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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] September and October are usually the peak season for car sales. Everyone is accustomed to jokingly calling these two months as “Golden Nine Silver Ten”. At this stage, all manufacturers are ready to fight tough battles. The sales season makes a lot of money, so the competition between brands and brands, stores and stores has basically entered a chalky era. Various discount promotions are more common. This article recommends 7 models at the beginning of “Golden Nine Silver Ten”. Models that have started to move in terms of price, I hope they can be helpful to car purchase.

The exquisite choice among small cars Skoda Jingrui Manufacturer's guide price: 7.89-11.79 million Preferential margin: 11-1.5 million

Young people’s pursuit of individuality is understandable, but the prices of many individual cars are not acceptable to everyone. Even the discounted prices still make the vast majority of white-collar workers only look at it from a distance; Skoda Jingrui also has some personality. It looks like a retro taste of a European car. Recently, this boutique car has made concessions in terms of price, ranging from 11,000 to 17,000 yuan, which is equivalent to a discount of about 8.3%, and can enjoy purchase tax concessions.

Due to the close relationship between Skoda and Volkswagen, many models are the same as Volkswagen's models, Jingrui is no exception. Both 1.4L and 1.6L displacements are equipped with engines codenamed EA111, which are dual overhead camshafts and use Timing chain transmission, the maintenance cost of the timing system in the later period will be reduced relative to the belt; although the shift lever lacks novelty, the tightly structured 6-speed automatic manual gearbox can provide good ride comfort and fuel economy. It is more outstanding in small cars.

The color must be a reflection of youthful personality. Jingrui provides a wealth of body colors to choose from. The bright and flamboyant colors are the best way to highlight fashion; in addition, Jingrui can also choose the two-color body with the original factory, and the white roof with the color body. It will win a lot of attention on the road, but of course it has to be paid separately, and the price is around 2,000 yuan.

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MINI Cooper S, the personal choice for small cars
Manufacturer's guide price: 365,000 Preferential margin: 44,900

MINI is very lethal to many young people who pursue fashion and individuality. The retro style incorporates a lot of modern fashion sense. Of course, the price is also very lethal; our editors recently learned in the market that the small steel gun The first-class player Cooper S has a lot of price loosening. Taking Beijing as an example, a store has given a discount of 44,900. Although the discounted price is still not common, it is enough for prospective car owners who are ready to make a move. We have strengthened our confidence.

The 1.6T dual-scroll direct-injection supercharged engine hidden under the retro fashion appearance is naturally the core of the Cooper S. Only the vent on the engine compartment cover can reveal its capabilities. The maximum power is 128kW (175Ps)/5500rpm, and the maximum torque is 240N. ·M/1600-5000rpm, the torque output platform is very wide. In addition, the so-called super-propulsion mode should not be unfamiliar to everyone. It is the same as the well-known Yinglang 1.6T model. When the accelerator is fully stepped on, the engine will “overclock” and output extra With 20N·m torque, driving passion can be stimulated. The concept of a big horse-drawn car should be understood.

The nature of MINI sports is not only reflected in the shape and power, the rear multi-link suspension has a short stroke, and the tuning is also biased towards a tough sports style. The price comparison pays attention to the handling; the four large 205/45 R17 tires provide excellent grip when winding the pile. The ground force, the suspension compression range is short, and the rebound is fast, and the roll degree is controlled within a reasonable and beautiful range.

Everything pursues personalized design ideas that have been implemented throughout the entire MINI car series. The retro instrument panel in the middle is very eye-catching. It seems to show the speed to everyone in the car. The exquisite and compact steering wheel has shift paddles and central control. The sports car-like buttons on the stage together pull the sporty feeling in the car to the crest; the key of personality is also very flattering.

