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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] Nowadays, many consumers are increasingly linking the two keywords of SUV and seven-seater together when buying cars. Traveling together with the whole family has become a fashionable trend. However, it is really not so easy to choose a seven-seater SUV under 300,000 yuan. If you can still have a rich configuration, a comfortable ride, and the identity of an imported car, it will naturally be even less! The three friends who came to the editorial department today can meet these complex requirements with their choices. After getting along with the car for more than a year, these friends are willing to stand up and talk to you about today’s protagonist-Dodge Cool Wei 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version.

■ The first owner: Mr. Zhou

The owner, Mr. Zhou, is 48 years old and has been driving for more than 20 years. He is a freelancer. In March of this year, Mr. Zhou bought the 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version of the Kuwei in front of him. It has traveled 12,000 kilometers so far, which is the shortest driving mileage among the three car owners in this interview. But even so, Mr. Zhou still has quite a lot of ideas about his car to share with everyone.

1/Which cars have you considered when buying a car? Why did you choose Dodge Coolway in the end?

It is not difficult to judge from Mr. Zhou’s driving experience that he will have no fewer models, and he has already set his sights on SUV models before purchasing the Cool Wei. Like many consumers, the seven-seater SUV that takes into account space flexibility and practicality is Mr. Zhou’s first choice. When buying a car at that time, he also considered the GAC Toyota Highlander and Beijing Hyundai New Shengda in addition to the Cool Wei. The reason for the final elimination of these two cars is also very simple. In Mr. Zhou's own words: “Of course I choose imported cars at the same price!”

As for the color and configuration, Mr. Zhou said that when he bought a car, there was actually only a 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version in the 4S store. Originally wanted to buy a four-wheel drive, but later felt that the four-wheel drive was basically not needed, plus There is no car in the 4S shop, so the order is placed directly. As for the color, Mr. Zhou thinks that black is more atmospheric and suitable for male car owners.

2/Which places do you like and are satisfied with?

Mr. Zhou is very satisfied with the appearance of this Cool Wei 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version, especially the big cross grille at the front of the car, which is very domineering and rough. This is the main reason why he chose Dodge instead of Fiat. The 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels are also very powerful, and the specifications of the wheels are very high, so the whole car looks particularly full from the side. In addition, the lines at the rear of the car are also very tough. Mr. Zhou also pointed out the angular designs he likes specifically, including the similar line shapes on the rear windshield and taillights.

Mr. Zhou feels that the steering wheel buttons of his car feel very good. Various places in the car are designed with practical storage spaces, especially the ones under the second row of floors, which are easy to use. The seating space is also very large, but the third row of seats has never been used after the purchase, because the car usually seats 2-3 people at most, so there is almost no need to use the third row of seats.

Mr. Zhou's car currently travels about 12,000 kilometers. After purchase, the car is mainly used for commuting to and from get off work in the city. Although according to Mr. Zhou, his driving style is not aggressive, but the daily driving conditions are more severe and there are many traffic jams, so the actual fuel consumption of this car is not low. The fuel consumption displayed in the trip computer is 12.9L/100km, but the actual calculation is about 12L. For a 2.4L SUV weighing more than 1.8 tons, this fuel consumption performance is quite satisfactory.

3/What are the dissatisfactions?

Kumho tires are standard for all Kuwei series. Since the tire products of this brand have been exposed by CCTV, Mr. Zhou has a problem with this. He believes that manufacturers should consider replacing tire suppliers. In addition, the headlights of the vehicle are relatively dim, and the car at this price is turned out to be halogen lamps instead of xenon, which should not be. The navigation of the vehicle was changed twice in the 4S store after I bought it. It has been showing that the signal cannot be found before. It took two weeks to solve the problem. However, compared with other friends’ cars, the navigation speed on the car is now Still slow.

● Summary:

After 9 months of use, Mr. Zhou is generally satisfied with his choice of Coolway. He is very satisfied with the spacious interior, comfortable driving experience and rich configuration. At the same time, during this period of time, apart from the navigation system returning to the 4S shop for two replacements during the initial period of buying the car, there were no other problems in other aspects. In addition, Mr. Zhou also hopes that manufacturers can improve the tire brand, navigation quality and headlight brightness in the future, so that the products that consumers can buy in the future will be more perfect.

■ The second owner: Mr. Ke

The second owner, Mr. Ke, is 38 years old and is a manager of an international logistics company. He has been driving for 6 years. His car is the same as Mr. Zhou's 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version, but the color is white. So far, the car has been used for 1 year and 8 months and has traveled about 28,000 kilometers.

1/Which cars have you considered when buying a car? Why did you choose Dodge Coolway in the end?

