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[YesAuto Design Decoding] PREFACE is the first sedan under the first mid-level car architecture CMA jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. The purpose of this trip to Ningbo is to get a glimpse of the Geely Modeling Center PREFACE real car, and the exterior of Geely Auto Design director Pan Tianwei chatted and looked at the new car in his eyes. The meaning of PREFACE car name means “preface, prologue”, and PREFACE is also the prologue of the “technological auspicious 4.0 era”. Pan always calls PREFACE a “disruptor”. What is it that is subverting? Follow our perspective to find out the center of the styling.

This article will talk about:

△ How similar is PREFACE and Volvo in appearance?

△ The Chinese name of PREFACE will be announced at the end of October this year, and will continue to be named with the character “瑞”;

△ Car-grade fragrance and BOSE audio are added to the configuration list.

This season, Ningbo has been rainy and rainy. Walking into the design center, the sky-green glaze PREFACE stands on the booth. 95% of the new cars restore the concept car elements that were unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. “Blue as the sky and bright as glaze” PREFACE not only draws inspiration from traditional Chinese culture, but also takes inspiration from nature, architecture, time and space. Mr. Pan said that in fact, the most natural Chinese element is the heart of a Chinese designer. In fact, there is no need to deliberately create Chinese elements. You only need to express your “Chinese heart” in your bones. I see more of the “magic” of foreign designers from other brands. “Hua” Chinese elements, on PRRFACE, we saw more natural Chinese elements.

Geely currently has four basic module architectures (SPA, BMA, CMA, PMA). Among them, CMA is the first mid-level car architecture jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, and PREFACE is the first sedan under the CMA architecture, which naturally has high expectations from the brand. . In fact, in our opinion, the visual perception of PREFACE and Volvo models is quite similar. At the same time, thanks to the “gene” and “width” of the CMA architecture, PREFACE's body size of 4785mm*1869mm*1469mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm have exceeded the size of a compact car. In the view of Geely, which is leading the “brand upward”, PREFACE will fight against German and Japanese brand models. Perhaps this is the meaning of subversion in the mouth of Mr. Pan.

The lamp design of Geely PREFACE independent lamp head is also the first time to appear on Geely models, with three-stage progressive daytime running lights (here daytime running lights also have the function of turn signals), making the expression of the new car look sharper and more energetic. In addition, this design is definitely more recognizable at night than the headlights of current models. At the same time, the design of the outer shield grille and the inner vertical trim will continue to appear in subsequent designs as one of the family elements of Geely models.

The azure-glazed body makes the new car look younger and fresher, and it is also easy to remind people of new energy. However, we still don't know whether Geely PREFACE will be equipped with hybrid models in the future. What is certain is that the Chinese name of PREFACE will be announced at the end of October this year. The name is composed of two Chinese characters, or it will continue to be named after “瑞”.

Pull the door, the interior of the new car can clearly feel that PREFACE's design is subtracted from Geely's previous models, and the overall interior style is more refreshing and concise. In fact, we can notice that many new energy vehicles on the market adopt a minimalist design style. Consumers' aesthetics are guided by this type of design. “Simple interior style” has also become a trend nowadays.

Full text summary:
“The past is a prologue”, this is a line from Shakespeare's play “The Tempest”. Everything in the past is just an introduction to the opening, all for the purpose of creating a more exciting future. Just as PREFACE means to Geely, the younger appearance, concise interior, new design language and novel and bold color matching and fragrance system in details can see the essence of Geely PREFACE in product strength and design power. Promote. As the first sedan under the CMA structure, can PREFACE help Geely produce more hard-powered products? This depends on the “text” after the “prologue”.