[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Today, my country's automobile industry is still in the stage of “groping through learning and making progress through imitation”. In recent years, many so-called “joint venture and independent” brands have emerged in China. There are many models under these brands that directly copy foreign products from appearance and interior design to engine and chassis technology. A considerable number of consumers say that they cannot accept such direct “usage”; there are other models that have introduced mature foreign platforms. In terms of technology, the design is done by yourself. This approach is relatively easier to be accepted by the common people. Today's protagonist, Fengshen S30, is such a car.

The chassis of the Fengshen S30 is borrowed from Citroen Elysée, which is a model specially built by Dongfeng Citroen for Chinese consumers to replace the household compact car market occupied by Fukang. The new Fengshen S30 was launched in March this year, with a guide price of RMB 6.78-88.8 million. Compared with the old model, the biggest change of the new car is the redesign of the front face, and is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with independent intellectual property rights, and its parameters are significantly improved compared with the old 1.6L engine. What we tested this time is the 1.5L manual noble model equipped with a new engine. It is the top model with a 1.5L manual transmission, with a guide price of 79,800.

Appearance size: The front face design is more in line with the public's aesthetics

The new front face cannot be said to be very beautiful, but it is definitely in line with the public's aesthetics. From some perspectives, it is quite similar to the family front face of the Volkswagen brand model. In China, what most consumers value most is the appearance of the vehicle. I think the facelift is very successful. The new front face should have a positive impact on the sales of the Fengshen S30.

After redesigning the front face, the appearance of the Fengshen S30 has been greatly improved. Compared with the old model, I think it meets the aesthetics of more Chinese consumers. In terms of tire equipment, Wanli Flash AP028 tires do have a good performance in terms of comfort and quietness, but its gripping ability is not flattering, which will be reflected in the actual measurement later.

Key: with remote control function, but general texture

Fengshen S30 is equipped with a foldable remote control key, but unfortunately the key has a strong plastic feel, and it has no texture in the hand. During the use of the smart key, we found a small highlight of the vehicle, that is, within 1 minute after removing the key, you can still operate the power windows. I think this setting is very useful.

Interior: little change compared with the old model, good workmanship/higher configuration

The design sense of the center console cannot be said to be very strong. The interior panel materials are not very high-end, but the overall visual effect will never give people a cheap feeling. With the decorative panel of piano lacquer, the entire center console looks very coordinated. , Its effect is basically comparable to that of the joint venture brand compact.

The design of the steering wheel and the instrument panel are very flattering. They are not pursuing full personality, but highlighting the simplicity and freshness of beauty. The driving computer display is designed on the top of the center console. It has rich functions, but if the outside light is too strong, the screen will be reflective and unclear.

Navigation and multimedia system: easy to operate, detailed functions need to be improved

The navigation is very easy to use, the interface is clear at a glance, and the operation is simple; the screen resolution is good, and the response speed is fast; the search supports multiple methods, including nearby locations. However, in some small details and small functions, this multimedia system needs to be strengthened, such as how to answer Bluetooth phones.

Air conditioner: It is equipped with automatic air conditioner very kindly, and the cooling effect is very good

I don’t know if anyone is looking at the picture above that introduces the trip computer above the center console and sees the outside temperature displayed in the upper right corner of the small screen. In this maddeningly hot summer, it is very important to have a good air conditioning system in the car, and the air conditioner of the Fengshen S30 can do the job. The automatic air conditioner is equipped very kindly. A small program bug was found during operation: In automatic mode, if you want to manually change the air volume, turn the air volume adjustment knob on the right side clockwise, the air conditioner will not automatically exit the automatic mode immediately. The air volume will increase first, then jump back and continue to twist, the air volume will really increase. It is hoped that manufacturers can provide new air conditioning programs to correct this small problem for their cars when car owners go to the dealer for repairs and maintenance.

Space and ride experience: the space is at a normal level

The spatial performance of the Fengshen S30 belongs to the upper-middle level of the same level. It is worth mentioning that the steering wheel supports up and down + front and rear 4-way adjustment, which is really not easy in this price range. Thanks to this, it is easy for the driver to find a suitable sitting posture. In terms of comfort and safety, this small configuration can play an immeasurable role.

Including the electric sunroof, we have introduced many configurations that are only available in the three high-end models. It seems that many attractive configurations are concentrated in the high-end models. Readers can pay attention when choosing a car. The difference between models with different configurations is only a few thousand yuan, but the extra configurations of high-end models are very rich and practical. I personally think that the high-end models (1.6L manual distinguished type, 1.5L manual distinguished type, 1.5L automatic distinguished type) is more cost-effective.

Storage: Abundant space, medium practicability

Front row

Back row


In terms of storage space, Fengshen S30 also performed well, mainly winning by quantity: the volume of each storage space in the car is not very large, but there is more space, so there is no place to put your belongings. In addition, the trunk is very practical, with large and flat space, and the rear seats can also be laid down.

Power combination: the new engine parameters have been significantly improved

The combination of a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a 5MT gearbox is quite suitable for an urban family car. Although the displacement of the new engine is 0.1L less, the power parameters have been improved. However, compared to the mainstream small-displacement engines on the current market, the power per liter of this autonomous engine is still a bit small.

Driving: The driving texture is comparable to that of a joint venture car

Fengshen S30 is a very light car to drive. It is not rushed, comfortable and very pleasing. Its overall driving texture is completely comparable to that of a joint venture car.