    Before purchasing the Dodge Coupe, Mr. Ke drove a Ford brand model. Mr. Ke did not share with us the specific car. But because of this, Ford's Maverick was also given priority when changing cars, and has been paying attention to it for a year. However, after the Ford Escape was launched, it was still a bit disappointed to see the real car. The main reason was that the front and rear space was small, and the 4S store had to increase the price, otherwise the car would not be bought, so I gave up in a huff.

In addition to the Escape, Mr. Ke also considered importing the Ford Sharp. The overall size and the interior space of the Sharp are larger than those of the Coolwei, but it does not have a seven-seat design, and the price increases like the Escape, otherwise there will be no car. Mention, when they happened to pay attention to Ruijie, many netizens were discussing the case of low-speed stalling of the car, so they also gave up.

In addition, Highlander and Fiat Feiyue are also on the shortlist, but the sales attitude of the GAC Toyota 4S store is too bad, and no one pays attention to the car. Moreover, Mr. Ke thinks the interior of Highlander is relatively earthy, so he has no choice. ; Feiyue is the twin model of the Coolway. At that time, I wanted to wait for the top-level version of the Feiyue that was exposed at the Guangzhou Auto Show, but in the end there was no news about that model. At almost the same time, the 2013 Coolway was launched again. It was newly designed in Dodge In front of the front face of the Great Cross, Mr. Ke had no resistance, and finally chose Kuwei. In his words, even if the top version of Feiyue and the 2013 Cool Wei are on the market at the same time, he must choose Cool Wei.

2/Which places do you like and are satisfied with?

Mr. Ke is very satisfied with the overall shape of the Coolway, especially the newly designed large cross grille on the front face, which is much more beautiful and masculine than the large chrome design on the older models. On this basis, Mr. Ke also made some small modifications to his car, such as blackening the air intake grille, front and rear bumper guards, door handles, rearview mirrors, wheels and rear logos. The headlight assembly is equipped with an exhaust pipe decorative cover to make it look more contrasting and more MAN.

In addition, Mr. Ke also mentioned that the storage compartments in the car are quite abundant, especially the storage space under the co-pilot's seat, which is a magical touch. When taking pictures, Mr. Ke laughed and said that this is a good place to hide private money; the rear door of the car The opening is very large, which is very convenient when you want to put a child safety seat; the space in the third row is occasionally used. When traveling because the wife has to take care of the children, if you bring your parents, someone will inevitably have to sit in the third Fortunately, the leg and head space is pretty good, which is completely acceptable for the elderly.

    Mr. Ke’s car has been bought for more than one and a half years. Because he has a child, he always drives with safety, not too fierce. The power of the Coolway 2.4L engine is sufficient for urban use. In terms of fuel consumption, Mr. Ke has to pass through the north-south elevated expressway with the worst congestion in Shanghai during rush hours (as friends in Shanghai know, the average speed does not exceed 10km/h during peak hours), so the fuel consumption on the table has reached 14.9L/100km. The actual measurement is about 13L-14L per 100 kilometers, which is not low.

3/What are the dissatisfactions?

Like Mr. Zhou, Mr. Ke is also dissatisfied with the headlight configuration of the Coolway. He thinks that the models at this price should not be equipped with xenon headlights and lenses, and the original halogen lamp is too dim; the original navigation The first screen crashed during the purchase. I went back to the 4S shop and repaired it once. I heard that there are many cases where the original Coolway navigation is unreliable; the display in the rear of the car is a bit tasteless, and the rear of the car is a bit tasteless when driving. Passengers hardly look at it, otherwise it is easy to get dizzy, and it is easy to bump their heads when entering the back several times; the second-row seats cannot be adjusted back and forth, and the legroom of the rear passengers cannot be improved.

● Summary:

Generally speaking, Mr. Ke is still very satisfied with his car. First of all, the shape and function have fully met the needs, and the space in the car is also very good. It is driven by one person on weekdays and used by the family on weekends. There will be no problems with a full load. In some details, Mr. Ke and Mr. Zhou's views are almost the same. The headlights are not bright enough, the light source does not meet the model grade, and the quality of the navigation system is unstable. They are repaired as soon as they are purchased. In addition, during this period of time, Mr. Ke’s car had a small collision accident, but he said that the sheet metal spray paint for such small accidents is usually not done in 4S shops, and when buying the car, 4S shops gave it 6 times. Free maintenance, which has not been used up so far, so I have not experienced the paid service of 4S shop. As far as maintenance is concerned, the service of 4S shop is quite satisfactory.

■ The third owner: Mr. Li

The last car owner, Mr. Li, is 48 years old and is engaged in sales and has been driving for 20 years. It has been almost 2 years since the purchase of Dodge Cove, and the model configuration is the same as the first two. It is the 2013 Cove 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version. So far, it has driven 21,000 kilometers.

1/Which cars have you considered when buying a car? Why did you choose Dodge Coolway in the end?

