[YesAuto Race] The 2012 Dakar Rally will start soon. Recently, the 2011 Dakar champion Nasser Al-Attiyah, the Prince of Qatar (Nasser Al-Attiyah), announced that it will join the Robby Gordon Hummer team and will continue in 2012. Defend its championship throne.

The 40-year-old Atiyah won the championship with Volkswagen in the 2011 Dakar Rally. This wealthy family of Qatar's “Prince of Petroleum” won the 2011 Dakar Rally with a slight advantage. Defeated teammate Carlos Sainz (Carlos Sainz) to win the championship, even more famous. The picture that Atiyah made people more familiar with should be at the Guangzhou Asian Games. The athlete who had double repaired shooting and rally racing won the skeet shooting team gold medal and the individual bronze medal at that time. He has participated in four Olympic shooting competitions and is also a cross-border legend in the sports world.

However, with Volkswagen focusing its race operations on the WRC World Rally Championship in 2012, this year’s Dakar race may also be absent. For a time, many of the Volkswagen Dakar team’s championship-powered drivers Whereabouts become a problem. Atiyah, who has the honorable entry number 300, which represents the top of the car group, will be even more noticeable next year. It is reported that in order to be able to ensure his own title defense, Attia joined the Robby Gordon team led by American Gordon, driving the Humadakar to participate in next year's race.

According to Attia, even though he has participated in the event many times and won the highest honor, the Dakar Rally will not tire him, even if he will face a brand new team next year. , Racing car, technician, but he will still do his best to get the best results.

The 2012 Dakar Rally will be held on January 1st next year in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The race route will be extended to Lima, Peru, becoming a new stage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Rally The entire route is 9,000 kilometers and the race schedule is 14 days. In recent days, the preparations for the teams and drivers have entered the final stage, and we will also bring more reports about this race.