[YesAuto in-depth experience] Koreans’ inherent loyalty and patriotism make us admire. Some Korean dicks say that Confucius is a Korean, Xi Tzu is a Korean, Li Sizhen is a Korean, and finally said that Han Han is also a Korean. Those nonsense reasons let me I can't help but feel shocked, but there is indeed a luxury car in the high-end car market that is Korean. It is called Equus, and it is currently the car of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

After more than 40 years of development, Hyundai has become South Korea’s top enterprise, and it also occupies a large share in the international automobile market. However, most of its products are satisfying low-end or mid-end users, and 95% of luxury brands are mentioned. People don't seem to think of Hyundai. In our forum, Equus also has only two pages of posts. Compared with several major mainstream luxury models, Equus is extremely low-key, but it is actually a veritable rich and handsome.

High: high-end positioning

Hyundai confidently positions Equus in the ranks of high-end luxury cars, forming the most direct subjective opposition to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series. Both the exterior design and the internal functionality are Hyundai's flagships. In South Korea In addition to those few luxury brands, Equus should be a top class car.

Rich: expensive

The model we experienced is the 09 model 3.8 premium version, priced at 777,000. The price of high-end models has rushed to 1 million. From the price point of view, it is completely on the same level as the S-class, A8 and 7 series.

Shuai: From the perspective of the model itself, it has good functions and configurations.

I have enjoyed enough eyes in the past few days, because Equus is indeed quite at first glance. I have to say that it is very atmospheric. Slenderness is a necessary condition for every luxury car. The body length of 5160*1890*1495mm and those three The opponents are basically the same, there will be no obvious visual difference, but the 3045mm wheelbase has no advantage among the opponents, but when the wheelbase reaches more than 3 meters, the decimals behind are mostly just wins or losses in digital games.

I know why this car attracts so much attention. The dignified and steady appearance is one aspect. Several details of the front also play an important role. The large-area chrome-plated air intake grille is a customary method for manufacturers to highlight luxury. In addition, the logo erected on the front of the car is also an extremely important point. Many people think that this is a Rolls Royce. However, I noticed a detail. The front beacon cannot bend backwards or extend downwards, which is not conducive to pedestrian protection after a collision with a pedestrian.

The front camera is installed on the air intake grille without any disguise, and the real scene in front of the entire front of the car can be seen through the LCD screen in the car. This is still necessary for a large-size luxury car. The headlights are very similar to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in terms of shape and internal light group structure, and also use LED turn signals that penetrate the light body.

We think the waistline in the middle and rear of the side is very distinctive. The straight waistline is drawn upward from the back door, which is more lively than the side of the German luxury car. Equus uses quite high-profile 18-inch chrome-plated wheels, 245/50 R18 Hankook tires, tires emphasize comfort, Taobao price is around 1,300 yuan.

The rear of the car is also stable, and there are more embellishment elements. The full LED taillights, LED reversing lights, and double-sided diamond exhaust pipes fully reflect the meaning of the so-called flagship and have the luxurious feeling it deserves. In addition, the electric suction door is also a very common function of this class of cars.

The second row experience is highly functional

Giving a luxurious visual experience is a necessary element for a luxuriously positioned and expensive car, and interior comfort and functionality are extremely important to luxury car buyers, especially to satisfy the rear.

Like when I experienced the Lexus LS460 and A8L, I relentlessly seized the right rear door for the first time. This is the focus of the whole car. Like all luxury cars, the rear row has an absolute high priority, especially the right rear position. I believe it can be seen from the seat type that the right rear seat obviously focuses on comfort. The overall atmosphere layout of the car also clearly points to luxury, the roof is all wrapped in suede, and the grade is obviously improved.

The right rear seat has many comfort adjustments. The conventional front and rear, backrest and headrest adjustments can be achieved through buttons on the door panel. When the AUTO button is pressed to pull the door, the seat will retract to the back to facilitate getting off the car. The 4-seater Equus rear seat has an armrest box in the middle of the rear row that takes into account various functions. You can quickly fold the front passenger seat through the front control key, and the right rear seat can also be adjusted. Leg rests and sun blinds, etc., this is a comfortable configuration necessary for a luxury car.

