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[YesAuto Model PK] Great Wall and Brilliance China, as two independent brands in the auto industry, have performed very well in recent years. At the Beijing Auto Show that opened recently, both brands brought many new products of their own. Today, when SUVs are popular, Great Wall’s Haval H6 and Brilliance China V5 should be more eye-catching. The two cars have similar pricing and are both urban Type SUV, today we will bring a comparison between the two.

Although the positioning of the city SUV is also emphasized, the difference in body size is not small. The size of the Haval H6 is obviously larger than that of the Chinese V5. The overall feeling H6 has not got rid of the traditional hardcore SUV style of the Great Wall, while the urban positioning of the China V5 is more pure.

Looking at the details, although the two cars have taken a refined route, the styles are still completely different. From the design of the front face, the H6 is strong and tough, and the generous bumper is sufficiently domineering. Although the overall feeling is indeed a lot more delicate than the old Haval, it still reveals hardcore and wildness. The design of the Zhonghua V5 is more refined and restrained, and with the more popular LED driving lights in recent years, it feels more luxurious.

Both cars are equipped with 17-inch wheels, even the styles are similar, but the tire size of the Zhonghua V5 uses tires labeled 225/55 R17, which is more suitable for cities than H6 225/65 R17. Controlled driving in the middle.

In terms of power, the Zhonghua V5 is equipped with a 1.6L engine. Compared with the 1.5T power of the H6 model, there should be no advantage even if you don’t look at the data. However, for the positioning of city cars, the V5 has enough power and maintenance The cost is also relatively low.

After reading the comparison of appearance, let us make a detailed comparison of the interior parts of these two models, mainly from the perspective of practicality and material workmanship. These two models can already represent the relatively high manufacturing technology of China's domestic independent brands. Let's take a look at what kind of sparks can be created between them.

From the point of view of design and material selection of instrument panel, Brilliance V5 does have obvious advantages. In terms of workmanship, it beats Haval H6. It is completely close to the level of joint venture brands. Only due to cost considerations, the number of plastic parts is still Too many, but the overall workmanship is already very good.

The level of workmanship of Haval H6 has actually made a big leap. Compared with the previous products of Great Wall, the upgrade of H6 is actually very obvious, but there are still a series of problems in the partial handling. This is compared with For Brilliance V5, if you look at the domestic independent brand market, the workmanship of Great Wall and Brilliance is already superior.

Considering the two models from the practical side, it is found that the Haval H6 has obvious advantages in this regard. There are a lot of storage space and the space is relatively large, which is handy in the daily use process. Although Brilliance V5 has done very well, it still lost in front of Haval H6.

From the data point of view, the length difference between the two cars is 235mm, and the wheelbase difference is 50mm. Obviously, the performance of the H6 should be better in terms of space, and the actual performance is indeed the same. The head space is not much different. The 180cm-height experiencers sit in the front rows of the two cars, with a margin of 4 fingers to a punch on the head, and more than a punch on the head in the back row.

However, the gap in the leg space is now apparent. The experiencer sits in the back row of the Chinese V5, and the leg has only one punch left, but the H6's back row completely exceeds one punch. The important thing is that the backrest of the H6 can be adjusted in angle. When the backrest is placed as flat as possible, not only the comfort is greatly improved, but the head space is also increased to more than 2 punches.

This article summarizes:

Although the price of the 1.5T Haval H6 has not been announced, the price range of the model is similar to that of the Zhonghua V5. However, it is not difficult to see that although the prices are similar and all urban SUVs have been introduced to the market, the actual positioning is still different. Haval has inherited more hard-core and crude elements of the old models, which is suitable for the group of somewhat “wild” men to buy. However, the Chinese V5 is purely positioned for urban use. The design is delicate and exquisite, and the details are refined. It is a good choice for home people. Therefore, objectively speaking, the styles are very different, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Just analyze the public consumer psychology. If the price is similar, the larger Haval H6 may be more exciting. (Picture, text/Car home Li Yang Guo Xiao)