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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] At this year's Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show, Skoda booth unveiled two new cars, in addition to the Super, the other is the concept car VISION GT to be introduced today. If you have paid attention to Skoda's new cars, especially concept cars, you will not be unfamiliar with its concept car series. You can count VISION S, VISION X, VISION iV, Vision RS and VISION E. So, why is the VISION GT concept car also worthy of everyone's attention? The reason is simple. Its production version is the Comic GT that will be unveiled at the end of the year.

Based on the VISION GT concept car, its production version of the Komic GT SUV will be unveiled at the end of the year. This mass-produced SUV will also be the fifth model in the Skoda SUV family, further enriching the brand's SUV lineup. In fact, its relationship with Komick is like Kodiak and Kodiak GT. Today, when automobile consumption is getting younger and younger, it is a good strategy to give consumers more individual choices.