However, for people over 175cm tall, the leg rest function does not play a big role. What's more, I am a big 190cm man, and the same level A8L is basically the same. The filling of the rear seats is not as full as that of Japanese cars. It is relatively thin. The filling of the armrest box also has room for improvement. The large headrest can also be adjusted manually inclination and wrapping in addition to the electric adjustment. It feels good. The space in the back row is enough, even a 190cm-high man like me can easily lift his legs.

Seat massage, refrigerator and LCD screen are essential for luxury cars. I found that there is only one rear LCD screen. Compared to the opponent’s dual LCD screens that can play different movies, Equus has no advantage. It can only take care of the opinions of one passenger in the back row, because there is only one set in the back row. Audio-visual system, so the HIFI Bluetooth headsets equipped with other models no longer exist. The rear storage space is relatively abundant, and passengers can store frequently used items in the car, such as perfumes, essential oils, and so on.

Equus does not adopt the design of panoramic sunroof or double sunroof. Compared with the luxury models of the same level, this point needs to be upgraded and optimized. In addition, the opening method of the central air outlet of the rear air conditioner and the adjustment of the cooling and heating air are a bit simple. This small button seems a bit abrupt on a luxury car, and it is more practical to integrate it in the rear central control area. One thing is worthy of recognition. In order to maintain the quietness of the car, Equus uses double side window glass, which has good sound insulation.

The front row experience is high in comfort, and the texture is not good

In the past few days, I have not only felt the back row, but also the front row feel at the right time. The control buttons of the front seats are installed on the door panels like a Mercedes-Benz. The length of the seat cushion can be adjusted for tall drivers. Very good leg support, the cushion length changes around 10cm, the effect is obvious.

The steering wheel with electric adjustment and heating feels delicate, and the neat stitching level is in line with the positioning price of the model. The design of the front center console is very simple, without any complicated buttons. In order to express positioning and highlight luxury, Equus also inlaid a watch on the center console, which does have a certain effect, but I prefer it to be a famous watch such as IWC or Omega.

The large screen is not a touch method. It is operated by the knobs and buttons behind the handle, including navigation, air conditioning, audio, etc. The interface is not complicated and there is no deep menu. In the control area, we see the adjustment keys of the air suspension, which can raise or lower the suspension height, and can also activate the sports mode. At this time, the suspension will be slightly hardened to enhance the driving experience.

We are not very satisfied with the materials and feel of the front row. It is no different from the 200,000-plus Korean cars, especially the buttons and knobs lack the delicate touch of Japanese cars, and they are also different from the determination of German cars. The electronic handbrake, AUTOHOLD, yaw prompt and automatic distance keeping also fully reflect the identity of the flagship, although this is not new.

Our Equus is equipped with a 3.8L naturally aspirated V6 engine with a maximum power of 290 horsepower (213 kW) at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 358 Nm at/4500 rpm. The 09 Equus uses a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, which is considered to be the mainstream level of the same class (Mercedes-Benz has 7-speed except for S600, Audi A8 is 8-speed, and BMW 7-series is 6-speed), but the new Equus has been upgraded 8-speed gearbox.

Electric trunk doors are very common and must be configured for this class of cars. The trunk volume has no characteristics. It can fit a large suitcase and a golf bag, which is sufficient for use.

to sum up:

As far as the product itself is concerned, Equus is a good car with a more comfortable driving experience. The details of the car are also handled in place. The seat function fully reflects the high-end positioning and the atmospheric design. However, compared with the same level, there are inherent shortcomings in the brand. After all, consumers who buy luxury cars value the brand. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have strong brand strength and absolute recognition, not only in China The same is true in the world. From the perspective of selling price, all major manufacturers currently have this generous discount. The price of Mercedes-Benz S300 has dropped to 700,000. Buying Mercedes-Benz or Hyundai at the same price? If you are not the rich and handsome of South Korea, you will probably choose Mercedes-Benz without hesitation. (Picture car home Zhang Ke Luohao Liu Yuxin)

[YesAuto Evaluation] Equus, a rather uncommon English word, means horse, and it has another meaning: the name of the top luxury car of modern cars, and its translation is quite elegant: Equus. Like its English meaning, Equus is definitely a sufficiently “uncommon” model in China. When I drove this Korean luxury sedan with a conspicuous standing sign and the size of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it could indeed attract the attention of many passersby, but everyone’s eyes were full of curiosity: this car is really domineering. , But how come you have never seen it before, what brand?

