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[YesAuto Model PK] SUV has always maintained a high degree of popularity in China, and consumers now have more and more demands when choosing SUVs. The large-scale appearance and strong power can no longer meet everyone's requirements. In addition to these most Basically, the requirements for functions have gradually increased. More conditions such as large space, abundant configuration, and the ability to take multiple passengers have allowed the domestic SUV market to develop multi-functional models. In the current market, Highlander and Feiyue have become the objects of pursuit.

Today we selected two models with the closest prices, and the difference between them is only 4,000 yuan. Since the Feiyue model in the picture is a 3.6L model, the description of the wheel and other details will be different from the photographed vehicle. In the comparison items of the article, as long as the configuration is involved, we will use the Feiyue 2.4L luxury navigation version. Compared.

● Appearance

Feiyue 2013 2.4L Luxury Navigation Edition

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Highlander 2012 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version

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Since its launch, Highlander has been favored by many consumers due to its spacious seating space, domineering appearance and high cost performance. Although Feiyue, which is competing with Highlander this time, is a brand new SUV brought by Fiat, domestic consumers are not unfamiliar with its prototype Dodge Coolway, because Feiyue has used Coolway's platform, technology and powertrain. .

In the design of the front of the car, Highlander is more fashionable, and Feiyue uses a lot of straight lines, which makes it feel more mature and tough. Highlander uses more silver decorations on the front face, chrome trim strips are used under the front enclosure, and Feiyue uses silver guards as decorations. Feiyue's performance is more similar in terms of details. An SUV.

In terms of body size, Feiyue is more slender than Highlander, and Highlander's body is much wider than Feiyue, coupled with the tall front, the Highlander is visually more burly than Feiyue , This is one of the reasons why many consumers like it.

Both cars are equipped with roof racks, and Feiyue also has a horizontal bar on the luggage rack, which is still rare in the same level of models, which provides better conditions for later equipped with abundant accessories. For example: roof trunks, bicycle brackets, etc., and Highlander wants to be equipped with these life-color and practical accessories, but also needs consumers to purchase the luggage rack horizontal rods.

The two cars are also equipped with 19-inch wheels. The styles of the wheels are based on a simple route. In terms of style, Feiyue uses a chrome-plated decorative cover, which is more personalized than the Highlander. In the width of the tire, the Highlander is slightly larger.

Highlander is worthy of being a model that has been sold in China for many years. It is still very familiar with consumer preferences. Appropriate chrome decoration also makes the rear of the car look more layered. In contrast, Fei Yue appears more simple. Feiyue’s rear taillights have LED width indicators and brake lights. The effect of lighting at night is also easier to identify. Highlander is slightly inferior in this regard. The use of ordinary halogen bulbs is not as effective as LEDs, and The lamp style also lacks some of its own uniqueness.

● Interior

The styles of the instrument panels of the two cars do not have too much personality. Whether it is facing the official market or the home market, they will not cause any controversy. Of course, this kind of modest style design can also be accepted by more people. In terms of materials, Highlander's performance is slightly inferior. The entire center console is made of hard materials. This is the usual level of most Japanese cars, but at the level of assembly technology, their performance is all It's not bad. Among the models of the same level, it can be regarded as the upper-middle level.

Feiyue’s steering wheel grip is better than that of the Highlander, the thickness is appropriate, the grip is very substantial, and the size is also moderate. The size of the Highlander's steering wheel feels a bit too large and thin, and it is not as good as Feiyue in terms of feeling.

The information of the meters is easy and clear to read, and it is a coincidence that they are all decorated with a black background with white characters and a red circle. Feiyue’s instrument panel is equipped with a multi-function display in the middle, which can display the comprehensive fuel consumption, cruising range, etc. , And Highlander’s trip computer display is placed above the center console.

● Skylight

Both Feiyue and Highlander are equipped with ordinary skylights, and the opening area is larger than Feiyue. For the current SUV market, it is no longer a rare configuration to be equipped with a panoramic sunroof. In this regard, their performance is also in the same range. If anyone can have a panoramic sunroof, the attractiveness to consumers will definitely increase. A lot.

● Ride space

In terms of riding space, although Feiyue's body length and wheelbase are longer than Highlander, it does not show up in the actual space experience, but the shorter wheelbase Highlander has the upper hand. In terms of head space, there is not much difference between the two cars, but the front head space of the Highlander is slightly smaller.

Both cars also have a third row of seats, and in terms of riding experience, the Highlander is still slightly better. When the Highlander rides a 180cm passenger in the third row, the second row can still provide a 180cm tall passenger with four-finger legroom, and the third-row passenger can also get three-finger legroom. When Feiyue sat down with two 180cm-height experiencers, there was basically no room for wealth. However, when the third-row passengers are in the Highlander, there is no headroom. In this regard, Feiyue's performance is slightly better.

I have experienced the feeling of entering and exiting from the third row when the second row of seats are moved forward to the front end. Because the seat cushion is also folded upward when the Feiyue seat is moved forward, so the opening distance It is larger than the Highlander, and Feiyue’s left and right seats have this function, while Highlander only has the right seat to move forward. Feiyue’s performance is slightly better in terms of getting on and off the car. Highlander.

Although Highlander is inferior to Feiyue in the range of movement of the second row of seats, it is completely ahead in terms of space changes. The middle part of its second row of seats can be removed separately and received in the center of the front row. In the dedicated space under the armrest box, the second row can be designed with two independent seats. In this case, passengers can enter the third row through the passage between the two seats in the second row.

Feiyue lost in space changes, but its child seat design is very popular. As I mentioned in the previous experience article, I really like its second-row cushion lifting device. The advantage is compared to the later purchase of child seats. It is much more convenient to look at. For the home design, I think Feiyue's performance should be more thoughtful and detailed.

