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[YesAuto News] At the 2006 Beijing International Auto Show, Subaru Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. released its world's first all-wheel drive luxury SUV, the Tribeca Tribeca, to Chinese users. The price is between RMB 550,000 and RMB 600,000 .

The Subaru Tribeca Tribeca is a new generation of multifunctional models developed on the basis of SUVs. It is based on Subaru’s core technology, Symmetrical AWD and horizontally opposed engine (Subaru Boxer). , Combining the powerful functionality and passability of the SUV with the comfort of the car, the agile and free handling performance and the multi-functional business performance of the MPV, it becomes a unique all-wheel drive luxury SUV model.

The stylish, avant-garde, sensual, and dynamic exterior design shows the unique and unique temperament of the Subaru Tribeca. The exquisite production process further interprets its high-end texture and the surging passion contained within.

Tribeca Tribeca is equipped with a horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine, which provides a revolutionary sense of balance and surging and smooth acceleration performance. In addition, Subaru's unique left-right symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive and suspension system ensure high-quality and precise handling. .

As the first 5+2-seater car launched by Subaru in the world, Tribeca's freely adjustable three-row seven-seat design makes its spacious interior space more powerful and functional. At the same time, it also provides 5-seat (no third-row seats) models to meet different needs of customers.