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An affordable choice among compact cars. Dongfeng Nissan Tiida Manufacturer's Guide Price: 10.68-14.98 million Preferential margin: 12-1.6 million

Tiida’s sales situation has been relatively hot, relying on its advantages in internal space and fuel economy. There has also been a “honorable history” of short-term queuing to pick up a car. Consumers generally have a psychological budget first when buying a car, so the price of the car is This is particularly important, and it is also the key to the implementation of tactics. The price range of 100,000 to 150,000 is the average level of most household car users. The recent discounts ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 have further improved Tiida’s price/performance ratio. If you think 10,000 Too many discounts don’t sound like a surprise, so to put it another way, the discount is equivalent to a discount of 8.2%, and there are also purchase tax discounts, and some stores also have decorations and gas cards.

Tiida should have applied the keyless start technology earlier in the joint venture compact cars. All automatic models except for the entry-level fashion models are keyless start. The starting price of the models with this function is 126,800, which is an average discounted price. Take 13500 yuan as an example, the discounted price is about 113,000 yuan. The practicality of keyless startup is relatively high.

If as a pure transportation, low-end models are enough, if the funds in hand permit, you can consider mid-to-high-end models. One-button sunroof and automatic air-conditioning are equipped in this level of car, and the actual area of sunroof opening is 0.1 About square meters; due to the earlier Tiida model, the later minor facelift did not change the configuration, so there is no multi-function steering wheel in the whole series, and it seems that it is a bit insignificant now.

The internal space is a major advantage of Tiida. The rear seats can be adjusted back and forth, and the backrest angle can also be adjusted according to the individual needs of passengers. Therefore, it is relatively easy for passengers to find a comfortable posture. The comfortable and relaxing environment is Every family car consumer is more valued.

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The comfortable choice among medium-sized cars. Nissan Teana manufacturer's guide price: 190,800,000 to 365,800 Preferential rate: 20,000 to 36,000

If you buy a mid-level car, which style would you prefer, is it business, sports or comfortable home use? If you choose to be comfortable, then I recommend Nissan Teana to you. Through the hit TV series “Mobile” in the previous paragraph, friends around you just saw Teana. Recently, Teana has taken action on the price. Most of the discounts for the whole series are 2- Between 36,000.

The comfort of the Tianlai seats is well-known. The 2775mm wheelbase makes it easy for the rear passengers to get ample space. The seat leather is soft and the passengers can ride in a relatively free and comfortable posture in the rear. The headrest of the Supreme model is wide and visible. Passengers can enjoy great relaxation in their necks, and the longer cushions support the legs well.

High-end models have a panoramic sunroof. The front half of the sunroof is opened and the sunroof slides backwards, which shows a better grade without affecting the daylighting ability of the rear sunroof; the transparency brought by the panoramic sunroof makes the atmosphere in the car very good for all passengers Both can enjoy the sun, and they can look up at the sky together.

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A comfortable choice for medium and large vehicles FAW Toyota Crown manufacturer's guide price: 32.68-899.5 million
Preferential rate: 28,000-40,000

When it comes to business models, who do you think of first? Is it Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series? In fact, the Crown is also fully up to the standard. The Crown on sale has been updated to the 13th generation. Compared with the A6L, the Crown lacks some executive-level officialdom, but the driving and riding comfort are the slightest. Not inferior to the German competitors, but brand awareness is indeed a problem. In order to open up the market, the crown has moved on the price. Based on the preferential situation of the three first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the preferential rate ranges from 28 to 40,000 yuan. The preferential models are mainly concentrated on the two main displacements of 2.5L and 3.0L.

Considering whether a commercial vehicle is competent, the comfort of the rear seat is an important measure. The Crown has seat heating except for all entry-level models. The front seats of the high-end VIP models also have a ventilation function, and the seat leather is soft. The padding is moderately soft and hard, while providing a comfortable body feel and supporting. The rear space does not need to be considered too much. Even an editor with a height of 190cm will not feel depressed when sitting in the back. Passengers in the “VIP seat” enjoy the adjustment of the passenger seat The right of the chair, the ability to expand the leg space is higher.

The discounted models are equipped with 2.5L and 3.0L V6 engines. The vibration of the engine itself is relatively small. In addition to the good shock absorption effect of the hydraulic engine support frame, the noise and mechanical vibration in the car are very small. The 6-speed automatic manual transmission is replaced. The gears are relatively smooth and the downshifts are decisive, but it is fair to say that the structure is not as tight as the 7-speed gearbox of the A6L; however, the overall comfort of driving is good. The suspension filters the road information very strongly, and the people in the car don’t feel too much rigidity. The bumps are very appropriate to the pursuit of a comfortable brand. If both commercial and domestic use, Crown is actually worth considering.