● Storage space in the car

For family cars, storage space is one of the areas often used in daily use. Let's take a look at the storage space performance of Fei Yue and Highlander in the front and rear rows.

As for the front storage compartment, Feiyue does not have a storage compartment on the left side of the steering wheel. It does not have a particularly suitable location for small items such as parking cards and high-speed tickets, either in the cup pit or in front of the gear lever. Among the larger storage compartments, Highlander is more considerate in these details. Feiyue's glove box has a narrow opening, and it is not as good as the Highlander glove box when taking things. However, Feiyue's own advantages are also obvious. The glove box is large enough, and there is a compartment design. The underside of the passenger seat cushion is also used as a hidden storage compartment.

In the rear storage space, Feiyue is better. In addition to the door storage compartment and cup holder, Highlander can only hold a 4.7-inch mobile phone in the small lattice of the central armrest, while Feiyue is on the left and right floors. There are two storage compartments with very objective space below, and the overall performance is better than that of Highlander.

● Trunk

In terms of the size of the trunk, Highlander has a larger internal height than Feiyue in volume, but when it comes to the flexibility of the trunk space, Feiyue is even better. Feiyue's co-pilot seat is also completely folded forward, forming a plane with the trunk floor, and placing slender objects within 2800mm without pressure. The two cars can be said to be comparable in terms of storage space, Feiyue is slightly better in terms of quantity and flexibility, and Highlander performs better in terms of overall space. For our daily use, I personally feel that Feiyue's storage space performance is more attractive.

● Motivation

In terms of power output, the 2.7L engine with a slightly larger displacement has higher power parameters. This Highlander engine has a higher torque output of 32N·m than Feiyue. In terms of actual performance, I believe it will also Feels stronger than Feiyue. Both cars are equipped with 6-speed manual gearboxes, and the number of gears has reached the mainstream level of models of the same level.

The 2.4L and 2.7L Feiyue and Highlander are also the main models in their own car series. For daily use, the power performance of these two engines is not too big a problem. Up. Before, we have done interviews with the owners of the Highlander, and the owners of the 2.7L Highlander also said that the power performance of the engine is still quite satisfactory. If you want to know more about the experience of the Highlander, please refer to the article Finally, we will have related links.

As for Feiyue, its powertrain is exactly the same as that of the Dodge Kuwei 2.4L model, so we can learn from it in terms of performance. The 0-100km/h acceleration time of the Kuwei 2.4L model is 12.7 seconds (this test result is for reference only) ), the performance is quite satisfactory, and there is no need to worry too much about daily use. Of course, compared with the 0-100km/h acceleration of the Highlander 2.7L model in 10.7 seconds, it is still slightly inferior. The power performance of these two models should belong to the sufficient category. Compared with the larger displacement models in their own car series, their own economy is also better, and they are also in the future expenses such as vehicle and vessel usage tax. Also have more advantages.

However, in the vehicle and ship use tax standard, the displacement of 2.5L is a dividing line, and the vehicle and ship tax for vehicles with displacement of 2.0L-2.5L (including 2.5L) is only for vehicles with displacements between 2.5L-3.0L (including 3.0L). Half of the vehicle and vessel tax, so Feiyue’s annual expenditure on the vehicle and vessel tax is only one-half of Highlander’s.

● Configuration

Having seen the power, it is time to take a look at the two models with the closest prices and how they perform in terms of configuration.

“Central Multimedia System” “One-key Start”

Feiyue is more abundant in functional configuration. The multimedia system with navigation, Bluetooth phone and other functions, keyless entry and one-key start appear on its configuration sheet. For our daily use, these configurations provide more The ease of use.

“Knee airbag” “Co-pilot electric seat adjustment”

In terms of configuration, Highlander's performance is slightly inferior. However, the knee airbag equipped with Highlander has a higher performance in passive safety, and this configuration is also rare in the same level.

The manufacturer's guide price difference between the two cars is only 4000 yuan, but in terms of the richness of the configuration, the slightly lower price of the Philippines has the upper hand, and the comprehensive multimedia system and other configurations have brought us more daily use. It is more convenient, and Feiyue also provides a 9-inch display screen specially for the passengers in the back row, so that the time on the road will never be too boring when traveling with the family.

There is one more point in their configuration. Highlander's central control display is only available as an option, and its reversing image function is displayed on the small-size color LCD screen above the central console. Compared with Feiyue’s large-size display, there is still a big difference, and Highlander does not yet have a reversing radar, and it is still not detailed enough for consumers’ daily use. In contrast, Feiyue’s reversing image And the radar is much more convenient to use.

● Summary

Highlander is one of the outstanding models in the domestic SUV market of around 300,000 yuan. The arrival of Fiat Feiyue is obviously aimed at this segment of the market and wants to compete with Highlander. Through today's comparison, Feiyue’s performance in storage space flexibility and configuration still poses a certain threat to Highlander. Of course, Highlander has always performed well in the same-level market with its more spacious riding space. In addition, the brand influence established for a long time is the favorable condition for it to occupy the market.

Feiyue 2013 2.4L Luxury Navigation Edition

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Highlander 2012 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version

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Putting these two cars together today, I think their performance has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to distinguish between the obvious ones. For consumers, at around 300,000, they want to choose a 7-seater SUV. It should be a car with a high degree of attention. Feiyue’s rich configuration is undoubtedly its most attractive place, such as the rear display, the second-row seat cushion lifting device, and the hidden storage space at the front and rear. The advantages of Highlander are A spacious and comfortable ride. As for the choice, I think it depends on which aspects you care more about. If Fiat has as many 4S stores as Toyota in the future, there will definitely be more consumers considering Fiat as a multi-functional family car.