    Mr. Li said that he actually saw a lot of cars before buying the Dodge Coupe, and the price range is not small, from Chevrolet Capaci, Jeep Guide, Subaru Forester, Toyota Hanlan to Ford Edge, Audi Q3, Volvo XC60, all have been considered. But in the final comparison, the first thing you can buy imported cars is to consider imported cars. Secondly, in terms of price, configuration and interior space, you still feel that the Coolway is more cost-effective, so I chose the Dodge Coolway in the end.

2/Which places do you like and are satisfied with?

What Mr. Li is most satisfied with in terms of the appearance of his car is the cross-shaped air intake grille at the front and the overall shape of the rear, especially the shape of the rear, which feels special and atmospheric, which makes people like it very much.

The interior feels very well made. The design of the storage space is superb. The passenger seat can be completely flat so that you can put down extra-long items; the storage compartments under the passenger seat and under the feet of the second row of seats are The most amazing design, some small things that are usually scattered can be placed here; the design of the glasses case is combined with the design of the interior mirror, which is very practical; the front seats are wide and soft, with the cruise control function, running It is very comfortable during long distances, and it is not tiring to drive for a long time.

In terms of fuel consumption performance, Mr. Li said with a smile that he is the type of car owner most happily commented on by the manufacturer. Because the sales job requires less attendance and he hates traffic jams, he usually chooses to go out when the road is relatively empty. The result of this is that this Kuwei rarely drives on congested roads, and its fuel consumption is naturally much better than the first two. From the displayed data, it is about 9.8L per 100 kilometers, and the actual test is also 9.5L. about.

3/What are the dissatisfactions?

    Where he was dissatisfied, Mr. Li also expressed his dissatisfaction with the headlights. He also thinks that the headlights on the Kuwei are too low-end. There is no xenon lamp, no daytime running light, and he has to add it later. Installed; this price car does not have boneless wipers, the original wipers are spent a few times before they are used, they are not durable; the rims are large, but the tire brand looks very uncomfortable, this is the same as the first week Mr. Li, regardless of whether the current Kumho products are reliable or not, Mr. Li still advises manufacturers to consider replacing their tire suppliers.

The navigation system also had problems. I couldn't search for satellites after I bought the car. Later, the solution provided by the 4S shop was to connect an external GPS signal amplification cable. Now the problem is solved, but the interior appearance of the car is not as good as the original factory. In addition, the update of the navigation map is too slow, and no one has notified the upgrade of the car until now. The same Garmin navigation of my friend can be upgraded for free once in half a year, and it is still free for life.

In addition, the second-row LCD monitor has not been used since he bought a car. Mr. Li personally thinks that this configuration is too tasteless. This cost can be completely saved to equip the vehicle with higher-grade headlights; the second-row seat cannot The front and rear adjustments are not humane enough, and the second-row passengers’ leg room cannot be improved even when the third row is basically not used. In terms of 4S store service, Mr. Li thinks that the maintenance price is too high, and the service attitude is too high. Not very good, so I am not satisfied in this regard.

● Summary:

As for the car, Mr. Li is very satisfied with the first two, especially the high-speed comfort of Kuwei, which he greatly admires. However, like Mr. Zhou, the seven-seat equipment of Kuwei has never been used for Mr. Li, but he feels that this configuration is better than nothing, and it can be used in case of embarrassment one day. In addition, in terms of shortcomings, Mr. Li and the first two are surprisingly consistent, especially in the headlights and navigation system. They also reported that the headlights are not bright enough, the grade is low, and the navigation system failure rate is high. It seems that the manufacturer does Pay attention to these two aspects, after all, the voice of the customer is the most real and most important.

■ Full text summary:

The three Kuwei 2.4L two-wheel drive premium version owners invited today did not consider a car when choosing a car, which also shows that SUVs are still the first choice for many consumers when changing cars. The 2.4L engine needs to drive the 1.8-ton Kuwei. Although it looks like a small horse-drawn cart, the three owners have given the evaluation that the power is sufficient, the high-speed performance is good, and the fuel consumption is from 9.8 per 100 kilometers. There are L-15L, and it also shows the impact of different road conditions on the economic performance of the vehicle from the side.

And in some places worthy of attention by manufacturers, the first thing to bear is the headlights. The three car owners all said that the halogen headlights of the original car were neither high-grade, but also too dim, nor did they have the popular LED daytime running lights. It is in line with the 300,000-class imported SUV gear; secondly, the problem of the original car’s GPS navigation. The on-board Garmin navigation should be a bonus item for its ease of use and professionalism, but it is clear that these three owners are all I have encountered discomfort on the navigation system. Is it difficult to solve this problem? Then there are some minor problems, such as the second row of seats cannot move back and forth, the engine compartment does not have pneumatic tappets, etc. Although customers can understand, but if it can be improved in terms of humanization, then seven seats under 300,000 yuan In the SUV, the competitiveness of Couwei will undoubtedly be even higher.