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The entry choice for luxury business 2010 BMW 5 Series Manufacturer's guide price: 412,600, 688,600, discount rate: 6,56 to 7,3,600

BMW has been working hard on prices since the beginning of this year, and the discount rate is very surprising. 325i discounts 70,000 and 120i discounts 50,000. At this time, BMW Brilliance launched the 2011 new BMW 5 series (click to view the new 5 series test drive) Article) At this time, the old models began to clear the inventory. Of course, the clearing method was the most direct and effective way of price concessions. Among them, the 520Li luxury model has the most inventory, so the discount rate is also the most extensive. It is reported that some dealers will get the last batch of inventory at the end of this month, and consumers who are willing to buy cars need to hurry up and book.

We have had an in-depth experience with the BMW 525Li. The editor with a height of 185cm is completely enough to sit in the back row. The head space is relatively abundant with 4 fingers. The leg space is close to 3 punches. It is naturally not a problem to raise the legs. The cushion length is very large. Even the thighs of tall passengers can be well supported, and long-distance rides will not cause too much fatigue. Since the body length and wheelbase of the 5 Series are all the same, the space display can be used as a reference. The new 5 Series has a slightly longer body length than the old model, while the wheelbase remains the same.

The heart of BMW with black nostrils is an inline 4-cylinder 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 115kW (156Ps)/6400rpm and a maximum torque of 200N·m/4250rpm. The driving experience with the 6-speed automated manual gearbox is relatively gentle. , And there is no feeling of irritability, buying 520Li may be more concerned about face.

The entry-level model of the 5 Series 520Li is more practical. For audio and video entertainment, the 520Li uses a single-disc CD. Does it feel uncomfortable? However, the retention of the iDrive system is a compensation; the rear drive has always been BMW's tradition, but due to the drive shaft Because of the existence of the rear seat, the ride comfort of the middle passengers is greatly reduced; the 520Li luxury type is xenon headlights, and the low-profile leading type is ordinary halogen headlights.

To learn all about the BMW 5 Series, please enter the BMW 5 Series channel

The people-friendly choice among SUVs. Kia Sports manufacturer's guide price: 159,800 to 238,800. Preferential margin: 15 to 22,000.

The previous introductions are all cars. In fact, the SUV market has also begun to take action. Because the Lions race has also launched its own new modified cars (click to view the 2011 Lions race real shot articles), and the new Lions race seen in the auto show may also be introduced. (Click to view the overseas price of the new Lions race) The same method as the BMW 5 series, with a preferential method for clearance; the price of the Korean car itself is not high, and the configuration is relatively rich. The 4WD version can be purchased after about 160,000.

An urbanized SUV off-road is just its sideline. Like many urban SUVs, the Lion Race uses a central multi-part clutch as a differential device. There are no locking mechanisms or electronic auxiliary brakes on the front and rear wheels. Therefore, real off-road requirements are indeed Lion running is difficult.

Since off-road is not a strong point, we have nothing to insist on. After all, the original intention of design is not to explore the road, so we focus on space. Most of the front row of the car is no problem, and the middle seat of the rear row is the real test. Because SUV models inevitably have to take 5 people. There is plenty of space in the back row of the Lions Race. The editor with a height of 185cm will not be depressed when sitting in the middle. The central floor is flat and there are no protrusions. The width of the interior of the car is relatively large. Lion running is still very suitable for urban households.

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to sum up:

This article introduces 7 recent models with relatively large discounts. They are not bad compared to some models with increased prices. The reason for the price reduction is not the problem of the model itself. Some are because the models are older, and some are eager to clear inventory. In short Regardless of the reason, there is nothing wrong with the fact that discounts can bring greater benefits to consumers. Paying more attention to market conditions and choosing models that suit you is the best. There is no need to blindly seek new ideas. (Zhang Ke, Home of Wenzhou)