In people’s traditional impression, Hyundai Korea has always been known for making cheap and economical cars. Most people don’t even know that Hyundai has launched a luxury car of the same level as Mercedes-Benz S. Although it has been on the market for several years, Equus's domestic popularity and holdings are still pitifully low. It seems that only Koreans or car editors like me would know such a car. In recent years, the Hyundai-Kia Group has launched several new cars that are impressive. Consumers’ views on Korean car traditions have changed. Therefore, as a test editor, I am obliged to take you from an objective perspective. Take a good look at this flagship car from the Korean peninsula.

As usual, let’s briefly introduce the power system of Equus. The 09 Equus entry models that entered the country are equipped with a 3.8L V6 naturally aspirated engine, which belongs to the modern lambda series V6 engine, and the all-aluminum cylinder body is equipped with dual-variable engines. Valve timing technology, the maximum power is 290 horsepower/6200rpm, the maximum torque is 358Nm/4500rpm, with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission from Aisin. Judging from the current power level of luxury cars, such a combination can only barely be regarded as a medium level.

Tips: At present, the 09 Equus has been discontinued and sold, and the new 12 models have been fully launched. The new 2012 Equus has replaced a new 3.8L V6 GDI direct injection engine, the maximum power has been increased to 335 horsepower, and the gearbox has also been upgraded to a new 8AT gearbox. It can be said that the shotgun has been changed, and it has completely reached the mainstream luxury car. Power level. There is no doubt that the new Equus has improved greatly compared to the old one, and this time the 09 models are really a bit late, but it is better than nothing, let us take a look at this three years ago with a curious mentality What is the origin of the South Korean flagship?

Going back to the 09 models we tested this time, although the engine and gearbox technology did not have many highlights, as a luxury car's entry-level power combination, its actual performance is still convincing.

When you get in the car, if it is not for the reminder of the pointer on the tachometer, you might even think that the engine has not started at all. The V-type naturally aspirated engine and the luxury car are a natural match. Coupled with excellent sound insulation and noise reduction engineering, the vibration and noise of the engine during idling are low to a level that is almost imperceptible. From this point of view, elegant Koshi will never lose to any opponent at the same level.

Not only at idling speed, but also when you drive on the road, Equus's entire power system is also in place for luxurious feeling. The throttle feedback is delicate and linear, and the oil is lightly applied. The low torque of the engine is abundant and compact, and the start-up speed will not cause any abruptness. Although the manual gearbox from Aisin has only 6 gears, it is really conscientious to do your job, so you can't fault it. The gear switching is very smooth, and it will quickly downshift when you want to increase speed.

The engine starts to exert power after 3000 rpm, and the sound is very pleasant at high speeds. The biggest advantage of a naturally aspirated engine is its linear power output, which is not as crude and direct as a turbocharged engine. It can gradually distribute the acceleration to the entire acceleration process. The understatement of the speed greatly weakens the feeling of pushing back. Although it lacks enthusiasm, it can undoubtedly better meet the demanding requirements of the distinguished passengers in the back row. At this time, you only need to glance at the speedometer and you will find that the speed increase is not slow at all.

The steering adopts mechanical hydraulic power, which is light in hand but the feedback is very delicate, and the steering is as smooth as silk, which is very in line with the temperament of a luxury car. The front part of the brake is slightly soft, but the braking force is very gradual, so that the boss in the rear does not pitch forward and backward when braking. In general, Equus is comfortable and comfortable enough in all aspects of driving, and it interprets the feeling of a luxury car into a three-pointer.

The suspension of Equus adopts the front and rear multi-link structure plus air springs with adjustable damping, the standard luxury car suspension configuration. It has two modes of comfort and sports, and has the function of adjusting the height of the vehicle. In the comfort mode, the air suspension can almost wipe out all the fine vibrations. Even after a relatively large bump, the suspension can be like a sponge In the same way, the severe vibration is blocked outside the cabin. Only a few inadvertent shaking of the body is introduced into the car. In addition to a little flickering when driving, the comfort is almost comparable to the Lexus LS.

