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[YesAuto Internet Travel] From the day when Tencent and Changan jointly established Beijing Wutong Autolink Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018, the Internet of Vehicles industry has known that there has been another “kuo young master” with an extraordinary background. More than two years have passed. The products of Wutong Autolink have been applied to Changan models, and they have indeed attracted a lot of attention, especially the Changan UNI-T, which has a high degree of intelligence and achieved excellent results in our smart autolink test The results.

In the future, how will Wutong Motors Lenovo seek greater development, and what major things will be done with the “family property”, Wutong Motors will have a chat with us.

What is OpenOS?

TINNOVE OpenOS is a set of operating system, or “technical base”, you can understand it as Windows or Android (itself is also based on the Android open platform), car entertainment functions and services should be based on this “technical base” To achieve .

The background of Tencent Group and the size of hundreds of thousands of cars (about 80% of Changan brand) equipped with Wutong Auto Union on the road also make Wutong Auto Union even if it builds its own operating system, it has the confidence to provide Tencent service providers and other first-line content. Service providers are motivated to adapt.

In addition, OpenOS itself will be open source and open. Wutong Auto Union hopes that it can help B-end customers (car companies) to build their own car entertainment system flexibly and quickly. It can be said that OpenOS and the previous Zebra (Alibaba) ) Like AliOS, its birth is also the result of a combination of internal and external factors.

Why don't you rush early?

First of all, you can’t eat hot tofu if you are impatient. The success and failure experience of the predecessors can be used for reference. This is not shameful. It is shameful to make the product bad.

To give an example of a usage scenario, we drive to a place for a self-driving tour. After entering the “travel mode”, landmarks related to the journey will be displayed on the navigation map, and the random music service will recommend brisk and rhythmic travel music for you When we arrived in Xi'an, we put “Xi'an people drop the train under the city walls of Xi'an people” and when we arrived in Dali, we put “Maybe love is waiting at Erhai Lake”.

Back to our city, we can buy a ticket for a popular movie, get on the bus one hour in advance and get ready for departure. The navigation has set the cinema as a destination alternative. After watching the movie and going home, the system will play the movie for you. Original soundtrack.

These “future” scenarios are what we call- service dismantling and reorganization , which is also the service sinking mentioned by Wutong Automobile Federation. You don’t need to know which application is working behind it, you just need to know that they are being used. Integration, the purpose is to serve you, hoping to make your life and journey easier and more convenient.

Concluding remarks

OpenOS will be the basis of the TINNOVE 3.0 integrated solution. In the PPT of the communication meeting, we actually did not see too many new concepts and technologies. In fact, the Internet of Vehicles, especially the Internet of Entertainment Vehicles, is not a technology-driven industry. , The final result and experience often depends on the product manager’s understanding of people. The last sentence is not aimed at Wutong Auto Union. I hope that all car companies and car networking companies will not forget to put the real needs of consumers in an important position while achieving their own goals. (Picture/Text, Zheng Xu, Auto House)