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[YesAuto New Energy] On May 8th, Ideal ONE had a fire in the front cabin on the streets of Changsha, Hunan. Today, the car owner released the progress of the incident on Ideal ONE's official app, indicating that experts from professional fire protection organizations have analyzed the vehicle and made fire judgment The cause of the fire was not the problem of the range extender and the oil circuit, nor the problem of the battery and the motor. At the same time, he expressed his approval of the ideal car's follow-up handling attitude and waited for further professional investigation conclusions.

The following is the latest response from the owners of the ideal ONE fire incident:

Hello everyone, I am the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident on May 8. My name is Zhou Yi and I am from Changsha, Hunan.

I have been busy dealing with vehicles these days. I have been busy at home and between the fire brigade, and I am not in the mood to deal with other things. Yesterday, there was finally a new development in the incident. Let me tell you today.

After the incident, the car owners and the friends around me kept asking me how the car was going. Many car friends who hadn't mentioned the car said that I dare not mention the car. In the past two days, experts from fire-related professional organizations have analyzed the vehicles. The fire department judged that the cause of the fire was not the problem of the range extender and the oil circuit, nor the battery and motor problems mentioned by everyone. Please rest assured that the specific reasons are still there. analysis. As a retired firefighter, I know that this kind of investigation will take a certain amount of time, so let's wait for the relevant professional organizations and ideals to release the final report.

It really makes me uncomfortable to encounter this when I just bought a car. After all, it is not easy to choose a car that I like. Buying the ideal ONE is also a decision made by my family and I. Judging from the handling of this matter, I still recognize the ideal response speed and handling attitude. After the accident, the local salesman and maintenance master Xiaoyuan rushed to the scene to help me deal with the accident. What I didn't expect was that Mr. Yang, who is in charge of after-sales service of Ideal Auto, and Mr. Liu, an engineer, flew to Changsha in the afternoon to deal with and solve problems together, which made me very practical.

This matter has been resolved very well, thank you for your concern.

Review of the fire incident of Ideal ONE

On May 8, Weibo revealed that Ideal ONE had caught fire on the street. According to the live video, it can be seen that the front engine room of the vehicle was seriously damaged. The ideal car official also declared on Weibo for the first time that there was no problem with the battery system, and said that the vehicle has been moved to a safe area for testing, and follow-up investigation results will be released in time.

According to previous reports, according to the recent official data released by Ideal Motors, a total of 6,500 new cars have been delivered since Ideal ONE started delivery in December 2019. Among them, as of April 29, more than 2,600 new cars have been delivered in April, an increase of nearly 80% from the 1,447 delivered in March this year.