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The real family "face" is where you don't care

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto David Aesthetics] The models of the same brand all look the same. For this kind of family design, many friends dislike it, and then scold the designer for being lazy. In fact, all designers said that the designer can't remember this pot. In this issue, I’m here to talk to you about the truth about the “family face” that I learned from designers and engineers. Normal consumers really have a lot of misunderstandings about this matter.

Why do you want to engage in “family face”? To save money!

Many people say that the “family face” is to save trouble and money, and can save a lot of mold money, in fact-it is true, but not entirely true. A designer revealed that the use of family style for exterior styling does not actually reduce the cost of molds, and that the money for exterior parts cannot be saved.

With the application of a series of new technologies such as automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, follow-up turn headlights, matrix headlights, etc., the lighting is becoming more and more intelligent, and its internal light-emitting module, control module and deeper control The R&D and manufacturing cost of the system is getting higher and higher, and the sharing of these parts is getting higher and higher.

The degree of sharing and the high cost of power, chassis, etc., readers who know a little about the car will know, so I won’t go into details here, we mainly talk about the interior part.

In addition, exterior-shaped rearview mirrors, door handles and other components are also similar to shareable components. These small parts, if every car is not the same, then the cost of mold creation will be too high, and the learning cost for users will also be a problem. Therefore, these are the important reasons for familyization and modularization in styling.

R&D is the big head

The modeling of these parts is family-oriented and modular. The cost of molds is saved on the one hand, and the cost of research and development is also very important, and even this may be the real big head.

A designer gave an example. In a certain German car company, there is a designer who is responsible for car windows, who has conducted demand research, design and verification for the sunshade component for up to 3 years.

With such a long, interlocking, multi-party collaboration, and costly R&D process, it is conceivable that the design was restricted in the initial stage. If you want to adjust after the market, there are not many active ones, especially the interior.

This is one of the reasons why even if the blind operation efficiency is extremely poor, the major car companies always insist on using large screens in the car. It is very simple to replace the physical buttons with a touch screen. I want to add a function later and change the style. If it does not involve hardware replacement, it can be said to be a matter of code. It can even be upgraded through OTA, and the cost is exponentially reduced.

After all, who would have trouble with money, not to mention billions of dollars in research and development expenditures. According to PwC’s “2018 Global Innovation 1000” report, Volkswagen ranked first in the automotive industry with US$15.8 billion in the R&D investment list of global auto companies, followed by Toyota (US$10 billion) and Ford (US$8 billion). U.S. dollars), GM (7.3 billion U.S. dollars), Daimler (7.1 billion U.S. dollars), Honda (7.1 billion U.S. dollars).

In March 2018, the Volkswagen Group also announced that by 2022, the group will invest more than 34 billion euros in electric vehicles, autonomous driving, building digital networks and mobile travel services. I just don't know whether this plan can progress smoothly under the influence of the epidemic.

So, since the R&D cost of interior parts and other components is the big one, what is the main purpose of family exterior modeling?

Familialization of external styling can save advertising costs

So to use the appeal of the brand to gather old users and like-minded people, a strong “flag” is inevitably needed. Compared with the cultural concept of retreat, the figurative image characteristics obviously have a more “banner” effect. For example, the silhouette of the Porsche 911, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Ferrari red sports car, and the Rolls Royce Parthenon are all powerful “flags” and cultural symbols of each brand or model.

New Challenges Familiarized Modeling

However, with the accelerating pace of pop culture updates and intensifying competition in the automobile market, the design of family-oriented exterior styling has also faced challenges. OEMs need more innovative styling to please consumers and introduce new ones at a faster pace. In this regard, Chinese car companies are particularly dynamic.

Andre Kobos, the founder and CEO of Studiokurbos Design Company, which provides design work for many well-known car companies, revealed to the author that the biggest characteristic of Chinese car companies' customers is the fast pace and the short time for design projects.

This approach has made vehicles more diversified and updated quickly. Many designers believe that cars are already trending towards fashion products.

to sum up:

It is necessary to adhere to the high degree of family recognition, and to design innovative styles under the increasingly stringent regulations. It is also necessary to be fast, and dancing with shackles is indeed the daily work of car designers. A designer, who did not want to be named, said that there is still a back pot. (Some pictures of Wei Jiangpeng from the home of the car are from the Internet)