Let's start with the power. The 1.5L VVT engine can provide enough torque output in the full speed range. Even in the high gear 1000rpm, the dragging phenomenon is very slight. Therefore, it can adapt to many different driving styles, you can change gears very early or very late, and the power increases linearly with the increase in speed. Of course, the maximum power of the engine is placed here. Even if you pull the speed high and the accelerator pedal deeply, the Fengshen S30 will not respond to you with much power output. It always remains reserved and will not let you. You think it's lazy, that's good.

The gearbox scores in two ways. On the one hand, the stroke of the gear is too long, and the gap between the gears is large; on the other hand, the damping of the gear is very light, and there will be a Obviously buffering, reducing the impact transmitted to the hand by the gear, so every time you enter the gear, it is easy to operate, as long as you slightly adapt to the open space between the gears. It is contrary to the manual gearbox of some performance cars. The more rough you use it, the less you will pay for it; as long as you move it gently and owe it a little bit of strength, you will find that it is actually particularly useful.

The steering is a bit “exotic”. I think it's normal for a practical family car to leave some space for the steering wheel. It's not surprising that there are too many laps, but is 3.6 laps too much? This number is the same as the Great Wall Haval H5 I tested a few days ago. You know, the latter is a rugged SUV with a non-carrying body. In fact, more laps do not have a great impact on the daily driving of the Fengshen S30, but you will feel a little strenuous when you turn around…

There is no need to worry too much about the chassis. The suspension has a strong ability to handle fine bumps, and the comfort in the car has the most basic guarantee. What's more gratifying is that in the case of strong bumps, when the suspension is compressed to a large extent, the end processing is quite soft, which is quite satisfactory for such a small car.

Fuel consumption test: good results

The location of this test is the famous “stove” Wuhan. The temperature on the day of the fuel consumption test was as high as 37°C, making people want to stand outdoors for a second. We drove a total of 105.5km, of which about half were relatively congested sections, and the other half was a smooth loop. The average speed during the whole journey was about 28km/h, and the measured comprehensive fuel consumption was 8.19L/100km. Due to the load of 3 adult men and the luggage of two people during the whole journey, and the air conditioner is working at a high load during the whole process, I think this fuel consumption performance is at a good level.

Performance test: the acceleration level is normal, and the brakes have room for improvement

0-100km/h acceleration

The acceleration test process of the Fengshen S30 is quite dramatic. When the top speed of the experiment is 2nd, the number displayed on the tester actually stays at 99.6km/h (because the ground cannot be completely flat, this number is 99.3-99.6km/h Jump between), that is to say, if you want to run to 100km/h, you must change 3 gears, which really makes people feel at a loss for it. Starting at about 3500rpm, the tires will slip for about 1 second. Although the stroke of the gearbox lever is not short, it is very smooth to enter the gear, and the operation can be completed quickly. At the end of 2nd gear, you need to push the gear into 3rd gear. If the timing is good, the Fengshen S30 will even reach 100km/h during gear shifting. In the end, it ran out of 12.16 seconds, which is not bad by the standard of a 1.5L family car.

100-0km/h brake

The brake score was 44.58 meters, which passed the passing line, but it was not ideal enough. ABS intervenes very early when braking at full force. Basically, the brake pedal is lifted at a little more than half of the stroke during the entire braking process, and the brake system cannot perform to its fullest extent. I think the biggest problem lies in the tires. The four 195mm wide Wanli AP028 tires are not enough to provide enough grip. Maybe they don’t feel it during daily driving, but the drawbacks of this aspect are magnified when braking at full force. I hope manufacturers can put more effort into braking performance.

Noise test:

Noise test is the strength of Aeolus S30, emphasizing comfortable and silent tires show their own housekeeping skills in this link, it will reduce road noise to a very low level, coupled with good wind noise and engine noise of the vehicle Control, Fengshen S30 has achieved quite good results in this link, and the overall noise level has reached the level of 100,000-200,000 joint-venture vehicles.

Summary: A good-quality family car has room for improvement in brakes

    Regardless of the internal and external design, workmanship, materials and driving performance, Fengshen S30 has the ability to compete with joint venture cars of less than 100,000 yuan, and as a self-owned brand car, some of its detailed designs are more in line with domestic consumption. The habits of the person. For example, it did not follow the Elysee’s design of placing the horn button on the turn signal lever. At the same time, the spare tire suspended under the car was moved under the floor of the trunk by the designer. These more humane details are given to China. Consumers have more reasons to buy it.

However, compared with rivals of the same level, Fengshen S30's braking performance is slightly weaker. This is the most basic performance related to vehicle safety. If the brakes can be shortened to within 43 meters, the overall strength of the Fengshen S30 will be greatly improved. In fact, it should not be difficult to improve braking performance. From the perspective of the brake test, the tire is the main factor causing the longer braking distance. If conditions permit, we hope to conduct a tire change performance test on the Fengshen S30 in the future to see if a good tire can help it make up for the regret of braking.

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Throughout the various opponents of Fengshen S30, one is stronger than the other. Several of its main competitors, in descending order of sales, are: Great Wall C30, Changan Yidong and Baojun 630. Great Wall easily leads with the super-high brand awareness of SUV products; Changan Yidong's exterior design is outstanding; although Baojun's brand history is short, they rely on GM's mature platform, outstanding exterior design and vigorous publicity. Let the product image of Baojun 630 take root in the hearts of the people. In contrast, Fengshen S30 seems a little unknown. In fact, it is a good car. If it can properly improve the braking performance and increase publicity, so that more and more people will pay attention to it, I believe it will also create good sales results.

If you are interested in Fengshen S30, you can click here to make an inquiry, and someone will get in touch with you at that time; if you want to know the preferential situation of local distributors, you can click here to view, here is the contact information of the distributors You can directly call for consultation and make an appointment for a test drive.

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