said that there was a situation just ahead and wanted to use the high beam to be a reminder, but there was no light on one side in an instant, which made people feel a little embarrassed.

In terms of interior decoration, Miss Leng’s favorite is the A4L steering wheel. Regardless of the style or feel, it is relatively good in the same level. As for the shape of the center console, it feels more general. She also mentioned that the steering wheel of the A4L is very light, and it will not be very tiring to drive in the city, and girls do not have to worry at all.

Ms. Leng expressed satisfaction with the experience of using the Audi MMI multimedia system, and also mentioned that it is simpler and easier to use than the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class in the same level. The shortcomings also appear in the absence of a USB interface. Faced with today's mobile phones that are charged once a day or even twice a day, the absence of a USB interface in the car is really inconvenient and the user experience is not good.

Miss Leng likes the profile shape of the A4L very much. She doesn't think it looks like a BMW. It looks very long. As for the space, Miss Leng's evaluation is that she can fully meet her needs, and they are very satisfied with the feelings of the back row when they go out with their parents.

Regarding the storage compartment, Ms. Leng’s opinion is completely different from the previous two gentlemen. She only mentioned one point, that is, there is no shoe box. Girls’ cars must have flat shoes. Without a shoe box, their shoes can only be placed on the soles of the co-pilot. It’s very unsightly. It would be much better if there was a shoe box here.

Miss Leng said that the A4L’s trunk is large enough to go shopping with two or three friends, and the space here is not a problem at all. The details of the trunk are not good enough. The plastic cover of the trunk connecting rod is relatively loose and often falls off. Although it does not affect the use, it feels that this price car should not have such problems. These minor problems are also It's not worth going to a 4S shop, let's solve it together while waiting for maintenance.

Ms. Leng's car environment is mostly in the city and she rarely runs high speeds. According to the meter, the comprehensive fuel consumption of her own A4L is about 10L/100 kilometers. For getting in the car, she turns on the air conditioner and walks in the city every day. In terms of the use of the car, Miss Leng is quite satisfied with this result, which basically meets the expectations before buying the car.

Regarding maintenance, Miss Leng said that because she gave a lot of vouchers when she bought the car, and every maintenance 4S shop will also give it away, so her cost on maintenance is not so high, and has been maintained three times, except for the first time. In addition, the average cost of the other two was five to six hundred yuan.

● How many points do you rate your car?

Miss Leng: 80 points, the appearance is beautiful enough, the color is also very satisfactory, but the shape of the interior is a bit old-fashioned, and a shoe box would be even better. No USB port is also a penalty. I am still very satisfied with the performance of A4L in all aspects, but some details are not well done. Regarding the burning of engine oil mentioned by the previous two gentlemen, I have never appeared.

● Summary:

The three car owners actually recognized the A4L's performance in all aspects. It can be said that the overall strength of this car is good, but because it has been on the market for many years, the interior styling has also shown some old-fashioned feelings and more problems. It is still focused on humanized design, such as storage compartments, USB ports, etc. These problems have also changed in the new generation of Audi A4L, so I believe that more people still hope that it will evolve as soon as possible. As for the oil burning mentioned by many people, it also appeared in these three car owners, but they were all within the normal consumption range and did not affect the use. In general, the Audi A4L is still worth recommending. If you mind some details of the design, then Wait for the new generation of models!