When the suspension is adjusted to the sport mode, the height of the vehicle will automatically decrease, the suspension stroke will be shorter and the support will be more abundant, and the feeling of flickering during high-speed merging will be greatly reduced, but the premise of ensuring the overall comfort of the suspension has not changed. The response speed of the vibrator is still a bit slow. Of course, there is no end to the car. Considering the positioning of Equus, such a chassis setting is understandable.

The performance of sound insulation and noise reduction in the car is also very good when driving at low and medium speeds. However, the tires equipped with Equus are indeed too weak, and they are actually pleasant. Cerato is also Hankook’s Potimo H426 series. After the speed exceeds 100km, the tires The noise will be significantly louder, and this performance is obviously inconsistent with Equus' flagship identity.

Finally, I have to talk about the comfort of the rear VIP seats. The first is the space. Since it is an unextended version, the rear space of Equus can only be at the same level as the domestic extended 5 series, A6 and E levels. But this is completely enough, we don't need to be too entangled. From the configuration point of view, Equus’s VIP seats are almost impeccable, which can be comparable to the treatment of first-class aircraft, especially the seat massage function, which is indeed very comfortable, not inferior to Lexus LS and A8L. The only problem is that the seat angle is a bit too tilted. Even if the back of the seat is adjusted to the straightest position, you can only sit in a half-lying position. Personally, this design still lacks some humanity.

Accelerated testing

The acceleration result of Equus is indeed not slow. The result of 7.55 seconds is much faster than we expected. It is already at the same level as the acceleration time of Magotan 2.0T, but considering its 3.8 displacement and 290 horsepower power data, This result is not worthy of surprise. Because the tire grip is very general, starting at 2500rpm, the rear wheel will slip more obviously, which also causes the starting efficiency to be somewhat low.

The power system of the 2012 Equus that has been on the market has been comprehensively improved. With the addition of direct injection technology, the maximum engine power has surged to 335 horsepower, and coupled with a more advanced 8AT gearbox, the acceleration results should enter within 7 seconds. Not a problem.

Brake test

The braking performance of Equus is quite satisfactory, but it is not outstanding in the same class of models. Due to the lack of tire grip, ABS must work frequently to prevent wheels from locking up. Considering that Equus uses four low-end Hankook tires, this result should be quite good. For Koss-priced tires, the brake performance is no longer within 40 meters.

Winding pile

There is no doubt that spooling is not a subject that Equus is good at in this type of luxury car. The large steering wheel is indeed a bit strenuous when winding the pile, but the front of the car is pointed more accurately. The support provided by the suspension in sports mode is also quite adequate, but the speed of the body returning to the right is slightly slow, and the grip of the tires is really not strong. As long as the speed is slightly faster, the rear wheel will immediately surrender. However, after turning off the electronic program, the system can give the driver more freedom, and the body posture is easier to control under extreme conditions.

Noise control is also an important criterion for considering luxury cars. At this point, Equus’s performance is basically satisfactory. The only shortcoming is that the noise level is slightly higher at 120km/h. If it can be replaced with a set, it will be more in line with its performance. The worth of tires should be better.

to sum up:

If measured from the standards three years ago, does Equus meet the standards of a luxury car? After a few days of close contact with it, my answer is yes: Equus has achieved both internal and external understanding of luxury, whether it looks, open or sit up, its performance is basic Meet the standard that a flagship model should have. Although it still has some traces of imitation in some designs, the Korean people can already be proud of it, because Equus does a good job.

However, the evaluation of “doing well” is far from enough for this class of models. In the face of nearly impeccable competitors, Equus, which lacks brand heritage and reputation, is still very difficult to maintain in the traditional style at this stage. A powerful clip hit to find a breakthrough. Imagine that in today's market, you can buy low-end 730Li, A8L 45FSI and S300L for a price of about 800,000 yuan. If it is, would you consider Equus from South Korea?

Therefore, the significance of Equus's existence does not lie in how many units it can sell. The Koreans actually use this flagship sedan to show the world its exquisite car-making craftsmanship, and it gradually gains the European and American markets in Rouns. When recognized, Equus seems to have a bright future.

The revised 2012 Equus is currently on the market in China. The new power combination is undoubtedly more attractive than the old one. We will also bring you a detailed evaluation as soon as possible, so stay tuned. (Photo/text: Li Yi from the car home; photo: Li Yi and Luo Hao)